Saath Nibhana Saathiya 5th December 2015 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 5th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Meera sees Urmila arguing with Gaura and asks why is she misbehaving with her saas. Urmila asks her to see her saas’s face first. Meera sees Gaura’s red paste smeared face and laughs. Dharam comes there and asks what happened. She says Baa smeared her face red and is shouting in pain. She will clean her face with warm water and towel like a good bahu and leaves with Urmila. Dharam says Gaura that Meera takes care of her like an obedient bahu and she should call her Meera bahu like Kokila calls Gopi bahu.

Madhuben takes Sona to a shopping mall for grocery shopping. Sona says she will steal some groceries. Madhuben says she should not and takes her from there.

Vidya comes to Urmila’s room and asks why did she trouble Gaura. Urmila says Gaura

gave her electric shock instead, so she punished her now. Vidya calls Kokila and tells Urmila troubled Gaura today. Kokila asks Urmila to give witty reply to Gaura’s witty questions. Gaura passes by and tries to listen to their conversation by leaning on door. Urmila opens door just then and Gaura slips. Urmila asks what was she doing near door. Gaura says she came to call Vidya. Urmila says she knows what she is up to and says she will fix current on door and if she tries her dirty tricks again, she will get electric shock.

Sona gives CD to Madhuben and asks what she will do with it. Madhuben says it is none of her business and sends her from there. She then silently changes CD with Ahem’s presentation CD in lieu of cleaning. Kokila sees her and asks why is she cleaning when she knows Meethi cleaned home in the morning itself as Ahem’s clients ar coming. Madhuben says she saw dust here, so cleaned.

Ahem’s clients come and Kokila greets them in. Ahem introduces them to everyone and especially Gopi. They then ask to show project’s slides. Ahem asks Samar and Sahir to start presentation. They all are shocked to see Meera’s vastra haran video. Clients asks Ahem if it is his elder daughter. Jigar says there is some confusion and sends them postponing meeting.

Ahem asks Gopi what is this. Gopi says she wanted to inform him about it. Kokila says Gopi got angry seeing this video and wanted to inform him first, but she stopped Gopi as she knows he would angrily try to harm Gaura’s family. Her granddaughters are in cruel gaura’s control and they have to be careful and not take wrong moves. Ahem says he will destroy suryavanshi family. She says he should not do anything wrong. Gaura comes there and silently listens to their conversation standing near main door and gets happy that her plan worked. Ahem calls Meera, but she does not pick call as she is busy listening to loud music. He then calls Vidya. Madhuben smirks seeing Ahem’s reaction on Kokila and Gopi.

Precap: Ahem tells Kokila that he is not their son now and will leave her house.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. this ahem is so annoying at times.what does he think of relation??????he uses them lyk toys.hes far worse than kids at t imes.

  2. the episode is great. i don’t think sona is madhuben real daughter!. 🙁 this kokila family is always having problem.

    1. Arey sona is not madhuben s daughter

  3. Fantastic Serial, cannot believe writers can make this show even better. Ahem has left his MOM so many times in this show I forgot to count. Ahem will teach everyone a lesson.

  4. Good job Ahem.

  5. Lavitha Munian

    Oh gosh,the story is so far fetched,need to change writers. Don’t u think the Modi family deserve some happiness,its a never ending story of sadness. About time it came to an end like other serials and give way to new serials

  6. y ahem behaves like this always…
    n madhuben is disgusting how can she do this to her grand daughter

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