Saath Nibhana Saathiya 4th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 4th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kokila tells Gopi and Pari Kinjal and Mansi have throw an biggest challenge on them and they will have to win. Gopi says she does not want to trouble Ahem. Kokila says Ahem does not love Mansi, else he did not even get engaged to her even after 10 years. Pari says she will reunite her with Ahem. Ahem comes down just then, and they all get worried. Kokila says she was about to call him down. He is on phone, removes his earphone and asks if she said something. She says nothing. He leaves. They all relax.

Mansi reaches Modi bhavan. Meera asks what happened. She shouts at her and says all her blo*dy relatives are liers. Meera asks why is she talking to her like that. Hetal says they never talk to their children like that. Mansi shouts at Meera that she does not want to talk

to her or any of her relatives as Ahem does not even care about her. Meera repeatedly gets calls, walks out and tells she does not want to talk now as she is tensed.

Ahem goes to Kokila’s room and asks Gopi where is mom. She says she has in bathroom and will be out in sometime. He tells Gopi that everything has changed since 10 years. She says nothing has changed. He says she thinks by heart, so she is not thinking practically. She says she is saying he thinks by brains and does not consider emotions. She walks out of room silently. Kokila comes from bathroom and says Gopi is right, nothing has changed since 10 years except situation. She says Gopi still loves him and reminds him of her request long ago to make something from mud. Gopi made krishna idol and said she sees Ahem in it. Ahem made rose and Kokila told it is up to him to keep it in front of god or stamp it with feet.

Meera speaks to Vidya and tells Mansi spoke to her rudely and she is sure Gopi provoked her. Meera says Gopi did not do anything. Meera sees some and leaves keeping phone on. She speaks to a boy at window and asks why did he come here and sends him back. Pari comes just then with milk. Meera gets tensed seeing her. Vidya hears everything and thinks what Meera is up to.

Mansi sees Meera coming down and tries to speak. Meera says she does not want to speak to her. Mansi apologizes her. Meera says she may not forgive her and leaves. Mansi yells that all family members are arrogant. Kinjal comes and says if she has to win Ahem, she has to calm down Meera, says Meera was very calm in childhood but as she grew she took Ahem’s arrogance in her.

Meera speaks to a boy in taxi and asks him to stay way from her. Tolu/molu pass b y on their bike and think taxi driver must be troubling her. Meera sends taxi boy. Tolu/molu ask if taxi driver troubled her. She asks them to mind their own business. They think something is wrong.

Hetal calls Kokila and tells tomorrow is bapuji’s barsi/death anniversary and Baa wants Ahem to perform pooja, so she wants her to bring Ahem here. Ahem comes and Kokila gives phone to him. Hetal says tomorrow is Bapuji’s barsi. He says he knows and every year it is celebrated at temple. She says baa wants pooja at home. He says if it happens at temple, he will attend, else no. She says baa wants kokila to come back. He says his decision won’t change. Jigar takes phone and tries to speak. Ahem gets irked and asks how dare he is to speak to him. Baa takes call and says pooja will be in temple, but he will have to perform it. He agrees. Kokila thinks to get the whole family together, she will have to wait a long time.

Precap: Pandit while pooja asks Ahem to call his wife for pooja. Ahem says he will not perform pooja with Gopi. Mansi says she will sit with Ahem.

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  1. tt

    There we go, Meera will be trobuled by some bou and Gopi rescuses her then Meera will realize her mistake

  2. yeah. but now all is over. like the ending of war……….silence……atmosphere is so clam now……

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