Saath Nibhana Saathiya 4th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 4th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ahem asks Gopi to get out of chawl. Kokila says for her, he and Gopi are equal and if he is her breath, Gopi is her heart beat. Ahem says he is there to take care of her and says if anyone sees Gopi’s unlucky face, their whole day will be wasted. Kokila asks him again not to say that. Gopi says she will wear ghunghat as she used to wear years ago. Ahem reminisces scolding her not to show her face during their younger days. Gopi says now neither their age permits nor their relationship. He says her emotional talks will not deter his decision and asks her get lost with her unlucky face. Gopi brings sari and asks him to wear ghunghat himself to not see her face and says nobody can stop her from seeing Kokila and she will come here. Urmila laughs and says taunts that Gopi shut his

mouth. Mansi says Ahem she cannot insult Ahem like this. Gopi says just like Rashi told some time ago, she is her guest and should not interfere in her family issues. Ahem gets irked.

Kokila asks them to stop fighting and asks Gopi to prepare her soup. Ahem says Mansi will prepare soup. Urmila says she will not allow Mansi to spoil her kitchen. Mansi says she knows to prepare soup. Kokila asks Ahem to stop being adamant. Ahem says his decision is final and asks Mansi to prepare soup.

Mansi comes out from washroom and sees juice and sandwitches on table. She thinks these typical people are trying to imperss her. She picks sandwitches and starts checking mails. She sees someone controlling her laptop and writing he was waiting her since years and if she forgot that she used to get afraid in childhood, but when she befriended with him, she stopped getting afraid and used to boast that ghost/bhoot is her best friend. She getts afraid. He writes he is very near to her. Windows open. He further writes that he was missing her and as soon as she came back, he also came back. Tolu/molu come in and asks what happened. She shows message and says someone is controlling her system and wrote this message. Tolu asks if she is not joking. She says no. Tolu/molu start frightening her telling they have ghosts in house. Molu then writes from his mobile that they made him april fool. Tolu/molu say with software they can control her laptop from mobile. She says they cannot be so rude to her. They say when she behaves rudely with badi maa, why can’t they and say if she misbehaves with badi maa again, they will trouble her again. She irks. They laugh and leave.

Kokila tells Gopi that she felt good seeing her fighting for herself and says Ahem is still arrogant, but she is good at heart. Vidya says she will bring medicine and water for her. Gopi asks her to spend some time with Kokila and goes to bring water. Rashi comes and tells Kokila that she felt sad when Mansi scolded her, but felt good when Gopi consoled her. Kokila says she should misbehave with elders and asks promise her. Rashi promsies and hugs her. Meera feels sad and leaves. Kokila prays god to set things right.

Gopi sees mansi adding salt twice in soup and tries to tell her, but Mansi yells at her and leaves. Mansi gives soup to Kokila, but Gopi says she should not drink it. Ahem asks why is she doing this. Gopi says this soup is unfit for Kokila. Ahem shouts and asks what is the reason and says she is getting insecure as mansi prepared it and will get into Kokila’s good books and continues yelling. Gopi force feeds him soup. He shuts his mouth. She says Kokila has high BP and if she should drink it. She says she does not want to confront anyone and says if anyone tries to harm her maaji, she will not keep quiet. Mansi tries soup and spits it. Gopi says it has very high salt. Ahem yells at mansi again. Urmila says if Mansi harms her Kokila again, she will kick her out. Kokila says mansi she knows she did not add salt purposefully and asks Gopi to prepare another soup. Vidya consoles Mansi.

Precap: Urmila slaps Mansi. Mansi says she will leave back for Mumbai right now. Meera comes and says she will also come with her. They both walk out with their bags.

Update Credit to: MA

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  15. ahem day by day badtameez hota jaa rha hai yaar…… least ek baar i wanna see gopi slaping ahem 4 his xtremely rude n arrogant behavior

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