Saath Nibhana Saathiya 5th December 2016 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 5th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Urvashi enters Kokila’s room and tries to calm her own. Kokila with her full power shouts to get out and says she is neither her friend, nor sister, she did not even marrry Parag, so she does not have right to speak to her. She continues shouting that she gave food and respect to her and her son, but her son made a hole in plate. Jaggi comes and handles situation in his style.

Shravan asks Vidya if she fed Baa/Gaura and gave her medicine. Vidya says yes. Dharam gets very angry and shouts why they are taking care of unncessary people and fumes.

Jaggi waits for food and asks Gopi to bring food soon. Gopi gives him tiffin box. Jaggi exictedly opens box and finds it empty. Kokila starts shouting that each family member works and supports in her house, but Jaggi is a waste body and eating without supporting family, so does not have right to eat. Jaggi sadly walks to his room. Urmila asks if he felt bad. Jaggi yes yes. Gopi enters. Jaggi asks if she came to scold him now. Gopi says Kokila is right, he should do some work now. When he felt bad, it means his dignity is still alive. It is not too late to start a job.

Dharam and Meera spend a quality time and laugh. Once Dharam leaves, Chanda warns Meera to stay away from her husband, else the more closer she gets to her husband, the more far she will go from her children. Meera pleads not to do anything to her children.

Gopi cleans Jaggi’s room. Jaggi comes. Gopi asks why did he come here, she told she cannot stay in a room where he stays. He says he also told her wherever she goes, he will come. He sings and song and walks behind her wherever she goes.

Dharam and family sit for a meal. Shravan gets a call that their factory caught fire. He and Dharam worriedly leave house. Meera and Vidya also go to their rooms. Chanda and Gaura laugh. Gaura says this is the start of his family’s lesson.

Precap: While having dinner, Urvashi asks Sona if she saw Jaggi. Sona says no. They all hear Sultan movie’s song playing outside, walk out and look in a surprise.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. guara’s drama started today officially but it started unofficially long back with chanda

  2. in precap sultan’s song is playing it means jaggi started his wrestling business

  3. don’t know kokila is acting or not but i think it is too much kokila is insulting jaggi and urvashi a lot
    it might be acting only but still i am felling bad for jaggi gopi and urvashi

  4. huge fan of dipika kakar

    proud of u parag modi
    i don’t feel bad even if u never speak again because u spoke at the right time

  5. huge fan of dipika kakar

    now a days story is moving with good speed not too much of dragging
    keep it up writers

  6. huge fan of dipika kakar

    hi kp !! i am fine how are u ?? yeah jaggi should earn money to get food rules are strict in modi mansion ( or shall i call it kokila mansion )

  7. huge fan of dipika kakar

    hi guys !! seems like there is a bit confusion whether rucha will come back as rashi or not
    years ago she left the show when she got married so i think she will never resume her acting career

    1. Chithu

      I too feel that Rucha will not come back. Even Jigar aka Vikas left show. But makers may get him during USA track.

      1. Chithu

        Sorry # Vishal

  8. hi chinni and rose !! welcome to sns page
    rose i am from telangana

    and thanks nandi di ( regarding gopi’s marriage comment )

  9. dharam shouted on shravan and vidya for taking care of guara too much this means he will not forgive guara that easily

    1. Chithu

      How can he forgive her so easily. After all she did to them and killing Durga at the end. Only this Shravan n Vidya showing concern.

  10. Hi all sun shiners how are you all?Today episode was good

  11. good night all sunshiners shakaib sid nisha nandi isaaq chithu saba kp ann simona sp arvind riana akshay aisha raven ramona
    sweet dreams

    1. Chithu

      Good night dear. Take care

    2. Nandhini

      Good night sowmya!

  12. Amalina

    Kokila is just toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much now! Legit the house belongs to Parag and Jaggi is Parag’s son so whatever belongs to Parag belongs to Jaggi just like ahem. Kokila herself told Urvashi that she gives all ryts to jaggi over the house which ahem had, so did ahem not have the ryt to eat food???? I think the director is forgetting some of the dialogues of kokila so he might have to re-watch the previous epi to get a sound understanding of his crappy plot!

    I love this show sooo much, in fact it was the show that grabbed my attention towards star plus! I dont intend to criticise it and if i did plz forgive me! Sorry……..

  13. Boss(Siddarth)

    Hi Sunshine friends
    Raina,Mahi,Chanu,Priyanka SP,Rithika,
    Rani,Arvind,Ashu,Ann Simona .
    Hw was the episode
    Hw can kokila say that Jaggi dont hv right to have food as he is elder than Ahem&Jigar even he hav right on Modi family property .Parag again lost courage today?.

    1. Nandhini

      Sid i think kokila is saying right…so far only ahem,,chirag,,jigar,,tolu,,molu has earned money for the family…although jaggi has full rights on modi property,, he must work and earn some that he will become responsible to support gopi…

  14. Boss(Siddarth)

    And why gaura want to spoil Jaggi’s business she dont even know him .
    I think Gaura is behind ahem’s death mystery she might hav tried to kill ahem .

    1. Chithu

      Yes Sid it must be Gaura bahind Ahem’ death.

