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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 5th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kokila asks Meera to stop it and asks until she will make her feel ashamed. Meera asks why you are hurrying up for Vidya’s marriage. Is she getting old? You are sacrificing my sister to become good in your friend’s eyes. Kokila asks her to stop it. Gaura says I know why she is saying this. She is pained and jealous. She says she is keeping an eye on her from some days, and knows all. She says this relation came to you, but you refused it, and the proposal went to your relation. She will be getting happy and this thing who can’t digest. Meera stares her. Gaura scolds her. Kokila tells Gaura that Meera is not jealous of Vidya. Meera tells Dadi is right and she is not jealous, but cares for her sister. She wants this engagement to break. Kokila tells we care for Vidya more than

you, and asks her to go from there. Meera refuses until they break the engagement. Kokila shouts Meera. Meera goes to Vidya and asks her to cancel the wedding right now. She says Modi family will not be concerned if she is not happy after marriage. Ahem asks her to stop it.

Meera says it is her duty to guide her own sister. She asks her to look at Gopi and tells this woman had left us and our dad. She never looked back at us and thought about us. Why don’t you understand, they are all selfish. They want we both to go from here so that they get some peace. Ahem says enough. Meera asks Vidya to refuse for the wedding and says no one will stand for her when she need them. Vidya tries to move her and slaps her instead mistakenly. Everyone is shocked as so is Meera. Vidya apologizes and says she didn’t slap her intentionally. Gaura claps and applauds for Vidya for slapping her hard. She says She tells everyone should do this with the person, who are against her own family. She tells the guests that Vidya is her bahu, who can’t stand for wrong thing. Vidya tells she didn’t do it intentionally.

Gaura asks her to slap her hard. Vidya says it was by mistake. Gaura changes the words and tells Meera should be punished for her mistakes. She says I am very happy today as I know that my grand daughter in law will stand infront of troubles protecting the family. She says she was mad to give proposal for Meera. She compares between Meera and Vidya, and speaks bad about Meera. She says she is black from inside and white from outside. She says thank god, we have fixed Shravan’s alliance with Vidya, we were saved. Meera shouts and holds her hand. Kokila asks Meera to leave her hand and scolds her for misbehaving with Gaura. She declares that Vidya’s engagement and marriage will happen without Meera, and says this is Kokila Modi’s firm decision. Urmila is shocked. Gopi says Maa ji…..Kokila holds Meera’s hand and takes her from there. While Vidya tries to stop Kokila, Gaura holds Vidya’s hand and stops her. Kokila locks Meera in the room. Meera shouts Dadi. Kokila tells until your sister gets married with all the rituals, you will stay inside the room. She goes.

Kokila comes back to the hall. Gaura asks Kokila not to worry and says everything will be fine. Dharm tells it seems your daughter is mad and needs treatment. Gaura tells we shall do the engagement rituals. She asks Shravan to make Vidya wear the engagement ring. Shravan and Vidya exchange rings, while everyone claps. Ahem and Gopi are upset though. Gaura declares that 3 days are remaining for the marriage to happen. She says we shall make the arrangements and it should be grand. She announces that sangeet will be in Suryavarshi Bhavan, and tells Kokila and me will dance in the sangeet. Kokila asks what you are saying? Gaura tells we will dance being grand mum. She pushes Kokila in the name of dance. Kokila doesn’t understand her plan. Gaura asks her to prepare for dance else she might make her fall down.

Gaura comes to Meera. Meera asks her to leave. Gaura says I am leaving from here and thought to talk to you for last time. She says Kokila will not allow you to attend the function. Meera shouts. Gaura stops her and says I wanted you to become my bahu, but you gave this proposal for Vidya. She says I feel pity on you, as your own family don’t care for you. She says Vidya is really lucky as she is becoming my bahu. She says vidya is a queen of the palace and Meera is a helpless spinster. Vidya comes to Meera and tells her that she didn’t slap her intentionally. Meera asks her to go. Vidya tells she will go from there in 3 days and asks her not to avoid her. Meera wishes her best for her married life and asks her to get out. She closes the door. Gopi holds Vidya. Vidya cries and hugs her saying she didn’t slap her intentionally. Gopi doubts on Gaura’s intentions.

Meera tells Gaura that she wants to marry Shravan. She lights the lamp and keeps it on her hand asking Gaura to agree.

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