Saath Nibhana Saathiya 4th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 4th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gaura comes to Modi bhavan holding aarti thali and calls Gopi. Urmila is shocked to see her on feet and calls Gopi. Whole family gathers and are shocked to see Gaura on feet. Pari tells Mona that Gaura is very dramatic and let us see what drama she plays now. Gopi says gaura maasi….this..Gaura tells them Dharam’s falling from stair incident and she saving him. Gopi says it is good then. Gaura looks at Seeta and asks if she is new member. Gopi says she is a guest. Gaura says she came to meet Gaura, she prayed in temple for Urvashi’s recovery and will keep Pooja flowers on her eyes and under pillow. Gopi takes her to Urashi’s room and says Urvashi is still in coma, but doc to she may get well soon. Gaura asks if doc told when will she wake up. Gopi says if she stays in home

environment, she may. Gaura says Urvashhi will wake up soon, god listens to good people’s prayer soon.

Gaura keeps prayer flowers on Urvashi’s eyes and and forehead and applies tilak on her forehead. She reminisces all the incident, Urvashi catching her red handed and she slitting Urvashi’s throat. She says god should help Urvashi and tries to leave. Urvashi opens eyes and holds Gaura’s palu’s. Gaura is shocked seeing this. Jaggi enters and he gets emotional seeing Urashi opening eyes. Gaura prays Urvashi should die. Jaggi emotionally asks if she is fine now. Gopi asks if she can hear them. Urvashi bats eyes. Gopi calls whole family. Sona and Urmila get very happy. Jaggi says she opened eyes and held Gaura’s pallu. Urmila taunts Jaggi not to stumble seeing his mother awake. Gopi says its god’s miracle. Jaggi says Gaura’s prayers worked. Gaura says it is god’s wish and she is just a means, when god made her walk, even Urvashi will walk soon. She will leave now and will come back in 2-3 days. Urvashi hakes her hand. Gaura panics seeing it and stumbles. Gopi asks if she is fine and still her legs are weak.

Dharam calls commissioner home and tells he does not know what is happening. Chanda told she knows where Meera is, but she also eloped. Commissioner assures they will find out Chanda and Meera soon. Vidya brings tea tray and reminisces killing Chanda. She starts trembling. Commissioner tells Dharam that Vidya killed Chanda. Dharam is shocked. Commissioner says he found burnt body in backyard and orders constable to arrest her. Vidya drops tea tray and shouts no. Shravan wakes her up from her imagination and takes her in. Dharam says she is unwell after Meera went missing. Commissioner silently notices Vidya’s behavior.

Jaggi thanks god for getting Urvashi out of coma. Gopi says god will cure Urvashi soon. They both perform aarti. Gaura reaches home and prays god that she made a mistake by going to meet Urvashi, god should send Urvashi into coma forever. Shravan comes and informs that Vidya panicked when police came. He consoled her somehow and will be awake whole night to take care of her. Gaura asks to call her if needed. Shravan leaves. Gaura laughs that Gopi’s both daughters are suffering, she is enjoying a lot.

Seeta prepares breakfast in the morning. Sona asks if she add spices. Seeta nods yes. Windows open due to storm and utensils fall down. A village lady is seen walking towards Modi bhavan. Urvashi with Gopi enters and asks Sona and Seeta to close all the windows. Lady walkswith storm along her. Pari and Mona discuss they had to go for shopping, how will they go now. Urmila scolds them. Lady kicks Modi bhhavan’s gate and enters. Gopi tries too close main door with difficulty, but lady hits door with her stick and pens door. She then walks in. Whole modi family look at her in a surprise. Gopi asks who is she and how can she enter anyone’s house without permission. Lady removes her pallu and goggles and looks around. She asks where is her Seeta. Seeta hears her voice and drops utensil. Lady asks Gopi to call Seeta. Seeta panics and says maayi came. Gopi asks why she needs Seeta, who is she. Lady says she does not reply short people, she came to take back her dughter. Gopi asks if she is Seeta’s mother. Lady says she is Seeta’s maayi.

Precap: Maayi drags Seeta out. Seeta pleads she doe snot want to go back home. Gopi ties to stop and maayi tries to hit her with wooden stick. Jaggi holds stick.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Thank u mahi for believing me and once again sorry to all group members on behalf of my cousin

    1. Boss(Siddarth)

      Sorry Neha I ws angry bcoz ur cousin has commented in bad language and sorry I hv also used bad language against are . Dnt worry u are welcome to sunshine Group ?.

      1. It’s OK Sid.we will be again friends from now onwards.

      2. Boss(Siddarth)

        Sure Neha.

  2. I’m assuring u all my dear friends it will never happen from hereon which was happened from two days.I will not give my phone to anyone.i will keep it with me.In past also I suffered a lot by giving my phone to one of my friend.I was about to lose my friend took my phone and messaged my lover in my name.we were about to break up.but luckily we came to know that my friend did all that and we united.My friend did that bcoz she also loved my lover but hers was one side.she want to separate us .So she messaged him in my name and tried to spoil our relationship.but god was with me and he united me and my love.
    It happened about one year ago.
    Now it was my cousin turn she also used my name and tried to spoil my friendship with u all.But she did it for fun .I said already she was just 14 so she don’t know what to do and what not to.just forgive her friends.she will never do like this

  3. Riana

    So finally this drama ended…happy to see this…but why didnt ma updt…the nxt episode…

  4. Riana

    Though we had completed 100+ comments???…

  5. hi sid nandi chithu u all did great deal. i m surprised to read all comment. wat to say suddenly some so called silent reader come here n do hohallla. Isaaq is our bestum best member.

