Saath Nibhana Saathiya 4th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 4th October 2013 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 4th October 2013 Written Update

Jigar was defending his stance on divorce, Ahem agrees, Jigar is confused and decides to divorce Rashi soon.

Urmi is restless to go to MM,Gopi showers her finger cut under the ring, Ahem asks her to remove it, Gopi says she can’t as it is their engagement ring, Ahem tells her to take off the ring, koki notices it and was about to step in, Hetal calls Koki and she leaves .later Gopi slides out her ring and Ahem tells that they should tell RaJi to remove their rings as well. Koki shares her concerns and worries with Hetal, regarding GoHem .. Hetal assures her everything will be fine. Koki prays to god to give her blessings to GoHem.

RN folks come over to MM, Ahem tells Gopi is beautiful, RaJi are throwing glares at each other, they do Aarti of Ambe maa on

the first day followed by Garba for which Madhuben and Jayantila sing and play music. GoHem makes RaJi to play Garba, after which Jigar remembers about a file, he takes one of the baby with him and leaves

Rashi leaves the baby on the couch with pillows and tells Meethi to look after, , meanwhile Jigar receives a call and he leaves the room, Rashi goes to her room switch off the press, and sees Tolu crying she picks him, Jigar notices Molu on the couch crying, he picks him up Rashi and Jigar have a heated argument over each other’s negligence with babies..Urmi is happy, Gopi is concerned, Ahem tells that what ever it is both love their babies equally and unless the fight and separate they will not understand each other’s value..Gopi is happy and convinced ..Urmi curses over a flop kalakari

GoHem are happy that atleast RaJi broke their silence, Ahem tells a plan to Gopi that they should separate RaJi tonight, he will be sleeping in Jigar’s room and She and Rashi can sleep here.. at night they implement this plan.

@RN. Madhu ben gives a task to Urmi and Kinjal to make prasad in 2 hours else they will not go for Garba tonight… they both curse under their breath and decide to make prasad.
Koki asks Gopi about Ahem, Gopi tells he is still sleeping, Koki says she will wake him up, Gopi goes back to her prep work in the mandir..and realizes her err that Rashi is sleeping in their room and not Ahem…Koki walks into GoHem room and is shocked to see Rashi, she screams out Rashi’s name who wakes up startled ..

Precap : Koki screams out Ahem’s name in RaJi’s room, Ahem and Jigar wake up with a jolt, Koki confronts Ahem, if everything between them (GoHem) is fine why is he sleeping here…Ahem is shocked to say anything..Jigar steps forward to say something but he can’t either

Update Credit to: munnihyderabad

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