Saath Nibhana Saathiya 4th December 2015 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 4th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kokila and family wait for Samar and Sahir to return from friend’s marriage. Sahir comes holding Sona. Gopi asks what happened. Samar says she slipped while dancing. Kokila asks her to drop her to her room. He drops her to her room and asks if he should apply balm on her leg. Sona nods yes. He applies balm and she gets shy. He then walks back to hall and hears Sahir commenting how Sona was doing nagin dance and slipped. He asks Sahir not to taunt her. Sona comes out and gets impressed hearing Samar taking her side.

Urmila calls Gopi who says they were waiting for her call. Urmila says Meera did a miracle today and she is the one who punished Gaura. Gopi and team get happy that Meera is changing.

Sona reminisces Samar’s concern for her and goes to his room. Sahir sees her and starts taunting her. Sahir asks him to keep quiet. Sona gives him cauliflower and thanks him for helping her today. Sahir continues laughing and suggest Samar to take a selfie and post it on social network.

Urmila enters Gaura’s room at night and mixes something in her kajal box and smears chilli powder on her bathroom towel. Gaura wakes up and she hides under bed and silently leaves.

Madhuben opens Meera’s vastra haran video on Gopi’s mobile and thinks if Ahem sees it, he will scold Kokila and Gopi both. Ahem comes after morning workout but gets busy on mobile. Gopi sees mobile on and gets tensed that Ahem must have seen it. She goes and tells Ahem that she wanted to tell him. Ahem is busy with client call and stops her.

Gaura applies kajal in her eyes and shouts due to burning pain. She goes to bathroom with closed eyes, washes face and wipes her towel. She looks herself in mirror and is shocked to see chilli paste on her face. She walks out shouting. Urmila starts laughing and taunts her that old grannie does not know to make up. Gaura shouts that she has done this. Urmila says her sins are so much that she cannot think of punishing her. Meera comes and shouts at Urmila to shut up.

Precap: Ahem’s client asks him to brief about project. He asks Samar and Sahir to show presentation on projector. They switch on projector and are shocked to see Meera’s vastra haran video.

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  1. Not fair to show a girl’ s clothes removing video like this….U r giving wrong message to people….very disgracing……Nyc episode

  2. Meera acting is fantastic just like Radha.

  3. I agree with u

  4. dont u guyz think smthngs weird and awkward .i mean lyk……see madhuben is gopis mom and her sister is of her daughters age infact smaller.she in reality is their aunt and sahir and sona chemistry is a good and blossoming one…i know but still hows that even possible.shes the grandmom of lyk 3 kids including rashi and how can her grandkids and daughter be born at the very same time being of same age or so…before writtin a script people should learn to use their commonsense because enen if THEY lack them others WONT!!!!!! seriously………quite misleading

  5. so embarassing! really feel bad for ahem! i hate u madhuben! the worst mother in the whole universe! :-s

  6. I think madhuben did that since she couldn’t tell him

  7. Ithink director needs to think before bring this films out cos is awkward samar and sahir are brothers and sona is their anty to them, how come director you bring loves btn them and gopi’s mum is playing big roles for this ,which kind of culture is this? What are you trying to teach society?

  8. Oh God… Guys go make B grade movies also… ?

  9. how could sona n sahir lv sona is his aunt..
    sathiya making relation joke…
    first they made sisters sas bahu n now sona disgusting

  10. madhuben worst mother how can she do that with grand daughter y she behave like this revenge on gopi…

  11. This show has made a relation khichidi lyk samar n sona, meera n vidya saas n bahu….hahaha….??????

  12. Sona gave samar gobi ka phool….wow!!! What a delicious idea!!!!?????????????????????????

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