Saath Nibhana Saathiya 5th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 5th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gopi asks Bhavani if she is Seeta’s mother. Bhavani says she is Seeta’s maayi. Seeta shivers in fear hearing her voice. Bhavani says she did not come here to kidnap her and if she does not come out, she will come in then. Seeta continues shivering. Gopi warns nobody dares to shout here. Bhavani yells to stop her speech, she is not here to listen to her speech. She is Bhavani Keshavlal Rathodi, sarpanch of 21 villagers and leader of 70,000 people. If she does not know, she can check on internet instead. She should stop becoming Seeta’s protector and call Seeta out. Gopi says until she sits and talks calmy, Seeta will not come. Bhavani shouts at Seeta that these people cannot protect her. Gopi says Seeta is afraid. Bhavani says Seeta is born to fear and she is born to

frighten. Seeta comes and hides behind pillar. Urmila tries to stop Bhavani, but Bhavani pushes her and drags Seeta. Seeta pleads she does not want to go home. Bhavani kicks her on floor. Gopi pushes Bhavani and Bhavani lifts her lathi/stick to hit Gopi. Jaggi holds stick and warns dare not to even think, he is sparing her as she is woman, else Jaggi will not spare cruel people. Bhavani warns that even she does not spare men, if he does not leave her lathi, he will doubt his manhood then. Jaggi leaves lathi.

Gopi warns her to stop her drama, else she will call police. Bhavani says she will call police instead and calls police in. Inspector comes and says Bhavani had filed her daughter’s missing complaint. Gopi says Bhavani got married seeta when she was 5 years old to a 25-year-old man, if it is wrong or not. Inspector says it is, but his duty now is to get back Bhavani’s missing daughter. Bhavani tries to slap Seeta, but Gopi stops her. Bhavani drags Seeta, but she runs back to Gopi. Gopi says Seeta is 18 years old and nobody can force her. Inspector says. Bhavani warns Seeta that she will kidnap her in seconds. Gopi warns to get out. Jaggi also warns to leave as they don’t entertain unnecessary guests. Urmila also warns to get out, else she will hit her with her lathi. Bhavani warns them they all will repent and leaves. Gopi consoles Seeta.

Seeta’s father Keshavlal is a ved/ayurvedic doctor and is seen treating patient and not taking his fees. Bhavani enters shouting. He asks what happened now, if Seeta returned. Bhavani shouts that Seeta is hiding behind some Gopi and has to go back with her husband. She yells at him that she takes care of this house and he does not have to interfere. He says she is Seeta’s mother. Bhavani shouts step mother, she has planned to get Seeta from Gopi.

Jaggi gets flower bouquet to Gopi’s room singing baharon phool barsao…song. Gopi asks it is for whom. He says he brought it for mom, but there is one more woman in his life whom he also respects, his wife. Gopi fumes that she told him any times that they are friends and angrily leaves room. Urmila comes and asks what happened. He says he tries to spread flower smell, but Gopi holds her breath and leaves. Urmila goes to get tea. Jaggi adds flowers in vase, slips, and hits his forehead on furniture. Seeta sees him and shouts Jaggi kaka. Gopi runs back and scolds him why he is so careless.

Precap: Urmila asks Pari and Mona to call doc to treat Jaggi’s forehead injury. Pari says their phone is not working. Even landline and Urmila’s phone don’t work. Urmila says let us take Jaggi to hospital then. Sona says all doors and windows are locked from outside.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. maybe bhavini goon are doing this with modis no suryavanshi family scene today. meera come back.

  2. I didn’t think that the writers and the producers would stoop so low by they did. Very immature and chartacterless storyline.

  3. Shakaib

    Hi sunshine friends… Episode is nice today… And how are you all..??

    1. Nandhini

      I am good shakaib? hope you are also doing good.

    2. Chithu

      Hi Shakaib
      Episode was good but sad that Seetha was tortured in front of everyone. Bhavani is evil.

  4. This Bhavani was so cruel

    1. I agree with you Neha

  5. Isaaq

    Neha sorry to hear about your friend trying to break you up with your lover. God united you both which is good.

    Yh Nandi I’m really happy. The first big enemy stole all my happiness and made me feel lonely. His name means storm as well so he has this inauspicious feeling around himself. He’s the only enemy in my life that successfully defeated me.

    I haven’t had a proper friend for 10 years because of him. I was still traumatised. Now I have a proper good friend like you guys. And hopefully he will support me.

