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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 5th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sona tells that it is difficult to handle Jai and Veeru and says she will scold them. Urvashi asks what happened? Jaggi says Jai and Veeru are not here, and may be someone have kidnapped them. Urmila shouts and asks who had kidnapped them. She scolds Jaggi and Radhika. Sona asks them to say what happened? Urmila calls her irresponsible. Sona cries and tells her husband that she wants her sons. Radhika cries. Urvashi asks Jaggi, what you were doing when the kidnapping happened? Jaggi says I went to temple, and when I came out, I saw her talking on phone and Jai and Veeru missing. He apologizes to Sahil and says I didn’t know that she couldn’t take care of kids. Kokila says this is not the right time to talk about this and says we shall search kids first. Jaggi tells Urmila that kids

are safe. Urmila says I told you to kidnap them, but you brought them here. Jaggi says I don’t want them to worry and panic, so brought them here. Gopi comes with Police and says nobody shall go out. She says she has brought Police.

Sahil says you means to say that you know about their kidnapping. Gopi says I also know who is the kidnapper, and asks Inspector to make the person speak the truth. Inspector asks Jaggi to tell where he has hidden the kids. Sahil and Sona ask if he has kidnapped our kids. Gopi says yes, Jaggi is the kidnapper and asks Inspector to start enquiry and do whatever he wants. Jaggi tells Inspector that Gopi is not Governor to whom he is listening. He says Jai and Veeru are safe. He scolds Inspector and calls someone asking him to bring kids here. Jai and Veeru comes inside with a guy. Sona cries and hugs her sons. They ask why you are crying and tells that they were playing with uncle in the lawn. Kokila asks Sona to ask kids to go to room. She apologizes to Inspector and asks him to go. Inspector goes.

Dharam gets angry on Prakash for calling him, and says he is not bothered to become nana or anything. He says it is your kid, handle him and cuts the call. Meera asks Dharam to listen to him, and says he called to give good news. Chanda hears him and asks Meera what is this drama? She makes Meera sit and says I will massage your head. Meera says no need. Chanda asks about Dharam conversation on phone. Meera tells her about Nayya and tells about all her doings. Meera says don’t know what problem she had with us, that she had ruined our lives. Chanda says may be she is possessed. Meera asks her not to take stress and watch TV. Chanda thinks she got an idea to stay in this house for forever.

Urvashi asks Jaggi, why you have done this. Gopi says it was Jaggi and Urmila’s plan. They want them to take kids out, and then get the kids kidnapped so that we blame Radhika for their kidnapping and call her irresponsible. A fb is shown, Urmila and Jaggi plan the fake kidnapping to break relation from Radhika. Fb ends. Gopi asks how can you do this, Radhika is my choice and you can’t reject her. She says I have brought a gift for you for your new journey of life and asks him to see what is her thoughts about Radhika. She gives photo frame to Jaggi. Jaggi opens it and sees their family album in which Radhika is also there.

Gopi says Radhika is also a family and completes it. Paridhi thinks drama after drama. Kokila scolds Urmila and asks her to have shame for doing childish things at old age. Urvashi scolds Jaggi and asks didn’t you have shame to play this prank. Urmila apologizes to Kokila. Jaggi also apologizes to them. Kokila asks didn’t you both think about Radhika, and says she is crying a lot. What you will tell Radhika or her parents. Urvashi says I am ashamed of your doings. Gopi says you can do whatever you want, and we have not forced you, you have promised us that you will marry girl of my choice, you are engaged now, and have to marry her only. Jaggi looks on trapped by Gopi.

Gopi asks Jaggi to understand and asks why you are increasing trouble. Jaggi says am I increasing troubles? He asks her to think what he is going through as he loves her (Gopi). Radhika hears him and is shocked.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Boss(Siddarth)

    In the upcoming episode, the show to witness high voltage drama as Gopi turns spy keeping eye on Radhika.

    Radhika goes to temple for meeting Mangesh her lover and Gopi follows her.

    Gopi gets shocked seeing the wanted poster that had Radhika’s photo printed on it.

    Then Gopi sees her with her lover Mangesh and understands everything.

    Gopi will not let Radhika marry Jaggi

    Radhika gets scared as Gopi have seen her with her lover and she has got exposed.

    Radhika’s real intentions were to marry Jaggi , get the money and run away from there.

    Gopi will now not let Jaggi marry Radhika at any cost as she is not the right girl for him.

    Stay tuned for the upcoming

    1. Nandhini

      Ohh!! Radhika is a fraudster! Thank you for thr updates Sid!

    2. Shakaib

      Oh! This radhika, she want to spoil jaggo’s life but gopi can’t let this happen. Keep going gopi.

