Saath Nibhana Saathiya 4th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 4th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ricky writhes in pain due to leg sprain. Seeta gets herbal paste and says she does not have phis phis spray, but this paste will relieve his pain. He shouts to get out. She keeps bowl on table and tries to apply it, but he pushes her out of room and closes door. He applies paste and says this is working, illiterate girl does not seem so dumb. Seeta standing near door laughs. He shouts again to go.

Kokila confronts Gopi and yells that her way of getting Ricky on track is wrong. Ricky is bought up in different environment and they have to use different strategy, now she will take in charge and not let Gopi use her wrong ways. Gopi sadly walks out of Kokila’s room. Jaggi stops her and tries to cheer her up. She does not smile. He says trying to correct Ricky, he is losing

track. She laughs. He says he know how to get him on track.

Gaura calls her puppet match maker and asks to find alliance for Jaggi. Match maker calls Imli and introduces her as Divya, she is an orphan but very sanskari. Divya picks crying baby. Gaura asks match maker if she informed Divya that Dharam has a married son and she has to take care of 2 new born babies. Match maker says she informed already. Gaura asks Vidya her opinion. Vidya says if match maker has brought this alliance, then it must be right. Dharam says if baa and Vidya are okay with this alliance, even he is. Gaura congratulates Divya. Matchmaker leaves with Divya. Bhavani laughs on Vidya how is their new plan.

Gopi tells Jaggi that Ricky is still sleeping, but Kokila wants him to get ready for ekadashi pooja. Ricky brings ice block and drops sleeping Ricky on it and increases AC. Ricky gets up and shouts what the hell is this. Jaggi asks him to get ready for pooja as he already took bath on ice block. Seeta comes and says she kept items to prepare prasad.

Gaura with Bhavani boasts about her plan in fornt of Vidya and says if she thought she will bring sanskari girl for Dharam, she will bring a thief to destroy this house.

Ricky gets ready in traditional dhoti kurta and thinks he found a new way to trouble this family. In living room, Gopi and others wait. Kokila brings Ricky down and says she made Ricky as Ramakanth Ahem Modi. Family is surprised seeing Ricky in traditional attire.

Precap: Ricky mixes bhang in prasad Kokila praises she is proud of him that he prepared prasad and attended pooja. Everyone start behaving weird under bhang influence except Gopi.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Riana

    Entire episode was boring…only first scene was good…Ricky calling sita “gawar babe”…???????….something new??

  2. Siddharth

    Ricky has left Modi house. He goes to a pub and dances with girls. He celebrates his freedom. Its Ricky’s last night in India and he is going to leave soon. He drinks alcohol and enjoys. He falls drunk. He has no money to pay the bills. The manager asks him to pay bill. Ricky forgot that he does not have money. He says Mother India Gopi Modi will be paying the bill. Ricky asks him to take money from Modis. He describes the family as rich and irritating dramatic family.

    Jaggi calls Ricky. Manager attends the call. Jaggi asks for Ricky. Manager says he is much drunk and naming Gopi Modi here. Jaggi says I m his family, tell me pub address, I will come and pick him. Jaggi and Gopi come there to take Ricky. Ricky leaves from there asking manager to collect the money from Jaggi. Jaggi sees the long bill and asks him did he drink so much. Gopi and Jaggi ask manager where is Ricky. Manager tells them that Ricky has already left. Gopi tries to find Ricky. Will Gopi stop Ricky from leaving? Keep

  3. I observe in this track about jaggi why he always behind Gopi so call Gopika
    Jaggi turns now Gopika security because
    he always behind her when gopi and koki speak jaggi was there and heard theirs conversations between goki
    Ahem was never so , he was more man
    Ahem offers goki self speak between saas bahu and jaggi never offers goki

    Second observa koki must stop supporting her grandson Ricky
    If koki doesn’t supporting her grandson Ricky
    Ricky will never change because he know Gopi will never gone again her maajii

    Jaggi and koki must stop fighting about Ricky both jaggi and koki must leave Gopi to teaching Ricky lessons
    If koki is against Gopi …Ricky doesn’t change ..

