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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 5th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gopi says Ahem that he is more concerned about Meera than anyone else. He says he is not and she is dead for him. Gopi asks not to say that. He sees Meera’s photo and breaks its glass with hand. Gopi applies dettol on his wound and asks not to punish himself. Vidya enters and asks Ahem not to harm himself. Ahem says he is fine and says he wants to have food now as he is very hungry. Kokila silently watches…

Durga gets coffee for Meera. Meera sips it and shouts at her that she added too much sugar in it and orders to prepare food and call her down. Shravan sees her shouting and angrily holds her hand.

Kokila tells Ahem that she realized with how much difficulty, he lived for 10 years. He took care of Meera so well and now he is lying that he does not love

her. He says he loved his mom even being away, but his daughter hates him, so why should he think about her. He walks out without finishing food. Gopi and Vidya run behind him to stop him. Jigar and tolu/molu also walk out. Kokila says what happened to our family, each member has become so weak.

Shravan asks Meera how dare she is to trouble his mom, he will never tolerate it. Dharam enters and asks why is he misbehaving with his mother. Shravan says Meera is not his mother and when she could not become good daughter and sister, how will she become good mother and wife. Dharam raises hand to slap him. Gaura stops Dharam, calls Durga manhoos, and asks her to get out from this room. Shravan stops Durga and asks if she realized now that her husband does not care about her, she should come with him right now.

Meera gets tensed that if Shravan leaves, she will not be able to torture Vidya. She asks Gaura why did not she inform about it earlier. Gaura says he was just lying and will not go from here and says she saw how she scolded Dharam and took her side. Meera asks what is big deal in it.

Kokila says Gopi they have to plan well before facing Gaura and punishing her. Shravan calls Vidya, but she does not pick call. He says Durga that Vidya would never accept him back, everything is over now.

Dharam says Gaura if Vidya does not come here, Meera will go. Gaura says she will take revenge from Kokila for sure and give peace to her brother’s soul. She looks at Meera from window and says half of people die due to domestic accidents and asks Dharam to find out how they can kill Meera and make it look like an accident. She smirks and murmurs that Kokila’s granddaughter will not see tomorrow’s sun.

Vidya says gopi and kokila she will go back to her sasural. Kokila asks what is she saying. Vidya says she has to go to save Meera from Gaura. Kokila asks why she wants to risk her life. Vidya tells childhood incident and says she and Meera need each other and she will get Meera out of Gaura’s clutch.

Precap: Missed precap. If someone saw it, they can update in comment section.

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  1. thanx alot …… ab to hum updates hee parhte hen thanx alot 🙂

  2. Awesome.episode

  3. I want vidya to go to gaura house n trouble her n taunt soooo much that she wont even want to see them again

  4. Sathiya is the most intresting serial. more atracted seence. thank you

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