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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 4th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gopi is in kitchen. Premila comes and says she has arranged pooja for her and Krishna’s happy and prosperous life. Gopi says that means they should go to gurdwarda then. Premila says with prasad and asks Gopi to prepare prasad. Pari hears their conversation standing near door and thinks she will spoil Gopi’s prasad.

Shravan brings breakfast for Vidya. Vidya says she cannot eat without Priyal, don’t know which boarding school Meera sent her. Shravan says they can find out via Meera’s passbook which boarding school she paid fees. Vidya says she will create a scene and call Meera down while he can go and check passbook.

Mona goes to Pari’s room and asks where is she. Pari says she is in bathroom. Mona gets in and sees her mixing something.

Pari says it is cow dung, Premila has asked Gopi to prepare prasad with flour, ghee, and jaggery. She will exchange jaggery with this cow dung and will spoil Gopi’s prasad.

Vidya breaks vase and shouts at Meera. Meera comes down and asks why is she shouting. Vidya asks where is Priyal. Meera says she will never know. Shravan silently picks Meera’s passbook from cupboard and clicks pics. Meera walks towards room and Vidya tries to stop her repeatedly. Meera enters room and Vidya holds her hand and shouts where is Priyal. Shravan silently walks back and acts as coming in.

While Gopi is preparing prasad, Pari silently exchanges jaggery bag with cow dung bag. Gopi does not smell cow dung at all. Premila comes and asks her to speed up. Urmila comes and says Gopi she will help her and is about to add boiling water in jaggery when she sees black jaggery, checks it and realizes it is cow dung. Kokila joins them and Gopi panics how will she prepare prasad so soon. Urmila goes to bring jaggery from nearby shop. Premila comes back and asks Gopi to prepare dough for temple lamp. Gopi makes dough and gives it to her. Kokila, Gopi, and urmila prepare prasad on time and give it to Premila. Premila takes Gopi along.

Pari and Mona standing in balcony think Premila will taste cow dung prasad and will scold Pari. Urmila asks Pari to taste prasad. Pari hesitantly says she will not before submitting it to god. Urmila says she did already at home temple and forcefully stuffs prasad in her mouth. Pari makes weird mouth. Urmila asks if prasad is not tasty. Pari says it is tasty. Kokila watches Pari’s face and warns her to stop her evil acts.

Precap: Belji tells Gopi that her sari consigment got rejected by client and he needs his money with interest.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. How does the director come up with these creative ideas. Just amazing.

    1. ROFL!!!!!???
      That’s why I like to read your comments dear John. It make smile on face. U r superb

  2. I never understand one thing why this serial has all women villains, why no male villains, and so many hypothetical case.

    1. There have been male villains- Umang and Anurag.

    2. Isnt Jigar kind of a villian now? Remember Umang? But they portray mostly women as the evil ones.

      1. I miss the old Jigar and Paridhi. Paridhi used to be one of my favourite characters and so was Jigar but now they’re evil.

  3. Good for pari what goes around comes around n I hope shravan find some clue about priyal school

  4. Nandhini

    This serial is showing some smart ideas like checking passbook to get the info….very good!…

  5. villians ko sab kuch ready made miljatha hai jaise ki pariko cow dung, baaki dump ko saamne dikhao tho bhi kuch nahi dikhta….kya kismat hai

  6. Hello ..everyone ..I a new in ur family

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