    I’ve got rid of my arrogant avatar as well. My birthday is approaching in April. Every year on my birthday, I do a special prayer and I feel reborn every year. This year I plan to remove all my arrogance and bitterness. I’m going to back to my old self when I was nice to everyone and full of life.

    I’m happy now but it feels to good to be true. I’m scared that my enemies might come back. I’m so happy that I’m feeling unsure if this happiness will last. I especially don’t want anything to happen to my new friend because of me.

    1. Nandhini

      Yes Isaaq…i can understand that feeling when we are happy we get fear at dat time if we wil lose that happiness…you are trying to get back being simple as before but feared at that time ur enemies may come back right? i pray that you should be happy like this forever and no hindrance must come in that…and when is ur birthday in april???may i know that??

      1. Isaaq

        The 10th of April. Yh I want to go back to being simple again. Being arrogant just makes me feel lonely and bitter. I went to this society group thing where I met the new guy. When I was there, all I felt was bitterness and I was looking down on people. Then he came and introduced himself to me. He shaked my hand. I just thought to myself that why am I being arrogant for? Like when my happiness has returned, why am I being like this? So now I’m back to being simple and I’m learning how to stop being so arrogant.

        I just worried that if I go back to being simple and innocent, my enemies might return and take advantage of me. However I’m not scared because I have my friends with me. I pray to God that he will never let any evil come into my life again and force me to become my malicious and cunning avatar again. I hope nobody is forced to change their own identity and personality. Because of getting my revenge and happiness, my reputation was destroyed because people saw me as a dangerous girl that will go to any extent to get what she wants. I had to become evil like my enemies and so I don’t want to become that again.

        Even in Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki, Parvati was scared of becoming Janki Devi because that was the evil side of her and it was ruining her image in front of everyone. Her family started hating her because of her manipulating behaviour. The same way, I don’t want to become that Isaaq anymore.

        That arroagnt avatar only knows how to destroy, play mind games and manipulate and brainwash. I forced myself to become that so I could get happiness in my life. Before I met the new guy, I didn’t know how to talk to people and I was so bitter. But now I’m going back to my old self where I only know love, compassion and happiness?

      2. Isaaq

        Adam birthday is on the 9th of March. Who knows if I wish him happy birthday this year? I’ve wished him for 2 years but I don’t know about this year.

        Apparently he’s going to go out drinking and partying on his birthday to some concert in London. I want Adam to understand what he has done is very wrong. I’ve been observing him on social media and he still seems upset and he doesn’t hardly speak to anyone. But he still ignores me.

        I’m going to continue observing Adam but that doesn’t mean I want to be with him. I’m not interested in relationships now. I still care about him so hence I have to check up on him.

        He’s never wished me on my birthday sadly so this year I’m not going to do it. When he realises that I haven’t wished him this year, he will understand the pain I went through for 3 years trying to make him understand.

      3. Nandhini

        Ohh 10th april! Great! Okay and you dont wish Adam on his birthday as you decided because he never wished you before and he declined ur follow requests…i dont think he will worry for you not wishing him but he will notice the change in you and he wil realize you have moved on…but why he is depressed lately and speaks less to everyone?? Okay maybe he is having his own problems…but as you said you keep watching him…maybe later he may need ur help to solve his problem…

    2. Chithu

      Issaq my birthday is on 11th April so I would never forget ur birthday. Don’t worry Issaq u will have only good times ahead. U had experienced bad childhood definitely ur future will be good. Thanks for ur blessings

      1. Nandhini

        Hii Chithu! Naan nalla irukken pa..neenga epdi irukkinga? Ennalayum ava sonnadhu namba mudiyala…oru padhinaalu vayasu ponnu andha maadhiri pechhu laam pesuvaala nu adhirchiya irukku…but freeya vidunga pa…ava mela nambikkai vaippom…oru vela adhu unmaiya kuda irukalaam…paapom…

  6. Sorry Neha!Im alright Shakiab today episode was good!

  7. Guys what the wrong I have done.Y Nandi and chithu u r all talking bad about me. I faced this situation bcoz of my fault was only one thing I gave her my phone to her that was the only mistake I have done.
    Nandi u asked will my cousin read last one week comments?? Yeah it is possible,it takes hardly one hr to read all comments from last was not impossible na?? I already said u all I have told my cousin abt u all. joining our group,abt ishaaq love story,abt John uncle.i was very exited abt our group and told her all.but she receive it in another manner.I was inspired by ishaaq love story. But as I said she is a child she don’t understand that and received it negatively and made negative comments.
    Sandy was her name, till now I have not seen that comment made in her name.when I read ur comment then only I checked her comment which was made in her own name.
    I was trying to explain u all, but u r not believing can I prove u??? I was very much hurt by u all.what u all want??? U want to leave me this group na..OK then I’m leaving group.I don’t want to stay here bcoz no one trusting me and talking rudely with me.i was very sensitive person so I can’t tolerate negative and rude comments.I can’t stay in this group where there is no trust.
    Though u all r hating me and cursing me I want all of u to live happily.Bye sunshiners.take care