      1. Amalina

        Yes bhaiya, u right. I realized that every new entry in this show is a villain somehow. First gaura n her huge family, then Prakash, then Chanda and now this innocent-looking fraudster!??? wow ? saathiya! Ur show name has nothing to do wid ur plots and stories. The show’s name should be “how saas-bahu jodi deal with villains” in Hindi doe! Do u agree sunshiners??

      2. Yes Amalina aka pari miss…this is the perfect title for the current track!?

    3. thank u sid for update

  2. Shakaib

    Hi Akshay,Aisha,Nisha,Raven,Nandini,Soumya,Sid,Issaq,Gettu, Sheeba,Prathyusha,Shreestee,Ragini,Saba,
    Mahi,Raina,Chanu,Priyanka,Rithika and SP. The episode was really good. Guys! Congratulations a new member has joined sunshine group and she is rithika. Episode was really good. Precap is looking suspenseful that what will radhika do after knowing jaggi’s love for gopi. It will be really good to know.
    Guys! I think cvs are concentrating on bringing naiya and Parkash back. If gaura come back with them. My mind saying that accident is happen in which gaur a is injured. So,parkash call dharam to tell this but dharam doesn’t immediately end call. So,gaura may comeback to take revenge for this. Because maybe she think she think that she will live happy with suryavanshis but it not happen and she is angry on it. How was thought guys???? Guys! I want to inform you that from next week i might not be able to comment here as my exams are to start.So,please don’t feel bad. Hope so! And remember in your prayers. Bye! take care.

    1. Nandhini

      All the best for ur exams shakaib! Go rock them!???

      1. Shakaib

        Thanks nandhini.

    2. hey shakaib do ur best dude all the best for ur exam. Be winner.

      1. Shakaib

        Thanks akshay.

    3. Shakaib,I hop your exam be best and I wish u possible realise all your dreams.Good luck.

  3. Boss(Siddarth)

    The upcoming episode of Saath Nibhana Saathiya will show that Gopi has started to doubt over Radhika and ger intentions.

    Gopi doubt’s that Radhika is trapping and her Modi family, Gopi thus turns detective to spy over Radhika.

    Gopi follows Radhika when she goes out of Modi house mentioning to go to temple, Gopi goes after Radhika.

    Gopi finds Radhika’s truth

    Gopi finds Radhika is a difference avatar there, the girl who wears traditional cloths is seen in modern avatar.

    Gopi is shocked seeing this and on following more Gopi finds Radhika with her boyfriend Mangesh.

    Gopi hears and finds all truth that Radhika and Magesh are planning to con Modi family by marrying Jaggi.

    Stay tuned for more exciting updates of the upcoming episodes.

  4. Nandhini

    I thought radhika may be in the age if 30+ to 40..but it is proved she is a young girl who just does marriage for money.

  5. Nandhini

    Why does meera have to say all her family matters to dat chanda?? She is just stupid! Now chanda wil try to join hands with naiya or she wil plot against dheera on her own.

    1. Meera is stupid, she only knew Chanda for a few days and she tells everything to her. At the bening of Dheeras relationship Meera made Dhram chate on Sugar so I understand why Naiya hates Meera. Rihika is an boring chacter she is like very other indian girl. She is not even a stronge women, I don’t like her

  6. I am not a good guy. I am not a bad guy. I am the guy who comes here praise this serial and leave.

  7. Hi Sid Raven Nandini shakaib Saba Aditya Akshay Priyanka so shreeste sowmya chanu and new sunshiner rithika how r u all episode was going good but y does Meera reveal personal matters to chanda she will dig her own pit ……hey bhagawan save dheera

    1. hi Mahi how r u?? wat r u doing?? dumbo is a single word who define meera in perfect manner

    2. Hi Mahi! Yes Bhagwan only must save dheera! In this case vidya is appearing more smarter than meera.

  8. Boss(Siddarth)

    Yes Nandini if really Radhika wants to marry hw cm she agreed to marry Jaggi who is double of her age and even her parents dint enquired about Jaggi any thing radhika just want to loot the money and ran away with her lover.

  9. Boss(Siddarth)

    Hi Sunshine friends
    Raina,Mahi,Chanu,Priyanka SP,Rithika.
    Rithika is our new Sunshine friend?
    keep commenting Rithika?.

    1. hey sid u remember name of all sunshiners good yar

  10. Nandhini

    Hii Rithika! Welcome to our sunshine family!? Isaaq the story gist you gave about rashi is awesome! The new vamp for season 4 is Amba..then what will happen to kumari and viren?? If its a secret then i will wait until the next update…i read the last update but i couldnt comment due to aliya and ambika are planning to spoil rashi’s name in modi family! The precap was too good when naiya slaps rashi and locks her in a room…i am still curious what will happen next!!

    1. hey sid nandi i have doubt someone again trying to make fool us by changed name.

