Saath Nibhana Saathiya 4th September 2015 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 4th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kokila is shocked to hear that engagement rings are missing. Dharam on the other side tells Gaura that he met with an accident because of Meera. Gaura stops Meera. Meera panics and says she did not steal any ring. Gaura asks which ring and asks why did she break her son’s leg. Meera tries to escape. Dharam holds her hand. Gopi with Ahem stops Dharam and asks if he has any problem, he should inform them first instead of troubling meera. Kokila asks Gaura what is happening. Gaura says her granddaughter broke Dharam’s leg. Meera says she did not go to jewelry shop that day. Dharam says intelligent culprit makes mistakes and says he did not tell her about jewelry shop. Gaura says Kokila that Meera was talking about ring. Kokila asks Meera if she stole ring. Meera


Dharam says she fought with him and even pushed him that day. She was even wearing burqa to hide her face. Vidya reminisces seeing burqa in Meera’s wardrobe. Meera denies that she was not her and everyone blame her unnecessary. Vidya brings burqa and says Meera burnt Shravan’s ring in jewelry shop to burn his finger. Meera asks what is wrong with her. Vidya asks then what is this burqa doing in her wardrobe. Meera says that does not mean she wore it. Dharam says has proof and brings torn burqa piece. He says he got it when Meera escape and he held her burqa. Gaura matches burqa with piece and says they both are same.

Vidya asks why did she steal ring and wants to stop her engagement. Meera shouts that she did not steal. Kokila asks her to return ring. Hetal says nobody will scold her if she returns ring. Pari asks her not to create any scene and return ring. Guests gossip that Kokila’s elder granddaughter is very mischievous and that is the reason Vidya is marrying before her.

Ahem asks Meera to return ring. Meera agrees finally that she stole ring and says she will not return it no matter whatever they do it to her. She says Shravan’s alliance came for her and when she rejected it, they are forcing Vidya to marry Shravan. Vidya says she accepted this alliance with heart and is happy with it. Meera says family is trapping her and asks not to get engaged. Ahem asks Meera to return ring, else he will slap her.

Gaura stops Ahem and says Vidya will get 20 lakhs worth uncut diamond ring instead. She gives ring to Shravan and he is about to dorn ring on Vidya’s finger when Meera snatches it and swallows it. Whole family panics and asks her to remove ring from her mouth. Pari says ring must be in her hand and says even she acted as swallowing ring long ago. She asks meera to open her hands. Meera opens hands and they are empty. Everyone ask her to remove ring from her mouth. She shouts she will not. Gaura strangulates her and she coughs up ring. She then shouts why are they ruining Vidya’s life by getting her married in Gaura’s house. Gaura tries to interfere, but Meera shouts to stay away.

Precap: Meera tells Gaura that she wants to marry Shravan and to call off Shravan and Vidya’s engagement.

Update Credit to: MA

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