    1. Isaaq

      Neha please don’t leave. Nandi and Chithu are hurt. Just forget about it and gradually everything will be back to normal

    2. Nandhini

      Neha i never said i hated you and i never cursed you…i and sid were the ones who asked you not to leave this group when the negative comment from ur name arose first…i expressed my suspicions based on the negative comments in ur name which were very rude to everyone and then all of a sudden there was a positive comment from you saying this is all done by ur cousin sis…i need some time to trust people if something like this happens inside a group…i am really very sorry for hurting ur feelings…and thanks for clearing my doubt…once any person becomes part of this sunshine group i will always wish that they should not leave this group if any problem arises…please dont leave this group..stay positive and dont feel bad for mine and chithu’s suspicious words…lets forget it…once again i am very sorry…

      1. It’s OK Nandi,If I were in ur place I would also done like u .It’s not ur mistake no need to say sorry yaar.
        It happened second time in my life at first my friend used my name and tried to spoil my relationship with my lover.She does it intentionally and she has not succeeded.
        Now it’s my cousins turn she also used my name and does all the stupid comments.but difference was that she has not done it intentionally.she has no maturity at all.So plz forgive her.
        Let’s forget all that and let’s be friends.
        I’ll never give my phone to anyone and I also I put password to my device

      2. Chithu

        Hi Nandhini eppadi irukkinga. Namma orae mathiri thaan yoshikkirom. Yennana theriyala aana naethekku nadathathum ava sonnathum yennala namba mudiyala

    3. For once you made the right choice. The choice to leave this group. Take care and goodbye.?

      1. Hello John uncle,who r u to suggest me to leave the group.its purely my decision and group members decision to leave r stay.why u r interfering??? Don’t waste ur time by giving u r suggestions to us

    4. Neha I don’t want u to go. Yesterday I was upset with the language and cursing that I said so. I am sorry. When we welcome someone we all except that person to stand with us and be friends forever. I was completely shocked as u never used that kind of language and all of the sudden language was rude not only Issaq but almost every one was cursed. Then u come back and announced it was ur cousin. It was too much to take on a single day. So its natural to doubt. I take some time to trust ppl. Don’t worry u r welcome to the group once again and I AM sorry that I reacted like that

      1. It’s OK chithu,I can understand u.
        Forget all that what was happened for last two days.My cousin was really a stupid girl.
        Ur daughter name is soooo cute?

  8. Goons take Sita tomorrow by letting some gas in modi house to make them faint. Hope gopi and jaggi find Sita.

  9. Isaaq

    No Nandi. To clear your suspicions, Neha cousin probably read comments from our old pages. She probably found the story interesting and so she must went to where we have commented earlier. I trust Neha.

    However Neha I also have some suspicions. Your story about your friend trying to break up you and your lover. Isnt that similar to my story? Its like you just copied it. Forgive me but I need to be sure I can trust you. Because your cousin did say that she wishes I suffer forever and trust me, my biggest enemy said that to me 10 years ago and I was suffering ever since then.

    When she said that the new guy will leave me as well, I got so scared and I messaged him straightaway because I don’t want to lose him. We’ve been talking all day and Ive made him laugh all day as well. But for the first time, I have a friend that is exactly like me. If I lose him, I will go back to that life again where I’m telling you that I’m in pain. My life has changed since Ive met him. We were spent 5 months in the same classroom but we didn’t even know that we are practically similar people. Like I wish I met him before but I guess God has his own ways of uniting two friends. The guy is in fact messaging me right now. Ive never had a proper childhood because my enemies always snatched my happiness.

    Like look at Amba. I don’t even know her and she blames me for destroying her happiness because Adam dumped her. Loads of people just want me to suffer and not be happy. Even my close relatives are jealous of my power and position in the family ( I am the second head of the extended family). My close relatives cause trouble for me but Ive always defeated them as they are nothing compared to me.