  15. Boss(Siddarth)

    Soumya there was a news that makers are trying to convince Rucha to come back to acting again. And even she is interested to join SNS again.

    1. Chithu

      That will b so nice. I think she will come as some other character then

    2. Isaaq

      But Rucha said a few days ago that she isn’t coming back. She said on twitter. It is impossible for Rashi to come back and her death was really memorable. She fought with Gopi her whole life and finally she sacrificed her life to save Gopi. That is true sisters love and its best if they keep it like that.

      Rucha should come back as Rashi Jr but Rucha said herself that she does not want to come back

      1. I wanted to cry when Rashi died.

  16. Riana

    I never thought that Gaura will turn negative again…She acted again…(LOL)?????…there’s nothing surprising…

  17. Hello sowmya nandhini chitu sp nisha sid rani shakaib riana isaaq and all the sunshine friends how are you all? Am fine sowmya and yes shakaib call whatever you want to call me and jaggi now will start his wrestling business good chitu you are right kokila is acting towards jaggi to make him understand

    1. Riana

      Hi kp…i am doing well…btw the episode was superb n yet i didnt see saw today’s episode…i missed it..

    2. KP i am doing very well

    3. Nandhini

      Hii Prateek!! I loved today’s episode(except dat chanda’s part?) and i loved todays kokila’s dialogues!

  18. Kokila is the best.

  19. Chithu

    Gaura have started her game. She has burned the factory and she will be very evil this time. She has clearly that she is ready to sacrifice Dharam this time. All because she wants revenge from Meera n Vidya. I only hope Dheera should not be separated.

  20. Chithu

    Jaggi to start his wrestling business. At least we can see more responsible Jaggi. Something good has come from all these drama

  21. Hi sowmya.ela unnav? I am from Andhra Pradesh.Belongs to Godavari district.Today’s episode is ok.Hi to all.

  22. I seriously cannot wait for Chanda to get arrested for harming the kids. And Dharam to hear her blackmail Meera etc, how many more episodes do I have to watch for that to happen? 20 lol hope you guys are doing well. Also wish me luck for tomorrow, got a job interview and hope to get a job by the end of this month. Please pray and Gaura is funny ruining her own family idiot but least the story is interesting and not a pile of rubbish. Keep it up writers. 🙂

    1. Chithu

      I too want Chanda’s track to end soon. Best of luck of the interview. U will get the job

    2. Nandhini

      All the very best for the interview average girl!??

    3. All d bst fr ur interview

  23. All the best Average girl.

  24. Hi.siddharthBhai or Boss.Are you Telugu man?Thanks for all the updates.

    1. Hi rose I m from Vzg Andhra Pradesh yela unnav

      And yeah yesterday epi was good

  25. Kokila today was right to talking with jaggi about he economic .. jaggi think he is children ? he is 50old than ahem.. I hate jaggi character and Gaura drama i can’t tolerate that ????

  26. I hate jaggi. He is acting like a children.

  27. hey guys as usual just a quick peek,how are my sunshine friends? i saw gopi and jaggi are married and apparently kokila has a problem with that why???? she should be happy at least he looks like her son she had no problem when krishna was her husband so what is the big deal now and anyways gopi is an adult and kokila should stop bossing her around and she is always throwing a tantrum like an eleven year old kid oh and i saw gaura is back with her evil intention do guys keep it up with the updates you are doing a wonderful job boss hey there nisha shakaib akshay nandhini love you guys take care

  28. Shakaib

    The upcoming episode of Saath Nibhana Saathiya will show that Rajeev comes to meet Jaggi’s training centre and breaks the pot.

    He tells Jaggi that he has wrestling training centre nearby, and after Jaggi opened the centre, he has lost his customers. Rajeev threatens Jaggi to stop the centre.

    He challenges Jaggi to show what he can do. Urvashi tried to stop the matter. Rajeev calls her old woman and insults her.

    Jaggi loses his temper and beats up Rajeev. Kokila and Gopi come there and see the fight.

    Jaggi to be arrested

    The police comes and arrests Jaggi. The kids ask inspector not to arrest Jaggi.

    Jaggi asks his students not to worry, he will be back soon. Rajeev planned everything to provoke Jaggi for the fight and get him arrested.

    Kokila saw them fighting and tells inspector that she is the witness, that Jaggi has raised hand on Rajeev and initiated the fight.

    Later, Jaggi comes back as he is innocent. He came back home.

    Everyone gets happy, except Kokila. Kokila is still annoyed with Jaggi. Gopi is with Jaggi and supports him.

    Stay tuned for more exciting updates of the upcoming episodes.

  29. Shakaib

    Hi Sunshine friends Akshay bhai,Aisha di,Nisha di,Raven di,Nandini di,Soumya di,Issaq di,Sid bhai,Gettu di,
    Sheebarathyusha,Ragini di,Shreestee,Saba di,Riana di,Priyanka di SP,Mahi di,Chanu,Rithika di,Ramona,Swastika,Chithu di,Fiza di,KP,Rani,
    Ashu,Arvind S,Ann simona. Episode was good. Sorry for late comment.

  30. Chiththu same here dheera dont saprate again

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