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Pari says kids that she is worried about them. They ask why. She says Radha has come back and she may trouble you like she earlier did. They ask is there any other way to send her out. Pari says Radha wants to take your mother’s place. Tolu/molu say they will not let it happen and ask what they can do now. Pari says she needs their help and they all shake hands.

Kids start troubling Radha and run from there. Radha takes out her slipper and runs behind children to beat them. Pari records Radha running behind kids. Radha then corners Meera, asks if she forgot what she did to her last time and tries to beat her with slipper. Gopi comes on time, slaps Radha and rescues Meera from her. She asks how dare she is to try to touch her kids and says if she every tries to touch

any of her kids, she will kill her. Kokila and others also come there and Kokila asks Gopi what happened. Tolu says Radha was beating us with slipper. Gopi says children’s badi maa is still there to protect them. Ahem and Jigar also scold her and ask her to get out from their house. Radha says she was just teaching kids lesson for their misbehavior, says till now Tolu/Molu was not having mother, now she is there to teach them. Tolu says she is not their mother. Radha says she is and says they will get a new brother or sister soon. Gopi asks Radha to stop talking rubbish and asks kids not to pay attention to Radha’s words. Molu asks if Radha is telling truth. Gopi says no and asks Radha to go from there. Radha asks her to explain kids that she is their mummy now and walks out from there. Gopi consoles kids and asks them to go back to their room.

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Urmila angrily walks out of her house towards Modi Bhavan. Kinjal and Dhaval try to stop her. She says she is worried about her grandsons as Radha may harm them. Kinjal says Gopi, Kokila, Pari everyone are there to take care them and asks her to calm down.

Pari sees Radha sitting on a sofa and reading magazine whole enjoying apples. She says soon she will be kicked out of this house. Radha asks who told you. They hear police siren and Pari says she herself will know now. Inspector comes with constables and says Radha that he came to arrest her as he got a complaint from kids that you tortured them. Radha asks if he has proof. Gopi and Ahem say they saw her beating kids. Pari calls Tolu/molu, Vidya, Meera who come limping with injuries all over their face and limbs. Gopi asks Radha if she hit her kids again. Molu says Radha hit them. Radha asks if they have any proof. Pari says she has recorded everything and shows recording to inspector. Inspector says he does not need any proof now and asks constable to hand cuff Radha. Radha takes out slippers and runs behind kids. Kids hide behind Ahem and Gopi. Radha says these kids were not able to walk and now they are running, they are trying to trap me by showing false injuries and asks inspector to check himself. Inspector checks and says it is a makeup. Radha says if she would have hit them, they would have got real injuries and not makeup. Inspector asks Kokila why did he get a call from kids then. Pari says she showed him video. Radha says every parent try to correct kids. Inspector says he cannot arrest Radha without strong evidence and walks out from there.

Gopi and Jigar ask kids who asked them to do this. They point at Pari. Kokila says she knew it is Pari and asks her why did she do this drama. Pari says Radha was really beating kids and she even recorded everything. She wants Radha out of Jigar’s life now. Radha says Pari that she is really dumb and does not deserve to marry Jigar. She challenges Modi family that she will ruin their respect and name now and walks out of house. Jigar scolds Pari for trying to spoil kids and warns her not to do it again, else he will throw her out of his house.

Kokila does not see kids and asks Gopi about them. Gopi says they have gone to their friend’s house to play, she herself sent them as they were tensed after today’s incident. Kokila says she is worried what will Radha do next. Gopi asks her not to worry as they will find out a way. Kokila says she is fearing that Radha will harm our family.

Precap: Whole Modi family is shocked to see Jigar and Radha’s video on news channels.

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  3. Radha’s character is the best. She is amazing. Your acting is best

  4. i really appreciate the series on star plus but we are the great fans of this series but now we does not enjoy series we wish rashi racha hasabnis comes back as her role again and modi parivar again lives happily the acting of people is very well please if u can do it just both of we enjoy darama please

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