Saath Nibhana Saathiya 4th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 4th February 2014 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 4th February 2014 Written Update

And So The New, Older Meera Steps In With Folded Hands is singing in praise of Lord Sri Krishna And Radha. The small girl about eight is in a temple. It looks like one. A bit later Radha joins the crowd.

During the singing, Gopi, Ahem and Kokila grieve and long for Meera. They look at Meera’s photograph.

At the end of the song the girl’s name is known; as Gauri.

Somewhere else, Gopi’s home. Gopi wakes up, seeing the time as nine she gets agitated as to how to complete work. While looking out and seeing the time still yet to be nine, she realizes that her little one has put the clock forward. Then they have their own close moments of joy.

In the school, the twins turn out to be bullies. They have broken one of their water bottles, see

their cousin and steal his water bottle. When Pappu, Kinjal’s son, ties to say that he would complain, Tolu Molu bully him. Put him down on dirt, smear dirt, and take away his glasses.

Urmilaa has become a land lady. She is collecting rent in that same building.

Kinjal is angry that her son had been bullied by his cousin. Urmilaa tries to placate her but Kinjal is Kinjal, the ever spirited but not always upright.

Kinjal and Urmilaa go in colourful Auto rickshaw owned by Urmilaa.
In the auto the two women have some sort of argument, Pappu trying to get Kinjal return home. In the process, truth of Urmilaa stealing money from Modi home is made known by Kinjal.

Later as they reach Modi home, Kinjal goes in calling for Raashi from the yard itself.

Urmilaa bribes Pappu and asks him to not to say against the twins.

Inside, the usual Kinjal, Raashi fight takes place, this time regarding their sons. During the fight, Kinjal says that there was one who held the family together. Raashi asks Kinjal not to compare her – Raashi – with Gopi. She was always doing something for them. Kokila warns Raashi not to recollect and remember Gopi ever again.

Later Raashi feels sad while wondering why and how Gopi is.

The Episode Ends With Raashi In Sad, / Pensive Mood ! ! !

Precap :- The cell phonic talk of Raashi – Urmilaa is still on. Raashi is the lazy person as usual, complains of too much work and Urmilaa advises her to get Ahem married second time.
Vidya Asking Gopi As To Why Their Family Is Not Complete.

Update Credit to: Manzzz

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