Saath Nibhana Saathiya 5th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 5th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sameer with Pinku darling enjoys champagne and says Ricky Ahem Modi will never come in this house again, he wanted to spoil her plan, but vanished completely now. She reminisces placing stone boulders on the way and when Riky gets out of his car to remove them, Pinku darling throws petrol on car. When Ricky gets into car gain, Sameera throws fire and burns car. Out of flashback, Pinku darling say finally they got rid of Gopi, Kokila, and Ricky out of their way. Sameera says they now Modis will know what it is to lose dear ones.

Modis keep Ricky’s shanti pooja. Parag cries he cannot believe their son is no more. Kokila and Gopi are brought in by police handcuffed. Gopi reminisces time spent with Ricky. Kabhi khushi kabhi in the background. Kokila cries that

she is not out of Ahem’s sorrows and now her grandson is gone. Urmila hug he and cries Jaggi sees Gopi standing senselessly and asks to say something, her son is dead, don’t stop her tears. Vidya shakes her and asks to speak something. Jaggi says Ricky will never come again. Sameera tries to light lamp. Kokila handcuffs her and warns to stay away, she will not let her shadow fall on Ramakanth’s photo. Sameera says how can she be so rude to her, if she has lost her grandson, even she has lost her husband. Kokila says she never considered Ramakanth as husband. Sameera cries how does she know how much she loves Ricky, she cannot imagine what she has lost. Constable frees her. She says Ramakanth was her husband and she will do all the rituals. Kokila shouts she will not do anything, get away. Gopi reminisces Ramakanth again and collapses. Jaggi and others get tensed. Kokila says if Gopi gets into depression, she will not come out easily.

Dharam consoles Meera and says she should go there, he will accompany her. Meera says she cannot face her family, she did not even speak to her younger brother properly and he left us. Karan says she may not meet her family, but her brother’s memories will be with her always. Meera continues crying holding Ricky’s photo. Dharam goes to bring water. Karan touches her sensuously in lieu of consoling her, but stops when Dharam enters. Meera finishes half glass and keeps it. Karan drinks remaining glass and imagines touching her.

Jaggi and Urmila return home. Sona and others ask how is Gopi. Jaggi says Gopika is in ICU. Family is shocked. Urmila says after Ahem left, Gopi was a living dead body, this time they cannot lose her. Jaggi says docs have suggested to keep her in ICU for sometime. Seeta returns home in a shock injured. Jaggi asks what happened to her and says Ricky is dead and Gopi is in ICU. Urmila says if Ricky had reached on time, he would have been alive and Gopi and Kokila would have got bail. Seeta says Ricky is murdered by Sameera and Pinku darling. She reminisces hearing Sameera and Pinku darling’s plan and tried to alert Ricky via phone, but he did not pick call, so she followed him and by the time she reached, Sameera and Pinku darling set fire and Ricky’s car blasted. Urmmila says how can Sameera be so cruel and kill her own husband. Jaggi fumes and calls Sameera and Pinku, says he will not spare them today. Sona says they have gone out and tries to stop him. He says he will not stop. Urmila slaps him and says he has to be careful, else Sameera and Pinku will send him to jail.

Precap: Sameera searches necklace and says Pinku that she must have dropped Sia’s gifted necklace while killing Ricky. They both search the place and get tensed seeing someone.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Riana

    These is sooooo funnny…meera never shown talking to ricky…n here she is bursting out of tears for him like they sooooo closed…???????????????

    1. Siddharth

      Lol ya Raina meera never shown meeting ricky as per story still now vidya dint told meera abt ricky and meera dint went to modi bhavan also

    2. ya actually right…how is it possible that she even didn’t met her brother and she is crying like she was with him since childhood!!!

