Saath Nibhana Saathiya 4th January 2013 Written Episode Update


The nurse says the ward boy to give Ira to her grandmother. The nurse leaves. The ward boy thinks its meera and takes away meera out. At modi bhawan, koki asks rashi to call gopi and ask about meera. Ahem & gopi will be walking, rashi calls her and asks about meera. Koki takes the phone and asks about meera & ahem. Gopi says both are fine. In the hospital, the ward boy while walking slips and leaves the crawler. Ira’s grandmother stops it. Gopi feels some thing is going wrong but ahem says its because of meera’s injection. Ira’s grandmother couldnt see the name properly and thinks its Ira on the tag. Ahem & gopi will be in car and meera will be crying. Gopi finds its a different towel on meera. Gopi puts ira on her lap and shocks looking at ira. Gopi yells and says its not meera. Ira’s grandmother will be taking class to the ward boy. The old lady passes by ahem & gopi. Ahem dashes the old lady, ahem says sorry and leaves. Ahem goes to the doc and tells the situation. Doc tells that all the infants have left with their parents. Gopi gets worried. Ahem asks to give all the phone numbers who have come for the baby’s vaccines. Ahem calls everyone and enquires about meera. Finally ahem calls ira’s grandmother and asks whether she has taken the right baby or not. She scolds ahem and hangs on. The old lady finds meera has done the susu and searches for some bench to change her nappy.

Gopi will be crying for meera. Ahem goes out to the security office to check. Koki calls gopi and asks where they are. Gopi remains calm and finally tells about meera missing. Koki gets angry and scolds gopi. After hanging on koki leaves to the hospital with hetal. Ahem comes back to gopi. Gopi hugs ahem and cries. Ahem promises that he will definitely find meera. Gopi says that she believes in khana ji and he would bring back meera. Doc gives addresses of the people who were not available on phone. The security person comes and tells they can check the CC camera footage and check. Ahem says gopi that they both shall check the video so that they can find any clue. Ahem and gopi rush to the camera room. Ahem asks to show the last 1hour video. Gopi recognizes the towel she has covered to meera. The ward boy tells that the old lady’s grand daughter name was also meera. But the nurse clears that it was ira not meera. Ahem recalls that he has dashed the same old lady while coming in. Gopi rushes out and finds a khana ji’s idol out. Gopi prays him that he cant do this to her. Gopi again thinks of meera and rushes out. The old lady will be changing meera’s diaper and gopi will be crying for meera near by. Gopi walks away and the old lady walks near the car. Gopi hears meera crying and turns back. Gopi finds this, the old lady gets into the car. The old lady orders her driver to go to the airport. Gopi runs behind the car but she couldnt reach it. Gopi stands and cries. But the old lady’s car stopped by ahem.

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