Saath Nibhana Saathiya 4th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 4th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gopi tells Kokila that only because of her Ahem accepted her and because of her Vidya got back her family, she filled her life with happiness and she can sacrifice even 100 years for her. She made a big mistake by not giving birth from her womb. Kokila thanks lord Krishna for not sending Gopi as her daughter, she should have been married somewhere else. She cries that she cannot live without her Gopi bahu in this life. Gopi also hugs her and cries.

Madhuben gets dream of Gopi killing Radha. She wakes up and shouts she will not spare Kokila Modi.

Vidya asks Shravan why is he crying. Shravan says he wanted to fight for her mom’sright, but Meera did. He always used to choke seeing papa and Baa insulting maa. His mom used to tell he is her Arjun, but he could not

fight for her and he hates himself. Vidya says he did not go against his dear ones as he is a very good human. Even Arjun was in his situation and needed Krishna bhagwan’s help to fight against dear ones. He says she is just trying to console her. She says no and asks him to listen what she says. She holds his hand and says let us go for a long drive.

Gaura mimics Dharam that Meera and Durga’s protection is his responsibility. Meera throws fake snake on her and she gets afraid and then relaxes realizing it is fake snake. Meera laughs and says she should have taken her video, asks if she is fine. Gaura yells she would have got heart fail. Meera says she does not have heart at all. Gaura yells not to show her teeth and says she is looking mad and throws object on her. Meera shouts and says she can throw real snake on her. Gaura asks if she has gone mad. Meera says if she wants,she can take revenge, but she will not as she is guestof this house. Their verbal argument continues.

Ahem speaks to inspector over phone. Madhuben gets tensed and hides to listen whath he says. Jigar asks whom he was talking to. Ahem says inspector who told he caaught Premlatha and once he will know who is with her, he will not spare him/her. Madhuben drops water bottle in fear. Ahem asks her to stop bother him. Jigar asks Ahem to relax. Madhuben says she came to take water bottle. Ahem asks Jigar to go and inform mom and aunt.

Vidya drives car with Shravan on a long drive. Car breaks down. She gets out of car and tries to repair car. Rain starts. Their romance starts. She goes into shelter holding his hand. Aaja piya aaja…song plays in the background. He hooks her sari to a clip and she revolves undoing her sari. He picks her up and she closes eyes. They both consummate their marriage.

Ahem and Jigar come to Kokila’s room and see Gopi making her sleep. Ahem closes door from outside and says Gopi and mom have better bonding than mother and daughter. Madhuben gets more tensed. Gaura calls her and says Yamraj will come to capture her. Madhuben asks what she means. Gopi says vegetable vendor Premlatha is caught and they will die. Madhuben says it is time to kill and not die.

Precap: Madhuben prepares nail bed for her. Gopi asks what is this. Madhuben says she will sleep on it for Radha’s soul’s peace.

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  1. What BS….Radha was a psycho, daughter or not daughter she was nuts so what is this crazy woman pretending to be taking revenge for her….btw, what happened to her husband and brother, have they died

  2. What wrong with Maduben?

  3. Expose maduben & her stupid dramas soon…………..

  4. Shivam saxena

    Everything is wrong with madhuben she got mantled

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