Saath Nibhana Saathiya 4th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 4th March 2014 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 4th March 2014 Written Update

Episode begins with Gopi getting Vidya’s breakfast. She finds vidya already dressed up for the school. Gopi is shocked and asks her whats the special and she says nothing. Gopi tells her to finish her breakfast but she tells that she isn’t hungry. Gopi tries to force her for milk too but she doesn’t listen and tell her that she is getting late as saher and samar are going to call her and she leaves. Gopi is smiling. At MM, meethi gives Saher and Samar (SS) milk and they drink quietly . she is happy and shares the same with rashi. Hetal comes to tell rashi that they are going to temple. Baa asks they have to make arrangements for marriage so why temple. Hetal says its for the arrangements itself. They will take blessings and come. Hetal invites Kinjal too and she says

she will come along with Pappu. SS are shocked that these people are taking huge steps and if they continue like this they cant unite GoHem. Vidya is calling SS but they are on the way to temple so they don’t lift. Meera is praying in the temple and asks the pandit to bless her that she meets her family soon. Modis are coming to temple and meera crosses them. Koki and ahem don’t go inside the temple. The kids wonder what to do as the family have started the wedding preparations and on other hand vidya is waiting for her dad. Pappu asks them if they spoke to vidya and they say no. hetal comes and asks koki to come and she says as long as ahem’s life isn’t settled she wont come inside. Hetal asks ahem to come and he refuses saying his mom isn’t going because of him and hence he wouldn’t go. Hetal leaves. Radha thinks of how to take them inside and rashi tells her to keep her thoughts to herself as no one would hear her forget about following it. ahem says he needs to leave and kinjal stops him. She asks him if he is happy with the marriage. He remains silent and she asks if he isn’t happy then why is he agreeing to do all this. He says its for his moms happiness as she has left everything and wen away from the outer world but finally she asked him this favor and he would do anything for her and he leaves. Kinjal looks on. The kids are worried and gauri/meera comes there. Pappu asks them who she is and they say she is their friend. She asks them why are they worried and pappu says his mom told not to tell house matters to strangers. Meera is sad but SS tell that she is their best friend and they can say her everything. They tell her about GoHem. And wonder what to do. She reminds them of how Lord Rama and Goddess SIta were separated and their kids tried to unite them. In the same way these kids will unite GoHem. Radha is worried seeing all them and is about to go but koki stops them. The kids are shocked to see ahem behind them. Pappu asks if he heard everything and he says yes. he asks them what are they up to again. Ahem sees gauri and remembers the temple incident on Koki’sbday and is about to talk to her but she leaves running. Radha is relieved. SS say that they were just talking and he leaves.

SS and Pappu say that gauri has given them a good idea. They say now there are five people in uniting GoHem, Saher, Samar, Pappu, Vidya and (finally most loved meera) Gauri! At the school vidya is very sad. Gopi comes there and asks her why isn’t she eating. She feeds her herself and asks her who is her best friend. She says mom(gopi). She asks then why is she hiding her worries with her best friend. Vidya thinks to herself that she is waiting for her papa and cant say this mama. She says its nothing she is just missing her friends. Gopi smiles and say they will come soon. The pandit says that there is an auspicious time tomorrow itself. Everyone are happy. Baa says that they will go to Urmi house and invite her and Madhube. Radha is worried about madhu but hetal says she is her mother and she cant keep her away. koki too supports and everyone agree. They leave. Baa asks the kids why are they sad and tell them that they are going to their nani’s house. Rashi thinks that atleast few are understanding her,her kids. She prays to kanhaji to make a miracle happen and stop this marriage.

Precap: madhu asks radha that even knowing gopi is alive how can she marry her husband. Radha says she isn’t marrying for selfish reasons but to be a part of the family. She also says that though gopi is alive she is dead for the family and they would never accept her.

Update Credit to: madhu

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