Saath Nibhana Saathiya 4th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 4th February 2013 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 4th February 2013 Written Update

Urshi come to visit Vansh’s real mother (Alka) and grandmother. The grandmother gets angry on seeing them and says she will call the police but Urmi stops her saying they came to return Vansh and Alka grabs Vansh from Rashi in happiness. She takes her inside and Urshi look scared standing at the door. They enter and Rashi panics seeing Alka with Vansh. Urmi says she realizes a mother’s pain of being separated from her child and they want to repent for their mistake. She adds that a child can be happy only with his mother and tells Vansh’s grandmother that he is now happy with his real mother. She tells them that Rashi has taken care of Vansh like her own child. Rashi says she is sorry if she has made any mistake in caring for her child and says Golu

will be with his mother. She cannot separate a mother from her child. Alka starts feeding Golu. Urmi sees Vansh’s socks and scolds Rashi that they look dirty; she removes the dirty socks and throws them aside apologizing to them. She tells the grandmother to put clean socks, she looks at Rashi gesturing towards the gold bracelet that Vansh is wearing. Alka makes Golu wear clean socks but they torn. The grandmother watches that sadly. Urmi says they don’t want to keep any memories of Vansh and tells Rashi to remove the chain and bracelet from Vansh. The grandmother’s eyes shine on seeing the ornaments as Rashi removes them. Urmi tells Rashi to remove Vansh’s clothes so that they don’t feel that they have given anything to him. She tells the grandmother sweetly to make him wear his own clothes. The grandmother watches all this sadly as Alka gets clothes from their trunk. Rashi removes Vansh’s clothes and Alka puts clothes on the baby. Rashi says she wishes that Vansh is not used to AC and even his milk powder was imported, hopefully he adjusts to his new environment. Alka feels sad on hearing this. Urmi says they should leave, Rashi kisses Vansh and they are about to leave but the grandmother stops them. She tells Alka to give Golu to them but she refuses. She tells that they cannot afford to give Golu the luxury these people can give, but Alka says she cannot live without her child. Alka’s mother reminds her that she is not married and they cannot give anything to this child, God has given Golu a chance at happiness and we should not steal this from him. Urmi tells Alka that they will give every happiness to her child but Alka is still saying no. She repeats that she cannot live without her child. Rashi looks scared. Urmi tells Alka that if Golu lives with Rashi he will get a good life, clothes, education and he will have everything. But Alka cries and says she will kill herself if she is separated from her child. Rashi drags Urmi away saying this kk will not work, she cannot take the mother along with the baby. But Urmi is happy on hearing this and turns back to them. She tells Alka to come with them as she cannot live without Golu. She can be his nanny and be with him always. Alka’s mother is happy but Rashi is annoyed and tells Urmi that Koki will not agree to this. Urmi says she knows what she is saying and asks Alka if she agrees. The mother also tries to convince her and Alka agrees to come with them. Urshi are happy and Rashi tries to take Vansh from Alka but stops and asks for her permission to hold Vansh. Rashi is happy to have Vansh back but whispers to Urmi that she is worried if all this will work. Urmi tells her to leave everything to her.
Next day MM
Rashi comes out of her room and is happy to see nobody around in the main hall. She thinks she will finish her work before Jigar and Vansh wake up. She gets a bag downstairs and starts emptying toys in the main hall. She hears payal sound and runs back upstairs. Koki comes there and sees toys scattered around. She calls Meethi and scolds her but Meethi says she had cleaned everything last night. Koki then calls Goshi and scolds them that they didn’t clear everything from the hall. Rashi tells Koki that Vansh was crying a lot last night and she got him down as she did not want to disturb them. She says she will clean everything and then clean her room too. Meethi offers to help but Rashi says she will wash all blankets first. Gopi says she will clean the hall. Rashi says she was very tired last night so she didn’t clear the hall. Koki says it’s ok but Rashi says she gets very tired and it would be good if someone was there to help her. Koki says that they all are there to help. Koki tells Rashi that the advantage of living in a joint family is that they can help each other and all work will be done. She tells Rashi they will help and tells her to sleep as she did not get sleep last night. Rashi goes back irritated watching Goki clear the hall.
Alka calls up Rashi to ask if she can come now. Rashi panics and says she needs more time but Alka says she cannot wait anymore and cannot be away from her child. She warns that she is coming now. Rashi looks scared.
In RaJi room, Jigar is getting ready and Rashi is mumbling to herself sitting on the bed with Vansh. Jigar asks her and Rashi replies she is wondering if she should clean the room first or remove Vansh’s clothes. Jigar advises her to rest first and leaves for office. Rashi cribs that Jigar didn’t tell her to get someone to help her. She decides to rest for a while and keeps Vansh on the bed. She gets a call and it’s Alka. She asks Rashi if she can come now to her house. Rashi panics and says she needs more time but Alka says she cannot wait anymore and cannot be away from her child. She warns that she is coming now. Rashi looks scared. Alka cries that Rashi does not understand her pain. She warns her that she won’t wait beyond 3 pm that day and will come to her house. Rashi tries to talk to her but Alka disconnects the call. Rashi worries how will she convince Koki by then and decides to call Urmi. But she hears Koki calling her and gets worried.
Rashi comes down with Vansh and sees the family waiting for her. Koki tells her that they are all waiting for her.
Rashi comes down with Vansh and sees the family waiting for her. She worries if they have realized the truth. Koki says they were waiting for her. Baa tells her that they have decided to have Satyanarayan Katha at MM and Koki explains that this is done on every auspicious occasion. Koki says that Vansh coming to their family is a happy occasion; they didn’t do it when Meera was born so they will do it for both. Goshi agree happily. Koki says she will call the pandit. Ahem says that he has to go to office with Jigar for some work and will return before the puja. Ahem kisses Meera’s hand and says bye to her sweetly and Jigar kisses Vansh goodbye. Both leave. Rashi asks if she can call Urmi and Koki makes a face. Hetal tells her that she will invite Urmi and KinWal herself. Rashi smiles and agrees. Koki tells Goshi to start preparations and she goes to make arrangements. Rashi thinks about Alka and is worried about how to convince Koki to accept Alka in the house before 3 pm.

Tomorrow’s Precap
Urmi is at MM and Rashi tells her that Alka has warned that she will come to their house and tell the truth to everyone if Rashi does not arrange for her stay in MM by 3 pm. She is worried that everyone will know the truth.

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