    And this boy, hes changed all of that. Adam was a lover but this boy is the friend ive been looking for my whole life. The only thing Ive wished for in my life is a friend. I wish I knew you all in real life. You guys are going to see a new Isaaq soon that is always going to share happiness with you. I think this is due to all of your prayers that I am happy today. I give you all blessings. Thank you every one

    1. Nandhini

      Yes Isaaq i also clearly dont understand why some people blame others as liars,, cheaters,etc…and cursing people unnecessarily..neha’s cousin is a child so she is acting like that..but still i am shocked by her comments like she is talking like a big girl…i wish she understands what is life and how to behave with people when approaching them as she grows…ok lets forget all this…thank you for the blessings?

    2. Hi ishaaq, my love story was totally different from u.My love began three years ago,He was my classmate,he has been loving me for past three years,but I accepted his love just 8 months back.At first I was not interested in love but after knowing how much he loves me then finally I fall for him.U know he loves me a lot,seriously I don’t know whether a boy can love a girl this much.i can’t explain u in words.He convinced his parents about me.They r agreed for our marriage.I also tried to convince my parents about my love initially they have not agreed but after that one day he came to my house with his parents and convinced my family too.I was very happy.I got the person who was loving me a lot.He smiles when I was happy and cries when I was sad.he does everything for me.Evrything was going well in my love.but four months back one bad thing I said my friend her name is swetha,she was also friend of him.she tried to spoil our relationship.My lover just seen her as a friend but she loved him and tried to separate him from me.She used my name and hurted him very much. He was about to leave me just for my happiness.But by God’s grace we came to know the truth and no one will come between us and separate us.God has written his name in my life no one can erase it.
      Our parents are planning to engage us in few days.May be in March r April.we r very much waiting for that.
      I want to marry him soon and live with him ,but my parents put one condition that I have to complete my studies before marriage so I am trying to complete it.I have exams in I was waking up daily at 3 am in the morning and studying.
      His name was Surya?.Presently he was in other city and doing his master’s.So we r not meeting daily.we r meeting weekly once.he was coming to my house every week.In the mean time I have developed a very special bond with his mother .She was not like my mother in law she was just like my mother.
      Ishaaq shall I say u something, love can not only be possible between two people with same mind sets,it can also happen between two people with different mind sets.
      Me and Surya r totally different from each other.I love to dance but he dont know dancing.I am a non vegetarian but he was purely vegetarian.I love lavish life but he likes simple life.we r very much different from each other.we respect each oyhers tastes and thinkings.
      We will have quarrels but they are very silly silly quarrels.we fought like Tom nd Jerry.I love each and every moment spend with him.
      I am just waiting for that special day,our marriage.
      My story was totally different from u ishaaq.Adam hurted u alot and made u cry ,u went through so much pain.But my Surya never made me cry ,my happiness was his happiness.I was very lucky to have a man like that in my life.I thank God for sending Surya into my life.

      1. Cute love story Neha so sweet of u I wish u both unite soon

  10. Nandhini

    I havent watched the episode still…on reading today’s update it seems there was no Gaura’s scene and the episode was fully on modi house…

    1. Isaaq

      Btw Gopi Destiny is going to be really interesting now that Radha is negative again. She’s going to become pregnant with Ahem child and she’s going become Gopi sautan in season 10? She’s going to torture Gopi so much. Season 10 is going to be the best as it’s the 10th season

      1. Isaaq

        Season 8*

      2. Nandhini

        Lol! First radha was pregnant with jigar’s child in her previous birth…that is rashi jr,,then before that she had a child with umang- that is sindoora…and now presently she is going to give birth to ahem’s child??

    2. Isaaq

      I still don’t understand why Adam comes in my dreams. I dreamt that I was in London and we met after 3 years. He looked so different and taller. He was quite emotional to see him and I was also shocked to see him. He wouldn’t look into my eyes. Then he took me somewhere and he tried to explain to me about something but before he could tell me, the dream ended

    3. Chithu

      Naan nalla irukken.

  11. Isaaq

    It’s just I’m fed up of Adam now. All he does is hurt me. It’s like with Ishita. Raman always shouts at Ishita eventhough she does everything for him. Adam does exactly the same. No matter how much he hurts me, I still go back to him. Raman loves Ishita but he still shouts at her afterwards. Adam does the same.

    Like do you know how much it hurt me??? He said to me last year that me and him don’t have any rishta anymore. Then he tells Amba he still loves me. When I chase after him again, he ignores me. That’s why I’m fed up of him now. He’s just like Raman, he can never make his mind up.

