Saath Nibhana Saathiya 5th July 2014 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 5th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

* Gopi slaps Radha and Radha is taken away. Gopi breaks down. Ahem comes and hugs her, then Rashi-Gopi hug. Rashi-Jigar Hug. Then Kokila-Rashi-Gopi hug. Then Kokila-Jigar-Rashi-Gopi-Ahem hug. Urmila feels left out. Rashi-Urmila hug.

*Everyone in the Modi Mansion. Baa says finally the evil eye has left our house. Gopi says let us go to the Vaishanavi Devi temple again. The entire family goes. Gopi is singing and doing arati. Rashi and Gopi are wearing saris.

*Everyone is in the Modi Mansion. Someone comes in with a bed. Kokila wonders who is it. Gopi says she got a bed for Meera so, she can stay with Tolu-Molu-Vidya. Then Kokila-Rashi at the same time decide to say something. Kokila goes first and says since Meera is the first member of the 4th generation in this house, I want

to hold a party tonight as we couldnt welcome her properly due to what was going on. Everyone is excited. Then Rashi speaks and gives over the house control to Gopi. Rashi then wants to take Meera shopping. Kokila says before that call Urmila and family to come home tonight.

*Umrila-Kinjal-Madhu are drinking tea when Pooja comes in and asks for Dhawal. Kinjal tells her he left earlier. Pooja gets a call from her mom about marriage and she declines the rishta. Urmila asks what kind of a boy she wants. Pooja says like Dhawal. Then Pooja leaves. Urmila then gets Rashi’s call. Rashi tells her about the party and then Rashi asks her to meet her at the new mall as she has to shop and go to the beauty parlor.

*Rashi hangs up. Tolu-Molu ask their mom if they can come. Rashi doesnt want to take them. Jigar asks Rashi to take them. Rashi manages to to make them stay and asks them to decorate the house and gives them chocolate and says she will get a new game for them. Jigar smiles.

*Hetal-Gopi are in the kitchen. Hetal is also proud of Rashi today. She says it in Kokila style. Kokila sees them and Hetal-Gopi get tensed but, Kokila laughs. Rashi is earching for Meera. Gopi goes to find Meera as well. Meera comes with Vidya. Rashi takes Meera and leaves. Vidya feels left out. Gopi tells Vidya that her dad will buy her a new dress.

*Rashi is getting Meera to look good for the party. Kokila gets a call. Rashi-Urmila are having a conversation and Rashi tells her that she gave up the keys. urmila scolds her. Rashi explains her points but, Urmila is mad. Rashi-Meera-Urmila leave. Kokila is shown sitting in the parlor as she got a call from the parlor.

Precap : Kokila says she wants to find out something before the party.

Update Credit to: TeriGalliyan

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  1. New suspense buzzing huh….

  2. The show is goin bck to square 1 nw its bck to rashi ployin again

  3. back to same old kalakari of rashi and urmila

  4. Now another new drama is going to start didn’t writers find any thing better than this to prolong the serial before in previous episodes when ever ahem comes near gopi she used to cover her head with saree now what happened she became modern bahu….!!!!!!once she used to feel shy to wear a chudi in front of her maaji now she is in it only….
    !!!!!wat is this…..??????

  5. gopi has changed in her dressing and yes she does have some confidence in herself, she is not that shy girl, 8 yrs away from the family has changed her outlook towards things, but in case were family comes she is a emotional fool but rashi and urmila have not changed. Kokila wont change at all. she will be calling gopi , gopi bahu when everything is right, but if anything does not go according to her will then gopi will have to take the brunt of it. Rashi & Urmi will get away with all their crimes.

  6. I think they are showing double role of KoKO

  7. Since at the end Koko is showing at beautyparlour…

  8. what the fish….kokila i just hate your styles….why do u wear so much jewellery…i know u have too much jewlery but don,t become like sojal (ipkknd 2) ….and u are so fat and your complexion is also not fair…then why do u wear so jewelery…when u were ill having no memory u were simple i like that kokila mohdi not this one eeeeee

  9. i thnk the show is going 2 tke leap year 2 show the life of childrens….One of the news was like that …even though iam nt sure abt it i thnk so…….anyway lets wait

  10. What is happening to the updates why are they getting late………can anyone tell me

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