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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 4th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rashi tells that they have to search Radha in different directions and goes. Tripti says you just have 5 mins and smirks. They come to Chuna Bazaar. Gopi calls Radha’s name. Tripti takes out poison scaring Radha. Tripti says, I gave you 5 mins, but you didn’t tell your wish. I will give you another 5 mins to tell that this poison will finish your game. Gopi comes near the building and looks at it. Tripti tells her that your body parts will stop working once you consumes it. She says, go to Umang. Gopi thinks Tripti might have taken Radha here and goes towards the building. She climbs the stairs and keeps calling Radha’s name.

Ahem and Jigar are in the car. Ahem calls Gopi. Gopi tells him that she didn’t get any info about Radha and says I will inform you. Tripti

says, your 5 mins is over. Time has come for you to go and meet your loving Umang. She proceeds towards Radha with poison bottle in her hand. Radha gets scared and tries to free herself. Gopi is getting down the stairs when she hears the sound. She tries to figure out the source of the noise. Tripti starts the countdown. Gopi is coming towards them. Tripti forcibly makes her drink poison.

Gopi comes there and calls Radha. Tripti gets annoyed. Gopi is shocked to see Radha getting drowsy. She pushes Tripti and goes to Radha. She frees her hands. Tripti says, I won’t spare this Radha. Gopi slaps her hard. Tripti says, it seems both of the sisters’ death is written in my hands. Gopi starts her video recording and says what else can I hope from you. Tripti asks her to mind her language. Gopi asks why? Tripti says, I lost my husband because of this Radha. I had to take revenge from Modi family and sent Radha to your home. I tried to kill your daughter Meera, but she got saved. She was away from your family. I had a tough time to prove Radha that Modi family is bad. I tried to kill Kokila, but failed. She says, I won’t spare you both.

Tripti tries to press Gopi’s neck. Gopi pushes her again. She tries to wake up Radha. Tripti sees a iron stick and is about to hit Gopi. Kokila comes there and holds the stick. Tripti gets shocked and annoyed. Kokila looks at her with so much anger. Kokila slaps Tripti repeatedly, and then beats her with the iron stick. Tripti asks her to leave her. Kokila beats her. Rashi and Urmila come there too. Rashi slaps her. Kokila beats her with slippers. Tripti asks her to leave her. Urmila gets shocked seeing Kokila beating Tripti. She mistakenly slaps Urmila. Urmila is shocked. Tripti tries to escape. Gopi tells Kokila that Tripti made her drink poison. Kokila says, we have to make her vomit and puts fingers in Radha’s mouth. Radha vomits the poison.

Kokila tells Radha that you will be fine. Radha gains consciousness. Rashi tells Kokila that Radha didn’t have all the poison. Kokila thanks God. Police arrives the scene. Kokila asks the Inspector to arrest Tripti and Radha as they are guilty. Gopi gives her phone to Inspector and says Tripti accepted her crime. I recorded everything. Inspector sees the video. Gopi asks him to take both of them. Kokila says, Radha is equally guilty. They should get rigorous punishment which they can’t forget. Radha cries while Tripti looks on angrily.

Kokila says, Tripti’s partner in crime is Radha and today Tripti tried to kill Radha. she asks the Inspector to take Radha to a hospital first and then arrest her. Tripti tells Kokila that game is not over yet. Kokila says, we won’t get scared with your false threats. She tells Radha to bear the punishment for her doings. Radha pleads to Gopi for forgive her. Gopi turns her face. Police is about to take Radha with them. Gopi asks them to stop and turns around. Everyone is shocked. Ahem and Jigar look on shocked. Radha smiles. Gopi slaps her hard. Rashi smiles. Gopi asks the Inspector to take her away.

Rashi tells the family that Gopi was not with us since 8 years. I wants to give her something and gives the house keychain to Gopi. Gopi smiles. Everyone is happy.

Update Credit to: MA

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  3. Yack stupid n idiotic episode why always Gopi only finds culprits why can’t others……..why can’t Radha shout loudly for help as tripti didn’t closed her mouth………the only best part is Radha n tripti got nice slaps…….and now at least try to make the upcoming episodes interesting or stop this nonsence tired of seeing all these dirty detective works ……….writerji!!!!if u want to continue these detective works please at least change the title to CID instead of SNS……….

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