    And that’s why sunshine group, have considered other people. Now it’s all upto Adam now. If he loves me, he has to fight for me. He’s depressed now and he’s not happy anymore. I’ve fought my battle now and now I’m happy.

    Now it’s for Adam to fight a battle to win me. Let me see how much he loves me. I challenge him…

    1. Riana

      Hi Isaaq…When you post ur amother ff Kasauti Mohabbat ki?????….

    2. Riana

      So somethings r really illogical in sns….how can that bhavani cut the network connection of modis without knowing there phone no….its vry illogical…What say guys??…

      1. Nandhini

        Riana bhavani must be using a device called mobile jammer…it deactivates the network of all mobile phones in nearby places of specific distances…

    3. Nandhini

      The dreams just happens Isaaq…it occurs when we want to forget a person but the person comes in our sub-conscious mind…just ignore it…and he(adam) must be dealing with his problems these days…when right time comes then you will know about his problems…and as you mentioned before keep watching his activities…

  12. Guys hi Im quite reader of this page and Ive been fan of SNS since 2010 and Since then I have been watching it. I even remember when Gia was playing Gopi and it suited her better , anyways at that time we used to go crazy on fb me and other fans of SNS for changing the character of Gopi from Gia to Devoleen or whatever her name is loool, but with time we got used to her. Anyways now that I said what I had to say about being fan of SNS ot being silent reader, all I wanna say is that at the end of the day you guys have met on this page and have known each other for awhile so just try to sort out your difference’s please . Im sorry if I have said anything wrong.

    1. Nandhini

      Hi Aisha…yes we have sorted out our differences…everything cleared now☺

      1. Im glad to hear that

  13. Ishaaq don’t worry nothing bad will happen to u, my cousin was still a child she don’t hurted u intentionally .Don’t take it seriously.Evrything will be fine in ur life.
    If one thought good for us good will happen to us.but if one thought bad for us no bad will happen to us it will reflect to them only,my Surya said this to me and it was very much right.believe me dear and don’t let negative thoughts come into ur mind.
    Once again sorry on behalf of my cousin,I can understand how much u r hurted by her comments.I can say u one thing only just forget all that and be positive.

    1. Nandhini

      Thank you neha? and i also forgive ur cousin sis…and what!! You are going to get engaged!? dats really great!! Congrats for dat dear! Ur lover surya is a very sweet guy…he will always keep you happy…i wish you a happy love life! complete ur studies quickly and get to marry him!??

      1. Nandhini

        get ready**

      2. Yes Nandi,we r going engaged soon.I was waiting very much for that day.But we will marry after a year .I have to complete my studies.I promised my parents so I have it complete it.I was 20 yr old and my parents want to marry me after I crossed my 20.
        Thank u dear for ur wishes?

      3. Nandi may I know where r u from and what u were doing

    2. Nandhini

      Neha i am working in my family’s clothing store and now i currently took a break from dat…i am from chennai…

      1. U r from Chennai.Its good.i visited Chennai couples of times.It was very nice place.
        I don’t know Tamil,but I love to learn it.will u taught me..

  14. Hi Sid Bhai I am glad that u welcomed Neha back episode was dramatic today lol Nandini di chithu di how r u I am very happy that our group stands united today inspire of many hurdles Priyanka di how r u how is rithwik and my baby isaaq I am the one most happy today to get great friends like u all and even more happier to know u realized and u got cleared ur confusions go on dear come out with flying colors my constant support will be always there with u. Hi shakaib just forget about the recent happenings yaar how r u . Akshay Bhai how r ur preparations going?? Riana how r u?? Sowmy I am really missing u yaar finish ur practicals fast and make a come back. Sid Bhai no updates today…….Hi Neha welcome back to our group and put some sense into ur cousin yaar I really felt bad that she was abusing isaaq without any reason …….Sharad how r u how did u lyk the episode……Rose how r u ????

    1. Sure mahi I scolded my cousin,it will not happen again

    2. Hi ? Mahi how r u.

      1. Chithu di I am fine how is ur daughter may I know her name and age

      2. Chithu

        She is fine. Her name is Aadhrika and she is 3 1/2 yrs old

    3. Nandhini

      Hii mahi! Yeah dear everything sorted out…like you even i miss sowmya’s comments so badly these days…how’s ur studies(bio-technology) going?? It means you are doing engineering right?? So i guess the portions are little tough…i liked yesterday’s episode becoz we finally got to see some new faces (new characters) after a long time? and i think sita might be having a step brother or step sister…

      1. Di present I am not attending my college due my health as u all know I have spinal problem and I can’t sit for long durations so for now studying at home …….