      1. Shakaib

        On which one you’ve doubt akshay???? Tell sun shiners so we can consult it.

      2. Who is dat Akshay??

    2. Isaaq

      After Kumari and Viren final plan fails as Rashi defeats them, Ajay illegitimate child, who Kumari gets attached to, gets kidnapped by a stranger. The police confirm that there is no way the baby could still be alive.Kumari apologises to the Modis for her bad deeds and leaves their lives- she will return in season 4!!!
      Viren will remain as an enemy and will help Amba kill Jigar. Viren will be the second villain in season 4. Rashi to return as Ganga to punish Viren and Amba.

      After Rashi fake death, Radha will become the new mother of Gopi jr. Gopi jr will grow up to hear stories of her mother and that her mother never killed her father. Radha and Gopi Jr have been tortured by Ambika and Amba for 12 years.

      Ahem will become one of the main heroes in season 4- he will support Rashi in her battle. I will create a special bhabi devar relationship.

      1. Isaaq

        The whole story about Amba is that she is a widow. She used to be married. She is Rashi biological sister and Ambika and Radha step sister. She is Aliya stepdaughter.

        Jigar accidentally killed Amba husband in a car accident. Amba went into depression and her in laws begged Jigar to marry her. Jigar was married to Rashi at the time by still married Amba. Amba then became normal and found out that Jigar is a married man and Jigar killed her husband. Amba meets Viren and they both kill Jigar.

        Amba later finds out her sautan was Rashi and Amba enters the Modis life. Rashi is sent to jail and Rashi fakes her death. Amba rules the Modis as Amba Modi!

      2. Isaaq

        The Modi house has been ruled by four vamps in my fan fiction in the past looool- Paridhi, Radha, Sindoora and Amba?

      3. Isaaq

        I’ve already forgotten Sindoora? She was season 3 vamp? Now Amba to become queen of the Modis. Sindoora used to be the queen of the Modis and now it’s Amba turn!!!

      4. Isaaq

        Season 2 vamp*

      5. Shakaib

        Anxiously waiting for it isaaq. But when till you will update???? Because I cant wait more. You’ve gave Mich spoilers about your ff that I can’t wait more.

  11. my liitle angel nisha sorry yar i was absent when u came here. hows ur study??

  12. hey saba r u watching this serial in brazil?? Brazil is famous for coffee amazon basin (lungs of earth) beautiful scenario. Saba pls tell us about ur culture, environment n about u. u know it is first time i m talking to brazilian. wat r u thinking about indians?? hv u ever been India?? BRICS summit was also held in india this year.

    1. Akshay now I live in London to improve my English,I complete my studies now iam primary school teacher.My father is Indian and my mum Brazilian ,I have 1 sister she live in Brazil we are 2 sisters.brazilian peoples is very friendly and we love coffee.

  13. Hey guys can i join your grup as well ..

    1. Boss(Siddarth)

      Of course Ramona welcome to sunshine Group ??.

    2. Shakaib

      You’re welcome Ramona.

    3. Shakaib

      You’re welcome Ramona. Happy that one more joined our group.

    4. Welcome to our sunshine group Ramona!?

    5. Welcome Ramona to sunshines friends how y love and I wish u be happy with us.

  14. Shakaib

    Good morning sunshiners; Akshay,Aisha,Nisha,Raven,Nandini,Soumya,Sid,Issaq,Gettu, Sheeba,Prathyusha,Shreestee,Ragini,Saba,
    Mahi,Raina,Chanu,Priyanka,Rithika, SP and Ramona. Maybe radhika is shocked because if both lovers jaggi and gopi meet,her plan will be failed. What says sunshiners. And congratulations to all sunshiners one more guy joined sunshine group.Ramona is the new one.

  15. Boss(Siddarth)

    Good Morning Sunshine friends
    Mahi,Rithika,Priyanka SP,Ramona,
    Chanu,Saba . Today one more our friend joined the group Ramona?.
    Friends i think wen Gopi tells Radhika is Fraud Jaggi wl not listen Gopi and he wl agree to marry Radhika . In order to save Jaggi Gopi may sit in mandap and she wl marry Jaggi wat say friends.

    1. Sid i think gopi will stop the marriage only…and they will drag the jaggi’s track further.

  16. Shakaib

    Guys I think when radhika will be disappointed by MODIS. She will try to know her past and she will know about gaura and she will let gaura to come out of jail. In this way, gaura will come out jail and then she will then join hands with chandna to help her in getting dharam but I can’t understand why youngsters are interested in old one. We can understand of dheera but why this chandna???? Guys I’ve guess a name for Vidya and Shravan= Vivan. Do you like the name???? Hope so.