    3. haha lol!!!!!!!!!!! thats why sns is bestum best comedy show 🙂

    4. Chithu

      Yeah Raina i was exactly thinking that lol

  2. Soofia Bhatti

    Hey I’m soofia had Ricky really died or not? Please can someone tell me if Ricky really has died or not? Coz I’m really confused right now with wot has happened to Ricky right now

    From soofia

    1. hey Soofia ricky has main role in sns so he will not die. some hide and seek game is played here

  3. Siddharth

    Sameera gets shocked seeing Ricky’s ghost. Ricky is scaring Sameera as the ghost. He has applied makeup and shows his burnt face to Sameera. Sameera screams. Pinku comes to know the matter. Ricky switches off the lights and disappears. Sameera tells Pinku about Ricky’s ghost. She knows ghosts don’t exist in real life. Pinku gives her water. Pinku thinks Sameera has gone mad. Modi family see Sameera screaming and laugh. They have planned this with Ricky. Later on, the family mourns for Ricky. Sameera comes in Ricky’s soul peace puja. She wears a red dress, saying Ricky did not like white colour. Jaggi asks her to have some shame, how can she do this. Jaggi asks her not to create a scene and just leave.

    Sameera acts to faint and gains people’s sympathy. Sameera sees Ricky again. She understands Ricky’s plan to scare her and confronts her. Karanis trying to win Meera. Dharam asks Karan to marry soon. Karan says I will marry when I get a girl like Meera. Meera and Vidya understand Karan’s intentions. Vidya makes water fall over Karan to make him remove his shirt. Meera knows Karan has made her name tattoo on his chest. They want to expose Karan’s truth to Dharam. To their surprise, they miss to find the tattoo on his body. Karan conceals the tattoo and gets saved from their plan.

    Sameera to abduct Ricky to Saathiya…

    1. due to baseless story n nonsense twist trp has gone down. what jaggi did with mansi same ricky will do with sameera. without trail how can gopi n kokila punished? Meera is so attractive every man goes to lattu on her this is completely nonsense. did karan show his tatto to meera so she want to reveal it before dharam??

      1. Siddharth

        Ya akshay that too karan is a middle aged man . As per the story he is dharam’s childhood friend but still dint get married and trying to woo meera loool .

  4. Siddharth

    Akshay Nisha Raven Nandhini Soumya Issaq Shakaib Chithu Raina Saba Rani Mansi
    Priyanka Sp Kan Pranav
    And soumya welcome back to sunshine group we are very happy that u cme back plz comment daily and Akshay wer r u . shakaib comment bro
    episode was ok gopi again went to coma after 4 years leap this is the 3rd time gopi getting admitted to hospital .hi friends it would be good in last 2 episodes all sns cast come back . jigar kinjal dhaval pratheek samar paridhi hetal baa chirag should come back . but what happened to gaura wl she come back

    1. Riana

      No gaura will not come as vandana mam is in Savitri devi show…btw Cvs should make a special nursing room for gopi…looool ??????

    2. hey sid do u watch sarabhai vs sarabhai?? if u like comedy serial than must watch it. how many times modi memebers will abduct n admit in hospital?? it is pathetic yar. i guess 3 times to kokila hi kidnap ho chuki h

      1. Siddharth

        Ya akshay it started again na i watched and my favourite comedy serial is tarak mehta ka ooltah chashmah

    3. Chithu

      Hi Sid
      Gopi gets into hospital or jail quickly. These places have became Gopi’s 2nd home. I was wondering by fainting she gets into Icu too. Only sns cvs can think like this

      1. Hi chithu, I miss u a lot and I hop all sunshines back.
        Nandhini, were are u please came back.
        Raven we miss your comment.
        Amalina, mahi, pratyusha, kan,vp,sp, average girl, aisha,chinu,rose and all sunshines were u all?

    4. Sayyeda

      Hi boss, iam glad u are back to sunshines, how your studies? Tanks u have a holliday to rest a litle, GOD give to u a sucessful in your life.please comment daily ok and sorry because i Take long to comment.