      2. Take care mahi, consult good doctor.
        U r health will be fine soon

    4. I am fine Mahi…i am doing well??

    5. Mahi have you consulted Ayurveda doctor. For these things Ayurveda will work really well.

  15. Boss(Siddarth)

    Hi Neha Nandini &Chithu is hurt as ur cousin ws cursing them unnecessarily so it WL tke time to develop trust again dnt leave the group.
    But ur cousin has to learn manners even it is for fun she should not curse others .

    1. Yeah Sid I was totally agreeing with u,it will take time.
      What my cousin did was very wrong.i can’t change what was happened but im assuring u it will never going to happen

    2. Yes Sid thank u. How r u

      1. Boss(Siddarth)

        I am fun chithu?.

  16. Boss(Siddarth)

    And Sunshiners episode ws good and in coming episode mayyi is gng to kidnap Sita .
    And friends today my college WL start so I WL not able to comment til 4pm I WL comment after that k ?

    1. Oh enjoy the classes. No problem Sid u comment after ur classes.

      1. Boss(Siddarth)

        Thanks chithu?.

    2. Nandhini

      Hi Sid! Dat soon ur holidays got over and college reopened?! Ok have a nice time there?..

      1. Boss(Siddarth)

        Ya Nandini this time we got less holidays I had holidays frm 25th Jan to 5th Febraury . ?

  17. Lol?. Trouble again in this sunshine group?☺?.. I am enjoying every moment of this???.

    1. Riana

      Aaaaaaaahhh….Shut up!!!!????

    2. Oh then entertainment is over because our problems are solved. Thank u John uncle every time u encourage us to fight and discontinue the group we have become stronger. U r motivating us to stand united. Thank you ?

    3. Boss(Siddarth)

      John uncle as I told earlier watever u does nothing gets effected to our group as we stand always united watever situation comes . But u WL always remain mr lonely ??

  18. Hello everyone..hw r u dng fne mahi n Rithvik also fne went skul nw..
    Welcome Neha..ur lov stry is vry cutee..all b bst to u n ur Surya..sty happy always..guys frgt evrthing dat hapnd frm lst 2days..
    Episode is nce..bfre cncentratng on sita character expose guara n brng kokila ot of jail I think..
    Am fne shakib hwz ur studies gng on..
    Guys anyone here watch Indian idol here..
    Neha wr r u frm..r u student?dnt mine I frgt it..

    1. Hi thank u for wishing me happiness.
      I’m from Vijayawada,Ap.
      Yes I’m a student.
      I’m doing chartered accountancy course.

    2. Nandhini

      Hi priyanka! I am are you? I dont watch indian idol or any other reality shows…waiting for dil bole oberoi next week…for omkaara?

    3. I watch indian idol nandhini bcoz tollywood singr revanth participated in dat shw..n I also waiting for DBO for omkara..lovd his acting in lst episode

  19. Riana

    These John comments so negative…He’s the villain of this ff…

    1. Riana

      Sorry not ff…its forum

  20. Hi all Sunshine friends.Episode nahi dekh paya hoon.WU is good.

  21. Hi Priyanka how r u.

    1. Am fine chithu Wt abt u n ur daughter

  22. Today’s episode was fully done on Modi Bhavan. No Gaura today. I think makers are going to focus on Bhavani more. She is powerful than Gaura as she is a sarpanch and has more ppl to listen to her commands

  23. hi good morning all of u yesterday sathiya episode is so good and interesting. what happen let see

  24. Isaaq

    Hi everyone. The new guy reminds me of myself in the early days. He’s so shy and awkward. I feel like Adam.

    Guys I have one question, when i was talking to him, I didn’t have any profile picture. He was talking to me then. When I uploaded my new profile picture, he just ignored my message. Now I’m not jumping to conclusions and I’m trying to stay calm. All I asked him is why he likes law and he ignores my message.

    I mean he’s seen me in real life so I don’t think he thinks I’m ugly or anything by seeing a picture. I just don’t understand why he ignored me? Is he playing games with me as well? I don’t want to lose my temper and he stops being friends with me?

    1. Isaaq

      I’m going to see him today at university and I’m trying to control my temper.

