Saath Nibhana Saathiya 5th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 5th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kokila tells Gopi that Ahem’s love is fake. Gopi tells her that Ahem was separated from her since years, and lived with Mansi, but he didn’t marry her or engaged to her. Vidya tells Kokila that she felt love in Ahem’s eyes for her. Hetal tells that Ahem puts his hand in the garbage to get the thread. Paridhi says Ahem did vrat savitri puja and all. She says all the women were praising him. Kokila says my decision will not be changed. She says he confessed love when my Gopi was at the edge of death. He says that love is just for showoff. She says how shall we accept that he won’t give her pain again. He says I don’t want Gopi to feel any pain. Ahem says I know that I couldn’t give her love, but I will try to rectify my mistake. Ahem says she is your daughter. Kokila says she is more

than a daughter to me. Ahem asks for Gopi’s hand in marriage. He says however I am, but I loves your daughter very much. Kokila says you don’t deserves her.

Ahem promises to keep Gopi happy and requests her to give Gopi. Gopi says I like the boy. Kokila rejects the proposal. Ahem says I have only option left. He goes to the hospital temple and bring lamp from there. He says whatever I am doing will do with full determination. He takes Gopi in his arms. Kokila asks him to leave Gopi. Ahem takes pheras with Gopi around the lamp. He promises her with every pheras. Saath Nibhana Saathiya plays,……. Gopi is teary eyed and happy. Vidya looks happy. Urmila, Kinjal, Hetal, Paridhi and others are happy. Ahem promises to protect her, love her, value her, support her, understand her. etc…..Meera is angry. Kokila gets teary eyed. After taking pheras, he asks Kokila if she trusts him now. Kokila says I have full faith that Gopi is in safe hands. He says I have seen love for Gopi in your eyes. She hugs Gopi and Ahem. She asks them to be together always. Ahem thanks her and takes out mangalsutra from his pocket.

He tells Gopi that he wants to return her mangalsutra. She says only you has the right on this mangalsutra.Gopi gets emotional and teary eyed. Ahem makes her wear it. Gopi cries happily and hugs him. Ahem kisses on her forehead. Everyone is happy except Meera. Ahem promises to Kokila that he will keep Gopi happy and will give her all the happiness which she deserves. Urmila is happy too and tells Kokila that Ahem has become a hero. Ahem promises to take Gopi for shopping and will do as she says. Doctor comes and asks what you people are doing. Patient is standing here with everyone.

Jigar says Gopi is alright now. Meera fumes and leaves from the hospital angrily. She comes out and tells Sanskar that Gopi has done magic and melodrama infront of Dad. She says she trapped my dad. Sanskar hugs her. Vidya comes and asks how dare you come here? You knows well that Papa doesn’t like you. He asked you to stay away from Meera and won’t leave you if sees you with Meera. Sanskar asks her to stay back. Meera says exactly. Ahem comes out. Meera sees him. Sanskar hides seeing Ahem. Meera lies to Ahem that they came out for fresh air. Meera and Sanskar give each other flying kiss. Ahem asks Kokila to go home as he will take care of Gopi. Kokila looks on.

Gopi says I have promised you that I will get your grah pravesh once everything is fine. Kokila looks on. Meera thinks to spoil Gopi’s grah pravesh.

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      Excuse me papa is bad iska matlab ye nhi john family is bad as him okk?

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    My mom(s) jugni Meera are good…my sister(s) jahnvi jawaria r bests …my brother janu z great…my othr bro z police inspector…he z awesome too…my fufa jaya z cool…my dadaji jhulelal chirchire h bt the BST prsn

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    My bf jawad z most handsome prson ….meri hone wali bhabi Meera Modi looks lyk angel…

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    ur mom jugni & meethi nt meera… jaya is ur bua / fai… nt fufa… liya v vl see him tmrw dr

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    My papa z very ill mannered bt dere was Janu bhai who took gud care of him….bt c since Janu bhai has left papa has started misbehaving with girls…..

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