  5. The upcoming episode of family drama Saath Nibhana Saathiya on Star Plus will witness a lot of twist and turns.

    Ricky becomes ghost so that he can scare Sameera, Ricky goes to Sameera’s room at night and scares her.

    When Sameera sees Ricky then she gets scared and shouts seeing his ghost.

    Just then Pinku comes there and he asks Sameera what happened so then she tells that she saw Ricky’s ghost.

    Jaggi makes fun of Sameera’s situation

    All the members of the family also comes there but when they comes to know that Sameera saw Ricky’s ghost then they starts laughing.

    Jaggi makes fun of Sameera and then goes from there.

    Later Jaggi and Urmila does pooja for Ricky at home and Sameera comes there in colored clothes, everyone gets angry seeing her in colored clothes.

    Stay tuned for the upcoming twist

  6. Good that everyone came to kno that sameera has killed ricky, hope gopi gets out of the trauma and make sameera pay for her deeds

    1. read spoiler amirul. ricky is alive

  7. Hi Riana, how r u?? thank u for wishes. yes its long time. well i will do comment here daily till last episode. 🙂 🙂

    1. what r u doing Riana in education?? r u from India??

      1. Siddharth

        Yes raina is from west bengal akshay i think this year she completed +2

      2. Riana

        Hey Akshay…I am from India…West bengal…I passed school terms…n i going to appear in college…admissions still going…

  8. hi Sid, how r u dude? miss u too yar. thank u for wishes and warm welcome. yar hectic schedule rahta h abhi temporary job bhi join kiya hua h to time nahi mil pata h. pr main try krunga daily comment krne ki 🙂 🙂 well summer vacation kaha enjoy kr rahe ho?

    1. Siddharth

      I am fine akshay . My 2nd sem MBA exams finished on june 16th til August 2nd i hav holidays but we are having internship til july 19th . Bcoz of rain could not enjoy much ha ha

    2. Siddharth

      So how is ur new job akshay

  9. hi chithu, how r u dear? thank you for wishes. chithu r u from andhra?? hows ur daughter?? so what new thing u did in last 3 month?

    1. Chithu

      Hi Akshay I am fine hope u r doing good too. I am from Kerala. My daughter is fine have started going to Lkg. I did nothing much had a vacation in karnataka with my parents then was busy with school admission for daughter. Now back to routine

  10. hi saba, how r u? hows ur family n school?? is there summer vacation in school?? equator crosses brazil means there are temprate season, am i right?? tell us about brazilian culture.

    1. thank u for wishes saba

    2. Sayyeda

      Hi Akshay, iam fine tanks, my big dauther in september she start 2o year in uni , she doing Bio Medical. u are right Brazil is temprate season, iam going to Brazil in this month. May Kids start holliday in end of this month. Iam very happy because u are back. GOD bless u in your New job and indo your life.

  11. omg i just cant Believe sameera killed ricky and cant wait to day expose the truth soon 🙂

  12. hi Isaaq, i m happy to know that u become vamp. atleast u will not write fabricate story about u n ur so called boyfriend Adam. who is bestum best villain/vamp, it will be decided by us not by u isaaq. so keep patience. u want to destroy our group na ok do it. if u r fail than what will u do? one question for what is difference between vamp and witch?? i hope u know it’s answer.

  13. hi somi, how r u?? thank u for wishes. hows ur study? what about ur exam which was held in April or may?

  14. where r our prince shakaib and princess nandi? do comments yar. a few days r remaining. come back.

  15. what is wrong in colored clothes?? who want to buy white dress for that time? pehle hi kharid k rakhe ya us time market jakar kharide?? utter nonsense

  16. if six elder person could not handle sameera alone then how can they confront cleverer villian??

  17. sare ghar me hi baithe rahte h to ghar kharcha chalta kaise h?? kam se kam jiger ahem office to jate the

    1. Siddharth

      Ya akshay lol i think modi family sold industries and business now they are leaving in that intrest money i think.

