Saath Nibhana Saathiya 5th August 2016 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 5th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kokila confronts Pari and warns her how dare she is to try to spoil Gopi’s prasad by exchanging jaggery with cow dung, what if Premila had seen it. Premila comes and hears their conversation standing near door. Pari says nervously says she did not. Urmila asks where is her bindi. Kokila shows Pari’s bindi in cow dung piece. Urmila reminisces seeing cow dung in jaggery bag with bindi stuck to cow dung piece and tells Gopi and Kokila she will teach Pari a lesson. Gopi stops her and says they have to prepare prasad first. Pari stands nervously.

Premila comes and gives Pari a tight slap and asks how dare she is to spoil prasad. Kokila apologizes Premila on Pari’s behalf. Premila says Pari played with her devotion and scolds Kokila that she is too leniant

and does not know how to teach her bahu a lesson as a saas. Urmila taunts Pari that she is teaching her bahu same dirty tricks and soon Mona will feed her cow dung. Mona tries to speak. Pari asks her to shut up and walks out insulted.

Prakash comes to Naiya’s room and asks her to give him CCTV footage CD. She checks CDs and says all look same. He scolds her if she could not keep it safely. She says it is all because of him. He says until he is here, nobody can harm her. They both kiss.

Gopi is busy packing saris and says Kokila Belji bhai’s order will be complete soon. Kokila thanks god. Belji bhai comes to meet Gopi. Premila calls her. Gopi comes and says his order is ready. Belji says exporter rejected her order and he needs his money back with interest. Belji tells Gopi that nobody wants to take single sari. Gopi says she spent a lot on this order what will she do now.

Shravan tells Vidya that Priyal is SK Boarding school. He calls school number and it is busy. Meera comes. Shravan says if she does not tell where Priyal is, will he not know. Call gets connected and he asks receptionist to call Priyal who is a student there. Receptionist checks and says there is no student by name Priiyal here. Meera laughs. Shravan says he saw her passbook and found her paying fees to SK Boarding School. Meera says she knew he would do something like this, so she changed Priyal’s school. Once Vidya and Shravan leave, Meera calls back boarding school and receptionist why did she lie Priyal is not there. Receptionist says Priyal did not reach school, so she refunded her money back to her account. Meera thinks where did Priyal go then. Prakash and Naiya smirk standing behind and discuss they kindapped Priiyal. Naiya says she will destroy both sisters.

Belji says nobody is ready to take her saris as she used low quality raw material. Urmila says he brought raw material seller. Belji says he does not know all that, if he does not get back his money, he will take legal action and call police here. Gopi says she still has 3 days as per contract and asks him to go out now. He leaves yelling nobody will dare to buy her low quality saris. Gopi says Kokila that kanha ji will help her sail through this problem. Kokiila says she will mortgage modi bhavan. Jigar gets tensed thinking he already mortgaged house and asks Kokila how can she. Kokila asks why can’t she mortgage her house, else police will come and their family name will be spoilt.

Precap: Gopi reads her news on newpaper that Ms Gujrath competeition’s organizer Gopi Modi’s order got canceled for using low quality raw material.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. All the female villains in this show are amazing better than the male one.

    1. oh really?

  2. This show has become overly dramatic between Meera and Vidya. None of the household in this show has a semi-normal life. Everyone is all over the place in their drama…sheesh

    1. Nandhini


  3. Good for meera now Aniya turn on her n also good for pari

  4. this is the good track.ithink priyal was kidmapped by pramod.

    1. Who is pramod?

  5. plx guys end this bkwas now … its too much now gopi the mother looks younger than her girls ..stop fooling people just make a nice end to it now

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