Saath Nibhana Saathiya 5th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 5th February 2013 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 5th February 2013 Written Update

Episode starts off with Urmilaa doing some household chore. Cell phone rings and it turns out to be Latha from the Ashram. At first Urmilaa fails to recognize the voice, for which Latha taunts her that now when the work is over Urmilaa pretends not to recognize her. Well, further, Latha, threatens to expose and reveal all if the commitment of having Alka in the Modi Home and by her ‘ Alka’s ‘ Son’s side is not met by three in the afternoon. The Cell phone goes dead, rather, line goes dead.

Urmilaa gets another call and she speaks of the problem without any knowledge of who is on the line. It Is Hetal, to invite for the ceremony. Somehow the message is received and conveyed.

Raashi and Urmilaa have a Cell phonic talk, the usual and regarding the

threat from Latha and Alka.

At the main House, where the action usually take place, the Modi Home. Instructions are given by Kokila to all, Gopi, Raashi and Meeti for the smooth conduct of the ceremony. Raashi is worried about her being in the hot soup, the threat of Alka.

In between all these happenings, we have Dhawal coming to Phalguni’s home. Dhawal looked lost in thought and Phalguni notices this. After much persuasion ; Dhawal states his mind out that he feels Kinjal has started to have feelings for him and bit of sprouting love. Phalguni is happy and they decide that they get Kinjal to express her feelings for Dhawal.

Over at Modi home Urmilaa arrives and greetings are exchanged amidst the usual taunts and other small talk, before Raashi intervenes and takes her Mother away.

Raashi and Urmilaa rake their Brains and come up with some no good plan.

At the dining table the family ‘ women folk ‘ is making laddus to be offered to the Deity and latter to be distributed as prasadums along with the main offerings. Raashi and her mother arrive and little later their drama begins, Meeti is sent to get the cold cream.

Bit latter the ladies hear Meeti’s scream, when they come upstairs they find Meeti on the ground, powder spilled on the ground, The ladies help Meeti off the ground and Gopi clears the ground, bit pensive in thought. Gopi applies a pain reliever on Meeti’s ankle ; And they decide share work with Kokila asking Urmilaa to give a helping hand, hence no necessary to be worried.

Urmilaa and Raashi are left alone, they have an argument with regards to the next step to resolve the problem. Raashi states that since Urmilaa got Raashi into a spot of bother ‘ hot soup I should say ‘ Urmilaa should get Raashi out of this spot of trouble. Raashi then troops of in apparent anger leaving a crestfallen Urmilaa.

Raashi is told to get a room ready for Kokila’s mom ; Kokila assigns this work to Raashi.

Downstairs ; Kokila with baby boy, sees Raashi loitering around and repeats the work, for Raashi. Raashi, although says fine, but still lingers on. Meeti comes along to decorate some place, Raashi sees this and plans something, not nice. She sees a stool and applies something on the surface / top of the stool. Finally Meeti picks up the same stool, fails to notice the applied material and is about to climb on the stool. Kokila notices Meeti. Asks her not to climb because of her sprained ankle, sees Raashi, asks Meeti to help Gopi in the Kitchen and Raashi to take over the job.

Raashi after lot of hesitation steps up on the stool and decorates the Doorway. Kokila again notices Raashi hesitating to get off the stool and asks Raashi as to why she is hesitating to get off the stool, before she hesitated to get on the stool, now why the hesitation ?

Raashi says no Kakiji and Episode ends on Raashi’s face with mixed look ! ! !

Precap :- Call to Urmilaa From Latha, Cell phone ; Latha informs Urmilaa that they are outside the main door and will enter the house ; line goes dead leaving worried Urmilaa, tells Raashi that Alka and Latha have arrived, what would they do now ? Urmilaa says they are in big trouble ‘ like hot soup.

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