  18. Pranav

    Meera didnt even meet ricky

  19. how convenient Akshay you are back all of a sudden a couple of weeks back everyone was leaving the so called sunshine group now everyone is back but some of your friends have left your doctor friend raven rani nandini etc and shakaib and siddarth are my friends now[in your dreams] and mr isaaq the man whom you thought were a woman is a true life vamp i will watch to the end too i am a good girl now i am tired of insulting your friends

  20. Siddharth

    And Akshay plz become registered member so that we can be in contact even after sns ends and we can do private message to each other

  21. Shakaib

    Hi my lovely sunshine family members!! How are you?? I’m fine.

    @Riana di…
    Its common in Modi Family…Suddenly you get against of someone and then start loving him/her again….Like Ahem..He refused GoKo but after 10 years…He start loving them again..same is with Micky…. Meera acts to be sometimes brainless and sometimes intelligent… Ricky believes wrong people and got his family in problem….Raji kids are somehow very intelligent…. They help their family…Like Sakshi…(leave Mona) and Samar is also good but due to that witch Mona…

    @Somu di….
    Welcome back..missed you a lot… I hope you’ve done your best in exams..And about serial… Timeslot changing isn’t good…If it happened then it will surely Go down in trp race…so its better it should end…because many people including me and many other fans can watch it in evening when they are free…I wish LOVE KA HAI INTEZAR replace it… Not TSMSP…..That’s so irritating…LKHI is awesome..and sanjeeda acting is wow some… Or any new show should replace SNS…Devna should be given a new show… And if we see clearly..its all fault of SP..They upload their shows’ videos on hot star before exact time and its lead to trp down…

    @Akshay bhai….
    Welcome back….Missed you Also a lot… Give or interview very well… Have faith on yourself…Best of luck…

    ɛքɨsօɖɛ ʀɛʋɨɛաs

    Gopi remembering Ricky and KkKG playing….I was weeping….seriously..Yaar emotional kar dala…????but its serious…
    Meera Kumari.. Aap to ghar me bhaite bhate hi us ki aakhri rasmai kar rahi hai… When his body will be burnt you should go there….to see him…Now you should only see his pic….okay? Wahjaa kke bhi to pic hi dekhe gii????!!!!
    Micky pretends to be best sissy-bro…
    Overall epsiode was nice to watch yesterday..waiting to end this pinkeera track soon….by this week… Ghost drama.. Sane which happened with Tripti and umang….

    1. Riana

      Yah right…thats common in modis…??…Anywayzz shakaib can u pls tell me which keyboard do u use in phone ?? ??…plsss…

      1. Shakaib

        I’ve Android keyboard (AOSP) in my phone. And I’ve installed KIKA EMOJI KEYBOARD AND SMART EMOJI KEYBORD in my cell.

    2. Sayyeda

      Hi Shakaib, how are u my sweet small sunshine? We are love u and we miss u a lot, tanks u back. How your life, familly and studies? Sns going to end but please sunshine be registered member , then we always be friends. Love u all.

      1. Shakaib

        Hi saba di. All is going well. How are you? Love u too.

  22. Shakaib

    And guys can someone please give SNS 20th April 2017 episode online link….I know every episode is available on hot star.. But this episode isn’t on Hot star. You can check..

  23. Sayyeda

    Hi sunshines, boss, sowmya, nisha, Akshay, Shakaib, Riana, Raina, mahi, pratyusha, amirul, isaaq, vp, SP, kan and all sns family ,this episode is ok i hop Sameera is GO away for ever.

    1. Riana

      Finally Sameera will get arrested for her deeds…I think saathiya will take a short leap on its LAST EPISODE !

      1. Hi Riana,I glad because Sameera drama is go to finish. This Bhavani also need go away forever. God bless u always.

  24. Siddharth

    Thanks saba di for ur best wishes and i will comment daily

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