Saath Nibhana Saathiya 4th August 2015 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 4th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pari asks Rashi to stop studying for some days as she is having conjunctivitis. Rashi says she has exams. Pari says she will help her in studies then. Gopi sees that and thanks Pari for accepting Rashi. Pari says she has not accepted Rashi yet and is just helping her in her responsibilities. Gopi gets sad. Pari leaves.. Ahem comes there and says he is worried about Jigar. Gopi asks what happened. He says Jigar did not go to America on business trip but went on his insistence to relax for some days away from Pari. Gopi says he did wrong and says Pari will be hoping more from Jigar now once he comes back, it is her right and why they are all denying her that right.

Dhaval tells Urmila that they are going to London. She gets very happy and says they will not take Kinjal and

she can even tie her here and go. She starts practicing English. Kinjal asks why did she buy so many books when they don’t have money to eat. Urmila says where ever she is going she has to speak in English. Kinjal asks where is she going. Urmila says she will teach children. Kinjal laughs. Urmila says Dhaval lost his job and Kinjal is a waste body, so she has to teach to run family. Kinjal leaves angrily.

Kokila tells family that she has found a groom for Meera. Hetal asks who is he. Kokila says Gaura’s grandson as she Meera fits all the qualities Gaura needs in he bahu. Hetal says Meera is modern and would not like their forced decisions. Kokila says she will talk to Meera. Ahem says Meera may not accept it. Kokila gives an example and says last decision will be Meera. Pari says she is right as when she came to this house, she did not know anything and slowly learnt everything. Baa asks Kokila to inform Gaura and take her opinion.

Gaura in her room with her arrogant villainous accent speaks to herself that she did her job now and will wait for Kokila’s turn, the moment she was waiting since years has come. Gopi and Kokila walk towards her room hoping Gaura must accept their proposal.

Kinjal hears Dhaval talking to his boss that he cannot leave Urmila and shift as she is his responsibility and gets confused.

Kokila and Gopi reach Gaura’s room. She starts her usual drama and says actor is not one who gets bored of his/her character but one gets into skin of cancer and people know him/her with her character’s name. Kokila informs about proposal of getting Meera married to her grandson.

Kinjal sees Dhaval video chatting to a british woman and starts yelling that she is kamini and is trying to lure her husband. Lady asks what kamini means. Dhaval says it means cute woman. Lady says even Kinjal is kamini. Kinjal gets more irked and starts dancing in anger. Dhaval closes chat and says she is big company’s HR manager and is offering him job in London. Kinjal is surprised to hear that.

Gaura starts acting that she did not expect this from Kokila and she once again is breaking their age-old friendship. Kokila apologizes her. Gaura picks their childhood gift, gives it to Kokila and says she is happy for their new relationship.

Precap: Gaura hugs Kokila and says her mission of coming to Rajkot is finished.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. I hate gaura.

  2. By d way y has gaura come to kokila

  3. Dolly pathak

    Why gaura’s character is so twisted?

  4. Gaura is a fat nasty cow, I hate her??

  5. it is a routine that some or other person comes to stay in modi house with or without permission and starts torturing the family and the dumb modis do nothing but just accept the taunts silently in the name of “athithi devo bhava”. the list of such occupants is very very long….. radha, pari, kinjal, master ji (who killed rashi), maansi,……. and now it is gaura. ridiculous. wont the modis ever realise their foolishness……… but to put it correctly, it is we the viewers are actually being fooled with such rubbish stories.

  6. Nice comment Vidhya

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