    1. Boss(Siddarth)

      Hi Akshay HW r u . ?.

    2. Nandhini

      Hi Akshay!?

    3. Chithu

      Hi Akshay
      How r ur preparations going.

  6. Neha i believe on u coz same incident happened with me also but it was done by my frnds using my id n did obscene comments for girls. many times they did it. i did comments here earlier in sns drama but all things distorted after it. that time no one blvd on me but sweet. so history repeat itself. so now all things r sort out. welcome again to sunshine group Neha

  7. now what will happen to Umeir? lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Boss(Siddarth)

      Umeir and Yamuna ws taking advantage ysdy . Umeir ne aag par ghee dal ke bhag gya ?.

  8. neha one thing more i want to say that plz teach some manners to ur cousin how to talk on social media.

    1. Sure Akshay
      I already scolded her a lot and she will never do like this again

  9. Boss(Siddarth)

    Hi Sunshiners episode still not updated ?.

    1. Ya Sid todays episode was still not I missed watching sns.I was very sad from evening remembering what my cousin has done.though it was a prank and fun to her.i was very much upset with her.she tried to spoil my name.But one thing was sure she don’t know that she was spoiling my name and hurting others.she just made it for her own fun and happiness

  10. Chithu

    Neha I am still not sure what to trust. I am really hurt by the language used. I have never rude in my life and all of a sudden I get cursing. Sorry whoever messaged the language used was insulting and rude. For a 14 years messaging like this is really shocking. What she has against us or u. Will she enjoy u getting scolded by others. I never leave my phone with anyone and go. Sorry but I am completely shocked and thinking whom to trust. I was really shocked how a person can change all of a sudden

    1. It’s was just her childish behaviour chithu. My cousin she always plays pranks.her parents also scolded her many times but she has not changed.i think I should tell this to her parents what she did with my phone. I can not prove here that my cousin has messaged in my name.i can’t prove literally.but I just say sorry on behalf of her.Im totally agreeing with u if I were in ur place I would also feel like saying honestly so it was totally up to u whether believe me r not

    2. Nandhini

      Yes chithu…even i cant believe whats happening…neha’s cousin has been reading all the comments of last one week and she is commenting in degrading language to all of us or what?? She had the patience to read all the comments of everyone in last few days?? Look at the first comment where she told everyone not to believe Isaaq’s story…it looked like she is observing everything from first and said all those things…and why is she commenting in name of sandy?? I dont know whether i should trust neha after yesterday’s comment…

    3. Isaaq

      Trust her. I think she’s telling the truth. These days 14 years old are like this. When I was 14, I was immature like that. She doesn’t understand how her words were affecting everyone.

      It wasn’t her fault. She was only a child. She hasn’t got much experience as us. For her, my love story was extraordinary that it was unbelievable to think it was actually true. She is only young so hence she doesn’t understand anything about love.

      And she’s only a child. She saw me as a evil person and sometimes children are like that. Eventhough she said she wishes I would suffer and cry all the time, I forgive her because she saw me as a evil girl and wanted me to be punished. I praise her for standing up like that. She didn’t know the truth

  11. Hi sunshiners, I scolded my cousin.she said she just made it for fun and she don’t know this will turn so seriously.she was asking apology from u plz forgive her.she is like ur younger sister .

  12. Chithu

    What happened to today’s update. MA please post it. I could not watch today’s episode

  13. Nandhini

    Isaaq i am glad to know you are happier now after 10 years..and its good you are taking some time off and going to focus on ur studies and enjoy life?? so when taking time alone sans any commitment,, you can clear ur mind of all bitterness and decide what is best for you at present…

  14. Boss(Siddarth)

    Hi chithu,Nandini,Issaq watever happened today ws bad let us leave it and Neha from here on keep ur put password to ur phone .

  15. Shakaib

    Sorry Neha… To you also… As I thought it was you… But I’ll advice you to never leave your phone alone…or at least fix a password in your phone so no-one take advantage of phone in your absence…. Thank god… I don’t leave my phone alone anywhere…. And I’ve fixed password also so no one take advantage of my absence..hi sid bhai… Akshay bhai…chithu di… Nandi di…saba di…and all sunshine friends.

  16. Um why are the comments not at all related to the written update or Saathiya? And what is Sunshine group? Is that some elite group in here? Lol. I mean it’s not my business but why do you guys feel the need to group? I just think it’s weird, how I see it, if you love Saathiya you belong here — when there’s a group, it almost feels as if we (in this case the silent readers) don’t belong because this thread is dominated by the group. But that’s just my 2 cents. I don’t give a rat’s arse about the drama involving some of said group members, I just find it funny to tell others not to jump in and voice their opinions on here seeing as you guys vent in public. If you don’t want to be judged or crticized, don’t air your dirty laundry — simple as that. Vent with members you can trust PRIVATELY. By putting it on here for all to see, you kind of “invite” people (even the silent readers) to comment on it, don’t you think? But hey, whatever floats your boat I guess. ?

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