Saath Nibhana Saathiya 5th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 5th March 2014 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 5th March 2014 Written Update

Modi’s come at Urmi house inviting them for Ahem Radha marriage. Hetal says to Madhu Ben they will be happy if she come in marriage for blessing both. Madhu Ben says first she want to talk with Radha alone. She took Radha in Kitchen where she tell her that she underdtand Radha condition as being alone in life but Gopi is still alive than how come she married in her family.. Radha says if she really understand her condition than happily attened her marriage and as far Gopi is alive concern so for Modi’s she was dead and nor Modi and nor Ahem remember her and accept her either.. so forget her first daughter and get being happy for her another daughter and attend my marriage.

Urmi craving to know wht Mother Daughter cooking in Kitchen.. She making excuse for tea and

leaving to Kitchen Kinjal stop her and says she forget Madhu aunty and Radha are in Kitchen. Urmi laughing annoyingly and says sorry it skip frm my mind.

Radha Madhu come out.. and Radha says actually her mother is distrub abt all preparations. Hetal say to Madhu dont worry they prepared everything she just come and blessed both kids. Urmi pokes and says actually Madhu Ben not happy with this marriage. Radha replied her that she dont need to be worry she talk with her Mother already on this topic and She have no problem.. Urmi says but look ur mother face.. Madhu Ben said no i have no problem once already Radha marriage will happen with my blessing this time im not repeating my previous mistake and diffenately attend her wedding. Radha smirks and Urmi and Rashi was sad.

Otherside Sahir Samar and Preteek thinking abt some plan to stop this marriage. They get idea if they go back to school again and Bade Papa going to drop them then Pari Miss and Bade Papa will meet and their fight will also over and fruendship starts.. but Preteek says how our family agree send us school again before wedding. than Sahir says!! if we says that we have exame in school tomorrow than they drop us in school. but for that we need Vidya help and they call her in school. Swipper who cleaning floor near reception pick the phone and Samar tell him to call vidya as they wonna talk her.. He call Vidya and Kids tell Vidya call Rashi and say her that we have exame tomorrow and today we need to come school on anycost. Vidya says but lying is bad habbit.. Samar says lying for bad thing is bad but lying for good thing is good and if she wonna meet her papa so then she have to help them.. she looking at swipper and says done.

Vidya requseting swipper to call Rashi and lying abt Sahir Samar and Preteek exames first he refused but then Vidya insist he agree and call Radhi.

Rashi call out Kids and says u have exame tomorrow or you wont tell her.. Hetal says without Kids how come this marriage will happen.. Koki also agree with Hetal but says they will shift marriage frm RajKot to Kuldevi temple which is near by Kids school. Hetal agreed. Sahir Samar whispers all plan go drain. but before leaving we have talk with Bade Papa. Preteek says to Kinjal give her phone he want to with papa before leaving to school Sahir Samar says yes also want to talk with Dhawal Uncle after with argument Kinjal gave her phone.

Kids come in other room and dail to Ahem, Parteek tell him that due to urgent exame they want to go back to school they would happy if her come to drop them Ahem say No he have work in office so wont come to drop them.. Kids than remind him abt Vidya how she eager to meet with him only they tell him how last time Jigar take with out for ice cream so they said Vidya whenever Ahem Papa come so they take us for pizza and Preteek start cry and says plz lets go to drop them dont dissapoint Vidya like previous time she will hurts. Ahem seems sad but he refused to come along them.

Madhu Ben sat upset and thinking abt Radha marriage Jitu Bhai give her hope and say be happy its her daughter wedding wht she decide to give her in wedding. Madh Ben says still she has not becide anything Jitu Bhai give her money fir buying gift for Radha Urmi come and snatch the money and taunt that her 2nd marriage not first. she taunt Madhu that She brith two daughters one throw out by her InLaws and secnod going marry in same house.. Kinjal poke in middle so Urmi make her shut her up and leaves.

Im Modi House Rashi tell kids fir studing Kids why we not studing in our room Rashi says coz she want to keep eyes on them.. now Jigarji has come and than he drop them school. Kids upset and says our all planning go floped now wht will say to Vidya??

Radha held necklace and talk with herself that how soon she become queen of Modi House at time Rashi enter in room along kids.. Radha delibratedly say to Rashi pls help her in waerning this necklace its not fitting in her neck.. Rashi annyingly say why she help her? abd than she saw necklace and ask Radha how dare she touch this necklace though its our Khandani Necklace come give it to me. Kids smiles that Radha Chipkali scolded by Rashi.. Radha snatch and says wht she think she stole this necklace so NO Baa herself give it to her.. She anger and leaves.

Ahem come home earily Koki happy to see him in home on time. Ahem says he come home earily coz he going to drop kids to school.. Kids happy that bade papa will drop them.. otherside Kids car reached in school Vidya running excitedly call My Papa Is Come.. but her excitement goes vanish seeing in car.

Update Credit to: NazimKiDewani

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