  17. Shakaib

    Guys I think when radhika will be disappointed by MODIS. She will try to know her past and she will know about gaura and she will let gaura to come out of jail. In this way, gaura will come out jail and then she will then join hands with chandna to help her in getting dharam but I can’t understand why youngsters are interested in old one. We can understand of dheera but why this chandna???? And maybe nakash too come back with gaura. In this way, they 5; gaura,naiya,parkash,radhika and chandna will try to destroy modis. Guys I’ve guess a name for Vidya and Shravan= Vivan. Do you like the name???? Hope so.

    1. Shakaib i have thought one more name long time ago. Shravan+Vidya= Shravya?

      1. Shakaib

        Yes,its too good nandhini. Now other sunshiners decision is too important. Both are good name.

  18. Boss(Siddarth)

    Shakaib all the best for ur exams do well??.

    1. Shakaib

      Thanks sid.

  19. Boss(Siddarth)

    And Akshay who is trying to fool us.

  20. Isaaq

    Shakaib I’m not sure when I’ll update because I have so much work to do. I have three assignments to complete and I’m panicking right now as I only hve short time left to finish them- I need to score really high marks

  21. Isaaq

    One more spoiler of season 4- Amba will force Gopi Jr to get married to a drunkard. Will Rashi come back to India just in time to save her daughter??? This will be the first track of season 4?

    1. Isaaq

      Ganga (Rashi) will return on Diwali and will disguise herself when she enters the Modi house to see how Amba has treated the Modis. Ganga to be shocked when she finds out that Amba is forcing Gopi Jr to get married to a abusive man!

      Ganga will begin her battle by saving her daughter. Ganga will reveal herself to the Modis when the Modis accidentally sell the house to Ganga company, making Ganga the owner of the property. What will Amba do to expose Rashi and reclaim the property? Will Rashi also save her daughter as well?

    2. Thank you for all the spoilers Isaaq!?Take ur time.First complete ur assignments. And then continue ur fan fics.

  22. whats wrong happening in this track.i never expected jaggi and urmila would do such things by kidnapping jai and veeru like that just for that unthoughtful plan.gopi did was absolutely right to expose them for taking such a step.i mean what are they intending to do???
    and that meera,she should know that chanda is behind her and I am suspecting her that she too like that radhika is after money!!!thank god that naiya is out of meera and vidyas life because I am sooo irritated by her evil motives until then dharam threw her out on knowing his very own daughters true colours.ohhhhh my,i never seen this before ever at all.meera slipping down the steps which was spilt oil by that evil naiya
    if only this show would be a happy story with only good characters without including any vamps example that paridho,radha and now radhika and chanda!!!this vamp characters are never ending I say.finally jaggi expressed his love towards gopi and I hope that they get married soon becoz poor gopi has lost her ahem and that same guy is similar to that of jaggi.
    when will they show gopi and jaggi living happily together

  23. Boss(Siddarth)

    Rithika If ahem is really dead even if Jaggi and Gopi marry there wl be no relation between them As ahem and gopi bcoz Gopi clearly told that she loves only ahem and Jaggi also told that he will never take Ahem’s place in gopi’s life even if he marries her . He just wants to support Gopi and he loves her truly. Only makers can answer that whether they wl turn Jaggi into ahem or they wl bring real ahem . If they show that Ahem is really dead then there is no meaning by keeping the serial name as Saath Nibhana Saathiya. Wt say Sunshiners

    1. Completely agree with you Sid!

  24. Boss(Siddarth)

    Raven wer r u no comments from u ,

  25. Boss(Siddarth)

    But whatever might be the story Sunshiners Saath Nibhana Saathiya always tops the Trps?.
    Saath Nibhana Saathiya Rocks
    Sunshine Group Rocks????.

  26. one of the worst serial in hindi please stop this stupid dumb waste serial

    1. Boss(Siddarth)

      In this whole forum Yours is the most worst comment XYZ so please delete ur worst comment .

  27. Due to login problems, the browser is not showing my account..telly updates please fix this problem.why i am still logged out?? The facility what you gave before has gone now! So my dp is not displaying and it showing a different icon??…yes siddharth whatever track is going right now,, SNS always rocks!! And Sunshiners rocks too everyday!!???✌

  28. Hi sunshines,Nandhini,Boss,Rithika,Isaaq,Shakaib,Akhsay,Sowmya ,Mahi and all SNS family.this episode give me sad because Jaggi don’t tink how is sona sad but tanks every tink be ok again when he confess to Gopi.

  29. Hi sunshines,Nandhini,Boss,Rithika,Isaaq,Sowmya,Aisha,Sakaib,Akshay and all SNS,this episode is ok but I sad because Jaggi don’t tink about Sona,she very sad tink she lost her twins but tanks Jaggi confess to his love to Gopi and every tink back to normal.

  30. Welcome Ramona to sunshines friends and I hop u be happy with SNS family Ho I love to most and comments always.

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