Saath Nibhana Saathiya 5th June 2016 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 5th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kokila thanks Dr. Krishna for treating Kokila even without calling and says he can go now. He walks towards window. She asks him to go by main door. He walks out of door and clashes with Monica. Monica shouts why is he here and calls Pari and Jigar. Krisna walks down and Monica continues shouting momji papaji come down.

Tolu asks Sona how can she think of marrying badi maa/Gopi to Dr. Krishna, he cannot think of madi maa with anyone else than bade papa. She says don’t he think there should be a companion who can take care of her and walk with her.

Gopi is engrasped in Ahem’s thoughts, smiling. Curtain catches fire and it spreads whole room. Gopi just sits staring at Ahem’s photo.

Monica continues shouting momji papaji. Dr. Krishna says shut

up, he is not going anywhere. Jigar with Pari comes down and shouts how dare he is to come back and calls guards. Dr. Krishna says he came via window and not from main door. Jigar tries to punch him again, but he stops him and says even he can punch him and if punches, he will not tolerate pain. Pari starts and Krishna confronts even her. Monica says there is fire in badi maa’s room. They all rush to Gopi’s room and see fire all over and Gopi sitting on bed staring Ahem’s pic.

Kokila prays god to give her strength to save Gopi and starts chanting mantras. Dr. Krishna jumps in and passing fire saves Gopi. Fire brigade comes and gets by setting fire off. Dr. Krishna picks her wrapped in blanket and jumps out of room. Fire catches his pant. Kokila throws water from vase and blows it off. Gopi just falls down holding Ahem’s pic. Ahem’s pic hung on wall burns.

At Dharam’s house, parcel comes for Meera and servant receives it and keeps it on sofa. Priya comes running and Vidya comes asking her to have something. She gets busy in call. Priya tries to open parcel. Meera comes down and shout at Priya and yells at Vidya to lock her daughter in a room. Shravan hears her shouting and warns her to behave with Priya. Meera yells even at him and leaves.

Kokila gives tea and water to Dr. Krishna and asks him to rest here. Jigar says it is better if he goes and rests at his home.

Precap: Kokila asks Dr. Krishna if he will leave Gopi’s hand after holding it and requests him to marry Gopi.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. ??? Gr8!

  2. prathyusha prabhala

    kokila finally accepted for gopi and krishnas marriage. what about other family members. what happened to all. are all dead

  3. Gopi should become normal. Her and ahem are a lovely couple. But after imaging her and Krishna as a couple, I fainted.

    1. I don’t like Krishna. He’s a boring character. Ahem was stylish and arrogant. He was better.

      1. This krishna is so simple and a goody goody

  4. Ahem is the best character or male lead in sns.

  5. Pls finish serial saath nibhana sathiya i think its enough now. I think they are dragging it too too much. I think now it has to be finished. And start new serial. Pls pls finish it now. Its A request.

    1. I totally agree to this… Please end this serial….

  6. I hate Meets soooooo much who dose she think she is

  7. Meera I mean

  8. i agree with deepa, i think its time for the serial to end because they have clearly run out of stories to add. Too many leaps spoil the show, we are tired.

  9. Jigar is such a little jackaas compared to Dr. K…seriously…

  10. Its better to finish a good and outstanding drama dat will forever be engraved in viewers mind than to drag a non stop drama that the viewers wont appreciate and get tired of watching, so pls try and round off this drama bcoz to be sincere many people dat i knw get bored of it.

  11. Dr k is beta Dan jigar

  12. There’s no point of dragging this illogical serial they should’ve been showing the marital lives of Meera and Vidya but instead they’re showing the boring scenes of Gopi. A serial is meant for entertainment and there’s no more entertainment left in this serial. So please cut it off the screen.

  13. Sarayu(honey)

    Hamesha, har baat mein ahem sahi tha. First, he loved Anita but this kokila modi made him marry an illiterate so he is angry with gopi. I think that is totally fine with his side. 2) gopi accidentally threw meera into the lake, ahem didn’t say anything to gopi but it was kokila who alleged gopi that she threw meera intentionally and ahem was angry at gopi because she kept her second pregnancy as secret, he had full right on her daughter, but because of this gopi he suffered. 3) gopi intentionally killed radha and went to jail, in this situation what is ahem, meera’s and vidya’s mistake?. Ahem was totally right in this situation as he don’t want his daughters to become mahaan like gopi and kokila. So he went with them. And lastly, he opposed to dheera’s marriage which is also right from his side as he is a father. Love you ahem and miss you a lot.

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