Saath Nibhana Saathiya 3rd September 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 3rd September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jaggi tells he is Ahem Modi. Jigar says he cannot be his brother as his brother is dead and waas cremated 5 years ago. Jaggi says he is alive. ACP walks on street reminiscing how he waas falsely caught in drug charges and being suspended. He thinks someone is trying to trap him. A speeding car strikes him and escapes. He falls on road injured. Public rush towards him.

Jigar continues that he is not his brother. Jaggi asks he has come after 5 years, why can’t he identify him. Jigar says he has Ahem’s death certificate. Krishna says he knows Ahem is dead and one standing is an imposter. Jaggi says he cannot get certificate that he is alive. Jigar says Ahem does not wear thse kind of clothes and does not behave like this. Drama continues. Jaggi asks what he should do to prove he is Ahem.

Jigar says whenever Ahem used to come from business deal, Kokila used to keep god’s idol in a pot and used to ask Ahem to chose the right one among 3. Kokila reminisces the incident whhere Ahem comes from a business deal and tells he won the deal. She asks him to break right pot then and he does. Kokila thinks Jaggi will be caught. Urmila sees Jai and Veeru standing with elders and asks them to go to their room. She hears Jigar’s condition and asks Jai and Veeru to break vases with their gulel. They break and Jigar shouts to stop it.

Gopi prays kanhaji to save Jaggi. Jaggi sees gulel in Jai and Veeru’s hands, takes it and breaks the right pot. Kanhaji’s idol pops out. Gopi runs and catches it. She says it is proved her first husband is still alive, so hermarriage with Krishna is invalid and she will not go with him. Mansi shouts she knows Ahem well and this imposter cannot be even Ahem’s slipper dust. Gopi slaps her and shouts to mind her tongue. Meera shouts at Gopi and Gopi confronts to shut her mouth.

Precap: Mansi tells Gopi that even she knows this man is not Ahem and she will prove it soon.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Akshay bro what’s ur most favourite thing about sns
    Bro do u like cricket or football

  2. Satrangi mausam ho naa gam ke badal ho…….
    When will gam ke badal hataaofy from gopi s life
    Kuch n.a. kuch problem ho ta rehta hai

  3. Sns creatives like DHUM TAANA DHUM TAANA very much
    They use it in different ways
    I like the original rashi Rucha ‘s background music
    It’s like this check if you’ll remember it

  4. When will MPK go away
    I just love jaggi track
    When jaggi scolded that stupid Buddha Dr krishna it was fun haa. …

  5. why the hell can’t Mansi take a hint Gopi got married to Ahem only and Gohem were together before Mansi showed up. Mansi is sooooooooo jelly of Gohem.

  6. What’s wrong with meera

  7. Jaggi brings fresh milk for Sona’s kids. Actually, Sona brought tetra pack milk for her kids. He says he has brought two cows and asks them to have fresh milk, and make whatever they can. Jigar comes to Gopi and tells that he has mortgaged home with Mansi. He says when I returned her money, she refused to return our house. He says I didn’t know that she is doing this for revenge. He says where we will go now. Jaggi asks Jigar to come to his house. Gopi gets angry on Jaggi and asks him to think before saying. Jaggi says your problem is that you people stretch any topic a lot, and asks her to take a decision. Now, Modi family has to vacate the house.

  8. Oh only itni comments .it does not reach at least 100

    1. Nisha di I’m trying my best
      Ho jayega 100

  9. Geetu

    What happened to meera….? Is she supporting Mansi….?

    1. I don’t think so
      Vo acchi ho gayi hain

  10. Shakaib

    Its always nice

  11. My favourite background music on sns is dhin dhin tana na dere….so innovative….

  12. Today’s episode was superb!!!

  13. Boss(Siddarth)

    Adithya I think gaura wl not cme back for a while atleast for few months. After MPK track I guess Urvashi wl turn negative. As per the spoilers ahem is pretending to be jaggi as he have some hidden intensions . After ahem united with kokila and gopi Urvashi may turn negative bcoz she lost jaggi.

