Saath Nibhana Saathiya 5th August 2015 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 5th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kokila gives Gaura a proposal of marrying Meera to her grandson. Gaura starts her usual villainous witty acting and then says she is happy that she got bahu for her grandson in her best friend’s house. She gives their childhood gift and says she did not think she had to give her veil to her friend’s grand daughter. Kokila and Gopi continue that their Meera is a big hot blooded but is very sensitive and she hates Gopi as she was not there with her for 10 years, etc. Gaura says she at last got bahu of her choice and says Meera is acting harsh as she did not get mother and grandmother’s love, now she will give her so much love that she will forget everything.

Dhaval tells Kinjal that he rejected his London job offer. She forces him to consider it and says they can

revive their relationship in London. Urmila comes and says she and pappu will go to London and will not let Kinjal even dream about London. Kinjal holds Dhaval’s hand tightly and says she is Dhaval’s wife and only she has right to go to London with dhaval and pappu. Urmila laughs she will not and asks her to take care of her responsibilities first. Kinjal shouts at Dhaval if he does not take her to London she will suicide. Urmila laughs and says barking dog does not bite. Kinjal sends them all out, locks door, and says Dhaval if he does not agree she will hang herself. Urmila says she will not and provokes her.

Gopi informs Ahem about Meera’s alliance with Gaura’s grandson and says Gaura will keep Meera very happy and tries to convince him. Ahem says he wants Meera to study first. She continues trying to convince him.

Kinjal warns Dhaval to accept London job, else she will push chair and hand herself to fan. Pappu pleads not to, but Urmila provokes. Kinjal pushes chair and tries to hang on fan, but due to her heavy weight, fan breaks and she falls down on floor.

While on trekking trip with siblings, Vidya gets Gopi’s call who asks her to give phone to Meera. Vidya informs Meera, but she says she does not want to speak to anyone. Ahem puts phone on speaker and asks Vidya to call Meera, but she says she is not ready. Gopi informs about Meera’s alliance and says boy’s grandma wants to meet Meera once and says only if Meera accepts alliance, they will move ahead, else now. Vidya informs tolu/molu about meera’s alliance and they both laugh. They suggest her not to tell Meera until they get some transport. They stop trucks, but none stops. At last, a very dirty looking truck stops and driver asks 500 rs. Molu agrees, but Meera says she will not sit in such a dirty truck. Vidya says she is very tired and even molu acts. Meera agrees and sits in truck. Vidya informs her that she got an alliance. Meera shouts in shock.

Precap: Meera comes home riding bike like a man and asks Gaura even now if she thinks she can be her bahu. Gaura says very much yes.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Meera is super rocks

    1. Meera and vidya
      I think gaura’s grandson will marry vidya 😀

  2. Ohhh no ,, i never accept this proposal and plz change the storyline

  3. How many years this saathiya and ye rishka kehlata hai lasts.Please end the 2 show star plus

  4. No eshu meera will marry guara’s grandson and the forest boy will marry vidya

  5. Awesome serial


  7. yeh rishta is far far far far more good. it shows the realms of joint family without any exaggeration. there are small troubles arising now and then which are practically solved just as in normal life. these other megaserials…….. ufff……… just imagine and imagine and imagine such extent of rubbish things and make the viewers go mad……

  8. no the show is awesome saath nibhana saathiya hats off to the script writer what a twist he is bringing to the serial to make it interesting storyline does not revolve on a particular person it concentrate on every character of the series.

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