Saath Nibhana Saathiya 4th June 2016 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 4th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kokila calls Pari. Pari comes down yelling that she is calling as if some accident happened. Kokila asks why did she leave Gopi alone yesterday. She says Jigar was working late night and she went at 4 a.m. to give him coffee. Kokila says she lowered AC temperature due to which water drops fell on Gopi and she is having high fever. Pari asks so what, she is reacting as if Gopi died. Kokila shouts how dare she is. Jigar comes down and says same and asks if she will kill Pari for simple mistake. Kokila says Gopi is having high fever. He says so what, her condition is same since 5 years. Nure comes and he says Pari called nurse, then why is she overreacting. Kokila says Dr. Krishna sent nurse. Jigar shouts what.. and says he will not let pervert Krishna’s nurse check Gopi. He also scolds Monica for not calling another doc. Kokila says let nurse check Gopi. Jigar shouts at nurse to get out. Nurse asks him to learn to behave and leaves.

Kokila goes back to Gopi’s room and thinks Ahem used to take care of Gopi like laxman and with even one sneeze, he used to get worried. She thinks who will check Gopi now. Dr. Krishna enters from window.

Shravan says Vidya how can Dr. Krishna think of marrying sasu maa, what if he really loves her. Vidya says if he thinks maa and Dr. Krishna’s marriage would be fine.

Krishna forcefully enters room via window and checks Gopi. He gives her medicine and asks why she kept AC temp low. Kokila says Pari did it. He starts again and says he just wants to keep Gopi happy and will take care of her whole life. Kokila asks him not to start agai.

Precap: Jigar shouts at Dr. Krishna how dare he is to enter his house and calls watchman to kick him out. Monica says there is fire in Gopi’s room. Gopi is seen looking at Ahem’s pic sitting between fire.

Update Credit to: MA

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    Bhalla family is happy seeing Ruhi and Adi hug her.

    Bhalla family welcome Ruhi while Pihu is happy knowing Ruhi is her Didi in real.

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    1. Ishra will reunite its awesome….

  2. Wow thanks shivani for yhm upcoming

  3. Guys muje ek baat samaj nhi ayi ki pari ko garmi lg rhi thi toh AC ko low kyu raha?????

    1. Good question ???

  4. When will gopi Wake up?

  5. @Adya,Pari was feeling hot,so obviously she has to lower the temperature,right??!
    Dat is if temperature s 22℃,she has to make it low,for example 18℃..not high!

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