Saath Nibhana Saathiya 5th July 2016 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 5th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gopi worriedly tells Kokila and Urmila how will they complete their sari consignment without craftswomen. Urmila says she will find many Angarika ben/craftswoman in her chawl, she need not worry. She calls all her tenant ladies.

Pari informs Jigar that Gopi and Kokila shifted their work to Urmila’s chawl and now their business will flourish well. Jigar gets angry that he will lose his challenge and leaves for work.

Gopi, Urmila, Kokila with tenants gets busy preparing patola saris. Tolu brings almond milk for Sona and forces her to drink for unborn children’s health. Kokila says last time they could not perform Sona’s goad bharai, this time they will perform it. Urmila says lavishly.

Mona gets juice for Pari. Pari fumes that they are sitting here helplessly while Gopi and Kokila are busy preparing patola saris, soon they will win challenge, they cannot go there. Mona says they can go there disguised.

Urmila smears her face with dye color. Kokiila taunts her. Urmila says she is very excited helping Gopi. Ladies thank Urmila for giving them work and letting them earn some money. Urmila smiles.

Vidya tells Meera that she is very excited to attend Priyal’s school’s parent-teacher meeting. Naiya brainwashes Meera how can she let her go to school with Priyal. Meera says she will not and herself will go as Priyal’s mom.

Pari and Mona reach Urmila’s chawl wearing joker/clown dresses. They give gifts to children and wait for Jai and Veeru. Once they come, they say they will give all gifts to whoever takes them home. Jai and Veeru insist them to come to their home and take them along. Urmila looks at them but greets them in. Jai and Veeru trick them. Kokila scolds them to behave with guests. Gopi gives printing dye to craftswoman and asks her not to lose it, else their work will halt. Pari and Mona steal it and escape from there.

Precap: Dr. Krishna gives anklet to Gopi and says he found it in near door. Kokila says this is Pari’s anklet. Craftswoman says their work dye is missing.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. MA the scene between Meera, Vidya and Naiya is not written!

  2. I wish Rashi comes back and kicks Pari out. Only Rashi can turn Jigar positive. Why did she leave??

    1. shavam..mongunnu

  3. ohh God!! whats this serial..??whole family one by one turning negative..after Pari nd jigar who will turn into negative role..:O

  4. Peeyush sharma

    Please come back ahem in sathiya

  5. Pari&mona naturally jokers na!!!!!!????????

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