Saath Nibhana Saathiya 4th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 4th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gopi insists family to let her meet Meera as . Once Meera comes in, Gopi asks everyone to go out as she wants to speak to her alone. She tells Meera that she has forgiven her as every other parent. Meera asks her to stop her drama and says she used her accident in her favor and took whole family on her side, but she will never fall for her acting. She is crying as she snatched her whole family from her, earlier Vidya and Ahem and now Mansi, she will never forgive her. She says children as a step ahead of parents and she will use her own game to defeat her. Ahem from window sees Gopi crying. Vidya asks him why is he getting tensed. He says Gopi is crying and he should find it out. Whole family hears that gets in. Meera starts as apologizing Gopi and saying she will not do anything

that will hurt her. Ahem asks why was Gopi crying. She says she got emotional hearing her apology. Kokila asks everyone to let Gopi rest and takes them all out.

Urmila asks Kokila how is her hunterwali now. She says she is fine now. Tolu/molu discuss that badi maa is saved by bade papa and choti daadi’s efforts. Meera starts her acting again and asks Ahem to forgive her. He says he will not as she tried to kill Gopi. She sheds fake crocodile tears and continues apologizing. Ahem forgives her and asks her not to repeat her mistake. She hugs her and girns while thanking. She then walks a bit distance and grins again.

While family gather around gopi again and Dhaval asks how is she feeling now. She says she is fine and asks where is Rashi. He says she has gone to school. Hetal says it is good she does not know anything, else she would have got afraid. Gopi asks Urmila how is she. She says she is fine and says she is a superman as shown in films.

Ahem brings hotel food for Gopi. Kokila asks why did he bring hotel food when he knows Gopi just underwent a major operation and cannot have all this. He says he will give Gopi dalia/porridge and will eat the remaining food. Ahem says even he will have dalia. She says he does not like it. He says he will eat it today for her sake. They both feed each other. Ahem then says he wants to give her something. Kokila interferes and says he already gave a lot of trouble to gopi and she does not need any more trouble. Gopi says Ahem has changed and is back, so she should forgive him. Kokila says his love is as fake as him.

Precap: Ahem requests Kokila to give Gopi’s hand in his hand. She says she will not and pushes his hand. He says he has only one option remaining now.

Update Credit to: MA


    • if u get bored then that is not our problem and if you don,t like sns then don,t watch and u say sns is boring think what u are because sns is in no.1 position you get that so, it,s could be boring for u but not for sns fans. so better mind your tounge think before speaking.

    • annah

      Stoop ITT!! Stupid sns, plz if u don’t lyk the show then don’t watch!! But plz shutt up ua mouth!!!!

  1. plzzz writters plz don’t drag the show
    actually meera is gd
    when she was in childhood
    hw cme she is nt gd nw
    stupid nd bakwass show
    i don’t hav any words to scold
    such bakwass blo*dy serial

    • annah

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  2. Ann(athu)

    Because of u i cried a lot.I am curzing u frm my heart.nee pambu kadichu marikumadi.sathyam

    • Neethu

      Edi malayalathil nalla pulicha theri vilikkan ariyanjittalla….but veruthe enthi ende kai kondu nammal malayalikale vere ale mumbil moshamai kanikunnathu ennu vechittaa…

      Transelated ….its not that i dont know to tell bad words for you in malayalam…m not using those words just thinking …y should i project our malayali clan as bad uncultured ppl infront of others..

      • Khanikar

        Edi nayinte mole nende karanam njan pottikum.Vrihiketta ye.Neeyoke kudumbothil peranavalano thendi chette

  3. listen stupid stupid sns if u don,t like the show then no one is forcing you to watch it, but don,t say anything about sns, and no one need your dirty opinion and u say show is stupid look at yourself what u are.

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    • annah

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    • annah

      Its not lyk I don’t care bout other’s feeling!….but dear u were too much today……u shud also accept ur mistake…..n u know what…we can’t clap with one hand…lyk that only fights can’t be with just one person’s mistake……now I m talking softly….so plz forget wateveer happened n never hurt others…..see coz of u athu is still upset…that’s what is my point

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  6. Shera

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  7. Shera

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  8. seriously i am also feeling same
    1st she started scolding dr
    hw i feel u only tell
    she talking abt my nature
    u also scold me
    abt serial that is my
    view point

  9. athu hw can u scold like
    shame on u nd animal it’s my wish abt
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  10. Neethu

    Bakwaas serial…and somebody pleasr tell that kokila to shut up…she keep blabbering in others matter all the time..too much of over reacting…wondering y she is not getting a heart attack or a high bp now…

  11. Nishaanth

    Chiii worst character Meera, I have ever seen like her, such stupid devils are alive in this world ??, i want to scold Meera soo much lols ???

