Saath Nibhana Saathiya 4th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 4th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Krishna says inspector and lawyer that he proved that Gopi is his wife and says he will take Gopi with him now. Inspector says since Ahem is alive and Gopi’s first husband, he cannot take Gopi with her. Lawyer says until it is proved this man is Ahem, he cannot take Gopi. Premila says Gopi is her bahu. Mansi says she knows Ahem very well and this man is not Ahem. Jaggi says it is enough now and asks Tolu to send them all out. Krishna takes Mansi and others.

Jigar asks Jaggi who is he as he himself did Ahem’s last right. Jaggi shouts if he cannot see he is Ahem. Jigar says he looks like a goon. Jaggi tries to slap him, but Gopi stops him and calls Jaggi. Jaggi says Kokila if Krishna hears his real name, he will come and drag back Gopi to metal assylum. Jigar

is shocked. Kokila says he is Jaggi who helped them get Gopi out of mental assylum. Jigar says so much happened and Kokila did not inform him at all. Pari says Kokila is reason for Gopi’s condition, if she had not forced Gopi to marry Krishna, this would not have happened. Jigar asks her to shut up. Jaggi asks Kokila what kind of family she has, they are fihting among themselves and don’t know when problems come, family should fight united. He says Kokila enough of her family drama now, he will go now. Jigar stops him and calls bhai.. Jaggi says he changes mood so often. Jigar requests him not to go.

Meera and Vidya enter and are surprised to see Ahem and run to hug him. Jaggi stops them and asks who are they. Kokila says they are Gopi’s daughters. Jaggi says he became father and grandfather suddenly. Jai and Veeru come and he starts playing with them. Urmila gets emotional seeing them.

Mansi fumes in her home and breaks things. Premila calms her down and says they will take revenge soon once it is prove imposter is not Ahem

Vidya cries huggging Gopi and asks why did not she inform her about all the problems she faced. Urmila says she is happy seeing Vidya and Meera together and they should take care of each other like this always. Dharam calls Meera and asks her to give phone to Gopi. He invites Gopi to Naiya’s engagement and asks to come with Krishna. She says if he needs any help, she can call her and gives phone to Meera. Dharam asks Meera to send Vidya soon as there is a lot of arrangement has to be made. Shravan shows Dharam necklaces he bought for Vidya and Naiya.

Precap: Kokila tells Urmila that they have to work hard and at any cost groom Jaggi as Ahem. Mansi thinks she will kill Gopi.

Update Credit to: MA


  1. Shakaib


    |Registered Member

    Meera andvidya look nice as sisters rock always.I think they have to tell dharam about jaggi. I’ve doubt now that he is ahem as when he say “you shut up” to jigar he looks alike ahem and voice is same. What you guys think nisha, akshay, adi, rianaa, jasmine. Comment and tell.
    I hope mansion will fail in her attempts.

  2. Rianaa

    Well this episode was damm good…i am 100 percent sure…damm sure that this jaggi is none other than ahem….as his mistakes are showing his tru colors lyk how had shakaib described…and yah one thing more MPK should be punished soon as its enough of vamp season…they should show some happy moments, social msg…i miss my old sns a lot

  3. Lucky

    Jaggi is step brother of ahem so jaggi also have the same age of ahem…abi tak jaggi ka shaadi nahi huyi kya?

  4. Boss(Siddarth)

    Guys do u remember when meera’s wedding is going on Ahem called Gopi and told he cant cm at marriage and he told Jigar&paridi to do kanyadhan I think the person who called was jaggi who beat ahem and he wore ahem’s clothes. I think afterwords jaggi and ahem fight with each other and ahem would have killed jaggi accidentally so he is taking care of Urvashi and he is not revealing his identity.

  5. Boss(Siddarth)

    Akshay ,Adithya ,Raven,Aisha wer r u guys still no comments from u people . And Sonali wer r u u,vanished from,,ysdy cm back Sonali u r great commentator . We are all waiting for u .

  6. Boss(Siddarth)

    The upcoming episode of Saath Nibhana Saathiya will show that Jigar and Gopi are tensed as Mansi refuses to return Modi bhavan’s papers.

    Jigar had mortgaged Modi bhavan to Mansi for money and now tries to get it back but Mansi refuses.

    Jigar and Gopi tries find way when Jaggi and Urmila plans their own trick.

  7. Akshay

    Hey frnzzz i have a doubt that single person conduct both raven n sonali comments. How r they vanished suddenly?? Still both have not did single comment. Smthng fishy

  8. Aditya HP

    I’m here boss
    Yesterday I commented a lot
    Unfortunately I’m not well today so can’t comment much
    But I’ll try as much I can
    LOTS OF LOVE for my brothers n sisters here


  9. Aditya HP

    Have a good night friends
    Who is best bahu of saathiya
    ❤❤❤ plz reply

  10. raven

    hey SUNSHINE FRIENDS sorry i am late had a problem with my internet how r you Sid? Adi,Akshay i am glad things are much better between Vidya and Meera but i would still like to know if Naiya was the cause of Meera losing her child,and who will help prove the inspector innocence ,for now i just want Gopi to slap all the nonsense out uf mansi and i think Gopi and Kokila are the best bahu’s

  11. raven

    how can i not remember to send birthday greetings to one of the most nicest girl i know HAPPY BIRTHDAY SONALI MAY YOU LIVE TO SEE 100 do enjoy your day

  12. raj

    i think jaggi is ahem only….. confused krishna might say “how can ahem be alive because I am the one who made the accident and killed ahem” ahem is acting like jaggi to reveal the murderer I mean krishna in front of everyone and he may be punished

  13. Aditya HP

    Thank you all my buddies
    Happy ganesh chaturthi
    Thank you for your wishes
    I’m slowly getting well
    Keep me in ur prayers
    Happy bday sonali di

  14. krishna

    Gopi ,tujke le ke jao ga. Mai shirt utaru ga. Tu bhi shirt utare GI. Main banyan utaru game. Tu bluazer utare GI. Mai pent utaru ga. Tu Baal pheilai GI. Mai underwear utaru ga. Tu shalwar utare gi. To hug wala s*x kare ge. To lun go hath lagai GI lun tere boond me ghusau ga. Dono bed par laitai gai. Dono Maa me gai. Higar bhi aaiga WO bhi Pari ko bulai game , we four will s*x.
    Then we will s*x with nisha, akshay, boss, aditya and all here.
    All modi and suryavanshi family will come here. All will do s*x.

    • Shakaib


      |Registered Member

      How dare you? You dheet. I think you’ve not mother sister, wife etc.. That’s why you are talking like this but just shut up. And you don’t dare to talk about sns cast and nisha, akshay, boss, adi, rianaa, and all we, what you think guys?

    • Boss(Siddarth)

      Yes shakaib these idiot is intolerable he shud get beaten by all girls . Go to hell idiot. Give respect to girls warns barbaad ho jawoge don’t even u dare to speak about SNS cast .

  15. aruna

    I have a doubt why couldn’t maansi turn negative when she was thrown out as a crap by kokilla after talking care of her granddaughters for 10 long years that isn’t a small span right I do say that gopi is not at fault but they should think of maansi when they are uniting gohem. I feel pity for her. And Krishna who had sacrificed his life only to see a smile on his sisters face but this so called ahem and kokilla haven’t ever thought of kinjal how can she live such a life from a palace like home to a chawl I know dhaval is very nice guy he loves Kinjal a lot but kokilla is always after gopi but haven’t thought of her own daughter. And now they are giving more importance to meera and vidhya than tolu and molu I guess…. Sorry if I hurt someone

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