    2. Nandhini

      So you were communicating with him through online though you saw him in ur class…ok..I dont know if he is playing any mind games…wait for some time for his reply…he may got some work dat time so he may have went off without replying…if he didnt reply and stops being friends with you then dont get disappointed for that…he is not the end of the world…you too ignore him…i know you will give back double returns of what people gave you?..

      1. Isaaq

        And Nandi, my dad calmed me down when he explained me about good friends. He’s the only person in the world that can calm me down when I’m angry and anxious.

        Now I’m going to go university. I think he was studying that’s why he didn’t reply back. I have him on SnapChat and he was studying all night. I’m being stupid for no reason. I’m so glad I haven’t pestered him. Imagine if I messaged him and said to him that he’s annoying and evil?

        I forgot that he’s the early version of myself. He’s very innocent and shy. If If I do anything negative, it will be big trouble. Im just going to pretend like nothing happened

  25. It’s good Neha tum apni Surya se life time bond banane jaa rahi ho.Your’s Love story is good.
    But I want to say something to you and all Sunshine friends.Main kal night that negative comments padhi hoon.I am very disappointed.Neha’s cousin ya any other commenter Issaq and others ke bare mein aisa nahi kehna chahiye.vo log bahut baar ye kahaki tum log Isaaq ki Love story padhke apna time waste kar rahe ho.Vo log kaun hai ye batanevale. Vo Sunshine members personally decide karlenge unko kya.padhna chahiye kya nahi,kya comment
    karna chahiye kya nahi.Hame advise deke vo log apni time waste kar rahe hai.Aur
    Sid,Chitu,Nandini,sab logon ko worst language se scold kiya
    Neha’scousin.That’svery bad.Pehle vo tumhari permission ke bina tumhari naam pe yaha negative comments karke sab ka mood spoil kiya and sab se worst language se baath karne lagi.Ek 14years girl ye kiya ye sunke mujhe bahut bura laga.Usko sahi,galat sikhane ki bahut jarurat hai.Pehle Sid,Nandini,Chitu usko pyyar se samjhane ki koshish ki but she uses bad language to them and insult all Sunshiners.Vo ye kahaki online friendship ko kaise vishwas karsakte hai?Tum logon Isaaq ko dekha nahi us pe trust kyun kar rahe ho? Baar baar yahi kaha usne.Online friend ship aisa hi hota hai.I know online friendship and love mein bahut baar dhoka,problems huva hai.But yaha koi apna limits cross nahi kar rahe hai.Sab apna sukh,dukh baant rahe hai jo.ham kabhi apni real best friends ya bestrelatives ke saath share nahi kar sakte hai. Aur ham apni offline friendship se ya relatives se kabhi dokha nahi kha sakte hai?Kha sakte hai.Kuch.log aisa hota har vakth hamare saamne rehte hai lekin hame dard dene ki dokha dene ki koshish
    karte hai.Aur Plz tumhari cousin ko
    samjhavo fun ke liye bhi kabhi kisi se aisa baat mat karne ke liye.Aur vo suna nahi tho usse distance maintain karo.I mean main ye nahi keh rahi hoon usse hate karo baat mat karo.Lekin usse thoda dhyaan
    se raho.And tumhari us friend ke saath friend ship cut karna hi.tumhareliye achcha hai.vo aisa karke ye saabit kiya ki uski najaron mein teri aur teri friendship ki koi value nahi hai.Sorry this is m
    y suggestions and opinions only.Tumhari phone mein password lagana,aisi online friendship ke bare mein kisi se share mat karna.
    I know yaar aisi cousins hote hai.khud
    mere saath hi aisa huva.Meri ek cousin sister hai.Meri Daddy ki sister ki beti.Mujhse 10years badi hai.She creates misunderstandings between Meri Mom,Dad and Me.Especially between Mer
    i Amma and me.Jab main choti hoon main 8,9years ki age ki hoon tab vo ek saal meri ghar mein rehne aayi.Tab unhone ye sab kiya.Uski vajah se main bahut saal apni
    ghar mein apni parents ke saath rehte
    huve paraya jaisa jindagi jeeyi hoon.That time is very painful to me.Bahut sari happy moments apni Maa ke saath miss kiya hoon.Har roj jhagde se main jindagi mein interest kho gayi.Kisi pe bhi vishwas nahi
    kar.pane ki stage aagayi .Main mentally bahut depress ho gayi hoon.Ab sab sort out ho gaya hai. Main kabhi un days ko yaad nahi karoongi but kal ye comments,Neha ki cousin and friend ke sunke ye sab yaad aayi.Abhi ye type karte huve bhi mujhe ro rahi hoon.Plz is liye main sab ko warn kar rahi hoon ki aisi logon se dhyaan se handle keejiyega.