  12. Khanikar

    No but i did’nt made her to cry.You know her mail id nae say her not to cry and come here.Please i beg u pradishma

  13. ria

    Everyone plan Gopi’s Grah Pravesh after her marriage with Ahem. Gopi gets emotional as she enters the house, kicking the kalash. She reminiscences her marriage with Ahem and the happy moments with family members. she gets teary eyed after her grah pravesh and hugs the family members. She is happy too to enter the house after many years of separation. Baa, Hetal, Paridhi and others are happy with her grah pravesh. Vidya gets teary eyed and hugs her mum while Meera is not happy with Gopi’s entry at home. Kokila hugs Urmila and gets teary eyed, as she plans to go back to Modi Mansion. Urmila is troubling Kokila again, so the latter tied her to chair and gives electric shock. Gopi informs her family that she wants to get her mother in law Kokila’s grah pravesh done, like Kokila did her grah pravesh years ago, when she got married to Ahem for the first time. Everyone agree to Gopi’s idea and plans a grand grah pravesh for Kokila.

  14. annah

    U don’t have to worry bout her khanikar!! Coz u don’t have feelings…..u always hurt others…..y r u feeling sad?? Vaise bhi athu doesn’t care if cry or laugh or u r sad…so plz stop saying my athu my athu….she is not urs!!!

  15. annah

    Prads athu didn’t come till now!! I m also crying……I cud not stop myself!! Plz athu come back…else I can’t stop crying 🙁

  16. ajay

    I hate meera..y r dey shwng foolishness by forgvng meera & givng punishment to ahem…. disgusting…

  17. ajay

    oh I see bt she shouldnt have taken it so serious yaar day b4 ystrday janu bro also left naa… first he told he left for 4-5 months den he v can knw frm his tlks dat he z leaving once & for all yaar dis ppl r disgusting

  18. Shera

    Hey ajay.i dunno what happened 2 broak.i thought he went 4 some work..but ur words means that he had some prob hr??

  19. ajay

    yah he told naa if any janu cms hr dats nt me b careful… he gav career wishes too.. he said sry to kajol… hey its me chicken tandoori bt plz dnt reveal my name… I wojt comnt hr frm nw on til janu bro or kajol cms bck

  20. Khanikar

    No i am not ajay.I really love athu.Happy that she is back.I am the real person who loves athu deeply.Those people who came with my name and use cheap words is not me.u can understand the real by i say i always lov athu

    • annah

      Khanikar I request u to plz leave her alone….by much difficulty she iz back…..plz leave herrr I beg you!!!

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  22. ~~~

    U stupid khanikar..just leave ann ok..each nd every second you are changing gf…dont u have mother nd sister?you are the main reason for all problems on this just leave this site 4 2day nd luk.then u wont find much problems nd john are same nd you started all these drama on tu.

  23. ajay

    khanikar I m telng u… hum sehat ke liye bahut hanikarak hain isi liye kat le yahan se kutte

  24. ~~~

    Kiski baat [email protected]

  25. DHAWAL


  26. ajay

    true biriyani I agree widout janu bro its nothng fun 😥 … zaira u knw janu bro left d syt bcz of fakes yaar

  27. ~~~

    Ab ye shera kahan se aajayi?me koi shera vera nahi din toh doubt yeh thi ki r u liya?m not liya,shera or koi sns commenter..m a silent reader of sns [email protected]

  28. Zaira

    Wht!!! Really…how can he leave d st fr fake ppl…nt fare…he hs to cm back. I wish my best that he will come soon. We will miss him.

  29. ~~~

    Khanikar told [email protected] nd ok shera madamji.have 2 bye.

  30. Shera

    Then where r u [email protected]

  31. varsha

    i am sorry 2 interfere in u guys every1 has their right 2 show their plz understand it…..nd b kind 2 all ur life will b happy.accepting dis r not is ur own thing .

  32. sharmi

    Why are they making Meera to be such a b*t*h…She is Gopi’s daughter for god sake..are they going to turn her into Radha…I guess Gopi is not devoted to Krisha enough that’s the reason she always have to hateful family member who would go to any extent to harm her…

  33. Leila

    Why is meera behaving like dat seeing her mom almost die n still acting like a little brat

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