Saath Nibhana Saathiya 4th July 2016 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 4th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shravan comes home and asks Vidya where is Priyal. Vidya says Priyal is with Meera. He asks what is happening, he did not see Priyal since many days and asks her to call Priyal right away.

Gopi gives cheques to her craftswomen. They return it and say they will not work for her as tey cannot risk their lives, earlier dirt in cooler, then sleeping pills in juice, if they continue working for her, they may be poisoned, so they will not for her now. Kokila says until she and Gopi are there, nobody can harm them and they will protect them. Ladies say they got a new job where they are paid thrice the amount they are getting here. Kokila continues trying to convince them, but they leave.

Pari and Mona smirk that their plan is successful. Mona praises Pari that her triple

pay idea worked, now Gopi’s business flopped completely.

Gopi cries that Gopi always does injustice to her, when everything was going right, her hard work went in vain. Kokila consoles that everything happens for good and god has kept something better for her. Gopi continues crying holding her.

Kokila calls Urmila and tells her what happened and tells she knows who must have played a trick, so she needs her help to teach them a lesson and uplift Gopi’s business. Urmila says tat is like her old vevanji. Kokila says they will start sari work at chawl. Urmila comes to Modi bahavan. Gopi says Sona cannot help them during pregnancy as she cannot travel from chawl to Modi bhavan and needs care at this time. Kokila says that is why she has decided to move her business to Urmila’s chawl so that Sona can help them and they can take care of her. Gopi says it is a good idea. Pari and Mona hear that and fume that now Gopi’s business will flourish easily in chawl and they cannot even go there.

Meera tells Vidya that Priyal’s parent-teacher meeting is day after tomorrow and she has to attend it. Vidya says okay and leaves. Naiya brainwashes Meera and asks how can she let Vidya go as Priyal’s mother. Meera says meeting is tomorrow and she will go as Priyal’s mother. After sometime, Vidya tries to teach Priyal, but she is busy playing game on tab. Vidya scolds her. Meera comes and scolds Vidya that she does not know to handle child, she will teach Priyal and even let her play on tab. Vidya stands sadly.

Kokila, Urmila and Gopi reach chawl with patola sari making materials. Sona gets happy and says they will start with breaking coconut and praying. Kokila says everything happens for good, without Sona, business would not have started well, now nobody can stop them for succeeding.

Precap: Pari yells that Gopi is climbing success and they are sitting here fuming. Mona says even they will go to Urmila’s chawl and spoil Gopi’s plan. Pari asks if she thinks Gopi will welcome here. Mona says they will go in disguise and they both go chawl as clowns with Jai and Veeru. Kokila looks at clowns in a surprise.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. For the first time sns writers did something good and that is show Mona and paridhi there standard they are jokers and always will be

  2. I hope meera realises that vidya is not at fault and the two sisters relationship becomes like before and why don’t sns makers bring a man into naiyas life because as long as the daughter of the house is there the bahus always have to suffer

    1. That’s difficult

  3. I think monika and paridhi should not spoil gopis business of doing patola sari and why is naiya so jealous because of meera being happy just seeing priyals card this needs to stop I just want priyal vidya meera to be together but meerase cannot take priyal away from vidya this is just very sad

  4. Meera cannot take priyal away from vidya

    1. How can you say it certainly ???????

  5. Meera will will het lrayial from vidya because she will realize prayial that vidiya dont love prayial because prayal was playing game not studing meeta will tale side of prayial

  6. It’s 6th july update

    1. No noooooooooooooooo

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