    1. Sure rose I will maintain distance from my cousin .Wht she did was it was very wrong.Coming to my friend she was not my friend anymore I have cuted her completely from our lives.
      Rose,may I know where r u from and what u r doing.R u a student?

  26. I am fine Mahi.Yaha Telugu people haina hamari Sunshine group.mein.Neha from Vijayawada,Mahi you from Guntoor,Priyanka akka from Karnool,Chanu from Vizag ,Me from Kakinada.Aur koi hai kya.yaha Telugu people.Main age is 22years .I am complete myB.Ed in Biology and preparing for competitive exams.Mahi you are doing B.Tech Biotechnology na,I am done B.SC Biotechnology.

    1. Oh di great at present wat r u dng

  27. Hi Sid .You are similar to my agena.22years old.All the best for your MBA studies.And Akshay tumhari us friends badal gaya hai kya?Ache ban gaye hai kya?Nahi tho unse dhyaan se rehna.Jo ladke kisi aur ke naam pe ladkion ke liye ganda messages bhejte hai un logon se bach ke rehna chahiye ya
    un logon se door rehna chahiye.Plz don’t
    think me wrong.Main sirf tujhe suggest kar rahi hoon.Kyunki maine dekha aisi friends ki vajah se problems face karne valon ko.Aur RPSC means Rajasthan Public Service Commission.Tum uske liye prepare ho rahi ho.Main bhi APPSC Andhra Pradesh Public Service Commission exams ke liye prepare ho rahi hoon. All The Best.Tumhari age kitna hai aur tum kya padhai ki?

    1. Boss(Siddarth)

      Ya rose we are of same age Thanks for wishing?.And best of luck for ur APSC exams.

  28. Isaaq

    You are really lucky Neha. That’s a true love story unlike mine where I will always face a hurdle. Adam has hurt me yes but I still care about him. I’m forgetting him but if he was in big trouble, I would straight away go and save him. Eventhough he has made me suffer a lot, I don’t want to see him suffer.

    Normally I would get revenge on those who have wronged but I can’t hurt him. I don’t want to see him in pain because of me. I’m going away from his life. Like I said before, it’s his test now. I want to see how he will get me back. I challenge him. If he truly loves then he will do whatever he can to get me. If Adam successfully wins my heart then I will accept him.

    At the moment, I’m still hurt and I’m not pleased by his actions. I’ll do whatever he did to me and then it’s upto him to clear this distance.

    I’m going to make it hard for him. I want a husband who is as strong and courageous as me. If his love is so strong then he will win this battle. If he loses this battle, then he will lose me. That’s my promise and challenge to him

    1. Yeah isaaq I was lucky,I found my true love.I don’t know how much to thank God for giving me Surya.He was very caring, lovable guy.I feel very safety when I was with him.He was the second best guy in my life after my dad.
      I think Adam was still loving u and may be he is ignoring u for some other reason.Find out that reason.Without properly knowing anything don’t come to any conclusion.
      Always good will happen to good me dear

  29. Boss(Siddarth)

    Hi Neha congratulations u are getting engaged good . U are very lucky that ur love got successful and even ur parents agreed and u got good partner&In-Laws ?. And he is CA preparation is going on &Best of luck for ur exams . ??.

    1. Thank u Sid.
      Yeah Sid I’m very lucky I got my true love.It is a dream for every one which came true in my life.
      I was studying well I’ll definitely clear my CA and marry him.

  30. Boss(Siddarth)

    Hi Mahi take care of ur health . I WL post updates in todays episode k .

  31. Boss(Siddarth)

    Issaq its gr8 u got a good friend who’s thinking is same as you ?.

  32. Isaaq

    I was up all night doing this essay? It was a non assessed essay so I’m fine as it was only a practise essay. Omg I don’t even know what I’ve wrote in there. It was so hard. I’m used talking about cases and court trials. I had to apply statutes to a problem question. It was so confusing. I had to talk about Consumer Rights Act and Unfair Contract Terms Act. They’re so confusing lol

  33. At least I am not so desperate ??to look for online friends like some people in this so called sunshine group.??

  34. Guys, is Seeta Gopi’s daughter or something? she is identical to gopi’s character.
    what do u guys think?

    1. SHES IS NOT

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