    I’m also tired with SVH drama Gaura and bhavini please
    Cv gives both of them something job to do
    Instead cv gives them job to trouble ViMee
    I want also Gopi to know about whom had kill Ahem and her two daughters life in SV house

  4. Mishka

    Thats again boring

  5. P.N. Bhargava

    This is aserial or madhouse. Gaura alone was enough ti irritate now she has joined by Bhavani with a gavar latth and more irritating. Why do not you close this serial

  6. Bakwas. I do’nt know if people noticed the similarity in Meera’s and Ricky’s behaviour so Kokila has nothing to be proud of .The genes is of a very poor quality.More of a criminal.The fellow who acts as Ricky has such a poor dialogue delivery that he puts one off completely.Wonder when this track will come to an end.The so called Modi’s family feeling has gone for a toss. They have left Meera and Vidya in the hands of Gaura. So predictably boring.And all the men in this serial need to dress like women and act like women because they are shown weak and cowardly like that gawar idiot Seeta who looks dreadful in those dresses.

  7. Shakaib

    Hi sunshine friends… How are you? Please don’t ask me about my health, I’m still suffering from fever, but even then I take my mobile to comment on ffs and update to greet you people……SNS ffs are very numerous that if we don’t comment even a single day, we have to suffer, so commnting on. Them and I don’t know why, I’m taking medicines regularly but still I’m like before, I’m taking “Kadha” now, so health improves. I’ve missed school also and I’m very guilty as Our 9th classes has started and I don’t want to miss a single class but even then due to health probs.

    1. Nandhini

      You will get well soon and you wil attend ur classes shakaib…dont worry my dear are a champion??

    2. Siddharth

      Dont worry shakaib u WL get well soon tc.

    3. Chithu

      Sorry just now read this comment. U will definetly get well soon bro n yes kaada will be good than alopathic medicines. Get lots of rest

    4. Mansi

      Hey Shakaib good to know with kadha u are recovering well it’s better than any medicines….Take lots of rest soo that u can go to school daily….Take care n get well soon bro??

  8. Shakaib

    HI KAN, here is link of my ib ff,
    @Raina di, I will read your Shivika ff soon.
    @Sid bhai, link for next update. If my naagin kawach off,
    @nandi di,
    Links for ib/pmhmd and naagin kawach ff,

    1. Siddharth

      K Shakaib I WL read and comment k?

    2. Chithu

      Hope u r well now Shakaib. Take care

    3. Riana

      I will be waiting already three shots r there…??

  9. Mansi

    Soo finally seeta started to fall in love with Ricky….Loved RiciTa scene a lot in today’s episode???…..This kokila even after watching the drama?of Ricky troubling everyone gets angry on gopi instead of Ricky?…..

  10. Kokila should stop pampering that ramakanth, anyway if kokila had supported meera like these lije she,s supporting ricky, meera would have known family value, i think with kokila,s love toward ricky it,s will spoil him more, vidya should stay strong and fight that gaura.

  11. i mean to say like the way

  12. Good job Ricky. I just love it when the Modi people suffer.

  13. Isaaq

    Forgive me guys but I think SNS should end now. There’s too much negativity and it’s lost its charm now. I’m finding it really boring. It’s so repetitive.

    I want Gaura troubling the Modis and the Modis fighting against her. They’re dragging it. I was excited about Gopi son track but writers have ruined this track by making him negative.

    They need to end this show or bring a shocking twist and generation leap. The current story is boring.

    This has been the worst season ever since the four years leap. Before Ahem death, I loved SNS because it was so fun. Now it’s always sad.

    The original characters aren’t even on the show anymore except Urmilla Gopi and Kokila. The rest have gone…

  14. Nandhini

    Now ricky and seeta started to have crush on each other…but i dont understand one thing…why does dharam allow bhavani to enter their house as she is the reason for meera’s transformation…she was even present in dharam’s marriage but he didnt say anything about dat…bhavani and gaura are always together,, why dharam is not getting a clue about that and doubt on Gaura?? Kokila is doing like typical grand mom but she shouldnt have kept quite when ricky was misbehaving with sona in yesterday’s episode…and why vidya is not disclosing about meera to gopi still?? I think she is afraid to do it becoz if she tells,, then gopi will as usual blame it on dharam??

  15. Chithu

    Seeta always goes to get insulted by Ricky. Let Kokila get a dose of medicine from Ricky for blindly trusting him and putting down Gopi for Ricky. Suryavanshi house is becoming so boring now. Bhavani n Gaura has seemed to run out of ideas and trying again n again to marry Dharam off to a thief. Gaura is indeed so foolish to let her fortune slip from her own hands. Lol i was laughing when reading Gaura’s dialogue that Dharam has a married son y he gas a married daughter grand daughter n two new borns who will marry person like tat.

  16. Riana

    Boring episode….i think tonight’s episode willbe fun to watch!!

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