Saath Nibhana Saathiya 4th May 2016 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 4th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shravan apologizes Vidya and requests her to forgive him for their child’s sake. Vidya says it is her child and not his. He took so many oaths during marriage to protect and help her always, but broke them all. He saw Gaura torturing Meera and her and even then kept quiet.

Urmila takes Dharam, Durga and Naiya to her chawl and tries to open door, but it is jammed. She says door is angry on her as she did not open it since a long time. Kinjal laughs silently. Door opens after trying hard. Urmila takes them in and tries to switch on lights unsuccessfully. Kinjal laughs again and says even electicity is angry on her as she did not pay bills. She picks bills from floor and shows it to her. Dharam takes bill and asks Urmila not to worry, he will make her house back livable.

Urmila thanks him.

Vidya continues confronting Shravan. Shravan says he just wants to say that he loves her. She asks where was his love when Gaura tortured them, sends him out, and closes door. She then cries vigorously. Kokila asks to control herself. Vidya runs towards her room and slips. Gopi holds her and says she should be careful for her child. Vidya says her child did not come in this world yet but has to see all this.

Dharam and family cleans Urmila’s chawl. Urmila asks them clean properly and says if they need anything, they should get themselves and not call her. Family gets tensed. Urmila says she is just joking to lighten her mood. They smile. She walks out with Kinjal. Kinjal says she is so greedy, how did she give her houseto Dharam. Urmila says she will adopt Dharam once Gaura dies and will get all her jewelry and saris. Shravan comes with sad mood and enters home. Dharam asks where is Vidya. He says she did not come with him and hates him. Durga says a wife needs her husband most when she is pregnant and Shravan ransacked her, her anger is obvious, she will go with Shravan and convince Vidya and also bring Meera along. Naiya says if Meera comes, she will not let her take Vidya’s child.

Gopi consoles Vidya and says she will send her food. Vidya asks she does not get tired at all and is a superwoman, asks if she did right by sending Shravan out. Gopi says she does not know, only time will tell if she is right or wrong.

Precap: Gaura apologizes Modi family and requests Kokila to reunite her with her family and also send Meera and Vidya along.

Update Credit to: MA

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    1. it is fictional serial not reality why r u taking serial so seriously?? Yes india is holy place. Give ur attention to west central aisa, africa also.
      In serial Meera is daughter of Ahem not dharam. Meera n dharam have not relation of daughter n dad.
      Where are Mom-Son marrying?? tell me please

  2. Iam back. Man this serial has not changed. It is the same with amazing characters and awesome storyline. Great job writers.

    1. welcome back john uncle where r u lost? without ur comment all looks deserted. yup nothing has changed but may be durga aunty n jiger sasura’s role will be end soon.
      bestum best sns

  3. Meera and Dharam are the only good thing about the show.

  4. These daily soaps don’t represent India at all..a lot of people all over the world marry girls young enough to be their daughters…look at US Presidential candidate Donald Trump..his wife Melania trump is 47 and he is 69…Yes India is a culturally diverse place but all kinds of social evils and quirks and practices are also here because finally India is Inhabited by HUMAN BEINGS and we humans err often..

    1. best era of serial was 90s where doorshan telecast fantastic serial like Arohan, udaan malgudi days etc.
      in india dilip-saira sanjay dutt-manyata, rajesh khanna- dimple kapadia n lots of age mismatch you can find.

    2. yes India has unity in diversity. but our constitution impose ban on any kind of social evil, increase harmony n provide justice freedom opportunity to its citizen

  5. I like meera and dharam,but I don’t understand their relationship, bcos dharam has children of meera’s age.

    1. dil kya kare jab kisi ko kisi se pyar ho jaye!!!!!!!

      1. seriously!?!u fall in love …but not with sm1 double ur age!!!!!
        though i like dheera…i wish dharam was shravans brother or something … what will vidyas child call meera ….nani?!!!

  6. Dheera Rocks

    Dheera is the best thing happened in SNS history!

    1. yes yes yes

  7. It a trick don’t let gaura talk to no one n throw her out she will die of loneliness

    1. tanha tanha yaha pe jeena
      ye koi bat h?

  8. Gaura should be caught for the crime she done with kokila and naiya should also be caught

    1. why naiya???

  9. Don’t separate Dharam n Meera…Dheera Rocks…

  10. I only watch this serial only for Dheera, and I don’t think age difference matter in case of love…..

  11. I think now gaura will be changed, due to dharam.

  12. Jhumkarani????

    Best part of this ep. is gaura is not shown……

  13. hlw..i m new u know? is gia back in the show?

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