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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 5th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kokila says Gopi that she is hearing Radha’s warning that she will tarnish our family’s image and says she does not want her family name ruined. Savita comes there and asks them to switch on TV channel. Whole family is shocked to see Radha and Jigar’s intimacy video on news channel. Ahem gets a call from inspector who asks what is he seeing in news and cuts call saying he will talk to him later. Savita scolds Kokila of uncultured family and angrily walks out from there. Hetal asks Radha what is she doing. Radha says you provoked me to do all this and says they will see news in other news channels also. Jigar gets annoyed and says he will kill her. Ahem speaks to news channel head and warns him not to broadast news. Radha gets drowsy. Pari asks her to stop acting.

Radha stumbles and is about to fall down when Gopi holds her. They call doc.

Doc checks Radha and says there is nothing to worry, but there is a good news. Kokila asks what good news. Doc says Radha is pregnant. Whole family is shocked to hear that. Doc gives prescription and asks Radha to contact her gynecologist. Radha says Modi family she is feeling happy seeing them tensed. Hetal asks why is she doing all this. Radha says she is giving them a good news and they are angry on her and starts laughing like an evil. Gopi asks her to stop her drama. Radha asks her to stop being her jethani. Hetal says we will not accept this child. Jigar also says same and asks her to get out of their house. Kokila says you will not succeed in your evil plans as we will not give our family’s name to your child. Radha thinks though they are denying accepting my child, soon they themselves will accept them by tomorrow evening.

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Pari comes to her room, asks god why did he do this to her and starts crying vigorously. Her dad comes and says as per law, Jigar is your husband and nobody can separate you from him.

Hetal says Kokila and Baa that she did not think they would get into such a problem. Baa says we have to get out of this problem. Hetal says how will we and says my son got an ill fate that he cannot even live a happy moment, he had to lose Rashi, then marry Pari and then this Radha chudail/evil. Kokila asks her to control herself and says when we haven’t done anything wrong, why will god punish us, he is with us.

Gopi asks god why is he punishing his family without any mistake. She hears Radha speaking to doc and telling that she wants to abort her child. She then prays god to help her.

Urmila is shocked to hear from Kinjal that Radha is pregnant with Jigar’s child. She says Kinjal that she must be lying. Kinjal says even she is shocked to hear that but it is true. Urmila falls unconscious on the ground.

Jigar reminisces doc telling that Radha is pregnant and starts breaking plant pots angrily. Ahem tries to console him, but he says his life is shattered now and he cannot live like this. Tolu/molu come there and ask him why is he crying. He hugs them. They then wipe his tears and ask why is he so sad. Ahem says your papa is missing your mummy a lot and asks them to take papa to room and console him. He hopes everything will be alright soon.

Urmila gets conscious and says her husband that she should have died before hearing bad news. Kinjal says why will she die. Urmila says because of her sins, she is seeing this day. She says she troubled orphan Gopi and is seeing her grandchildren being troubled by someone. Husband consoles her and says now that she has realized her mistake, everything will be alright.

Kokila asks Pari to have breakfast. Pari says why will she when they think Radha as their legal heir’s mother and her as second woman. Hetal says she is her bahu and not Radha. Gopi worriedly comes and informs that Radha is missing. Pari says she must be making a drama again. Gopi says she heard her talking to doc about getting her child aborted. Pari says it is just her drama. All ladies search for Radha in the whole house and don’t find her.

Precap: Radha starts her drama and says her unborn child that Modi family does not want to accept you, so she will eat papaya and abort it.

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  1. radha u r the best…
    kick paridhi out of house….u should be the Modibahu

  2. In this serial evil are good, wah re story writer

  3. how dare u rishi pari should be the bahu of modi bhavan not that bhutni/chudail radha

  4. park is sweet…..

  5. Coz pari is irritating …n Radha is entertaining….n pari calls Radha nautankibaz whn she used to do the same.

  6. Radha, Pari and Gopi are the best. This serial is so MUCH FUN. Mr.Writer u r the best. Thank god Rashi left, so we get to see a whole bunch oft twists in this serial.

  7. I think pregnancy confirmation will take atleast a month time.there is no logic in this story.

  8. I like Rashi.soo pretty fun and lively.evan though shes gone.bro u lot act soo weird its only a drama.der not bad.its der role.u lot r dramabaazis.Crazy ppl ;p

  9. Devika ur soo right.dey make it sound proper fake.make it look a little real atleast.

  10. I don’t like any one of these ladies no matter if it’s radha ,pari or gopi. Modi bhavan ghar hai ya dharamshala koi bhi utha or aake uski bahu banjata hai. Bahu bhi Radha or Pari jaisi. yakzzzz. Agar kisiko pagal banana hoto SNS dikhado.

  11. John and rishi, i will kick both of you before I kick Radha out!!!!

  12. Mr pawan kumar, plssss…….. Why gopi held Radha when she fell unconscious ……… N why modis r soooo worried if Radha is missing…………… Let her go out of the house………… Anyway that video is out,, so she can’t black mail anymore………. Just kick Radha out.

  13. Ok Rekha, when r u gonna do that?

  14. What crap is this serial heading to? All are idiots

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