    1. Oh I didn’t know that may be urvashi negative ho
      But muje vo genuinely acchi dikti hain
      But frnds starting me in gaura bhi to positive Thi
      So kuch bhi ho sakta hain

  14. I watched the whole episode and there was no meera

  15. Yes meera is missing

  16. Yes nisha di I can’t give the no. Due to that evil commentators
    Nahi to hum what’s app pe group bana dete

  17. Good afternoon friends
    Have a wonderful day

  18. Now jaggi has to prove everyone that he’s ahem
    But guys what do you’ll think
    Is he ahem

    1. Boss(Siddarth)

      Yes HP bcoz ahem is the important character of the show. I am waiting wen jaggi’s truth WL reveal and he turns out to be ahem.

  19. I’m conducting a poll here
    Which Is ur favourite track of sns
    Who is the favourite vamp of sns

    1. Boss(Siddarth)

      My favourite track is SNS background music and Dhoom Tana Tana. Murli ki tano se was also good but they made it Krishna’s background music instead they would made this music as ahem’s return theme it wud be good den.

  20. Which Is ur favourite house of sns
    ❤ Modi bhavan new
    ❤ Modi bhavan old
    ❤ Rashi mansion (chawl)
    ❤Surysvanshi house
    ❤ Raheja house

    1. Riana

      New modi house and suryavanshi house…

  21. Test of sns
    ?What is baa’s actual name

    ?What is tolu molu name full form

    ? What does meera call to mansi
    ?where is gaura s husband

    ? who is umang


    1. Riana

      Baa’s actual name is Parvati modi
      Tolu molu’s full form is Tolaram and mulchand

    2. Riana

      Meera calls mansi as mansi mamma
      Gaura’s husband name is jignesh but he is dead
      Umang is kinjal’s ex boyfriend

      1. Oh
        Jignesh is her bro

  22. Kindly reply to above questions
    5 correct TRUE FAN
    4 correct VERY GOOD FAN
    3 correct GOOD FAN
    2 correct Ok Ok Fan
    1 correct SATISFACTORY FAN
    O correct NOT A FAN

    ??plz tell me ur marks here

    1. Rianna u are a TRUE FAN of sns
      Keep it up

  23. Who is ur favourite vamp of sns
    ?Rashi urmila (yes even they were vamp once)
    ?vivaan (paridhi’s boyfriend )

    1. Boss(Siddarth)

      1. Gaura and MPK

    2. Riana

      Gaura,radha and umang

    3. Riana

      Well who is MPK

    4. Riana

      Oh mansi premila krishna…the vamp-villain trio

  24. Guys I need ur answers here
    Come on lets start it
    We are about to complete target

  25. Nisha di when did u first start watching sns
    Tab konsa track chal rha tha ?

    1. Post marriage problems(of goahem&raji )

  26. Akshay bhai when did u first start watching sns
    Tab konsa track chal rha tha ?

  27. Aisha di when did u first start watching sns
    Tab konsa track chal rha tha ?

    Others also tell me
    when did u first start watching sns
    Tab konsa track chal rha tha ?

    1. Since 2010 adi bhai

  28. Who is ur favourite bahu of sns

    1. Boss(Siddarth)

      Kokila,Hetal and Gopi

    2. Riana

      Sabki pyaari gopi bahu,kokila,rashi and paridhi(because when gopi went to jail…she had taken all responsibilites of jigar,kids and house…

  29. Yes we have done it
    Congratulations to all of u
    It’s a big happiness wala thing for us as we have done it

    #snsrocks #snsrocks #snsrocks

  30. Who is ur favourite husband of sns
    ?dr KRISHNA
    ?jaggi (advance mein)

    ??plz reply

    1. Boss(Siddarth)

      I think chirag and Parag are the best husbands kyunki unlogone kabhi Hetal aur kokila se jagada nahi kiya hamesha chupchap unke baat mante rahe?. So I think they are the best

      1. ????

      2. Par parag be to affair karke baccha bhi payda kiya

      3. ????hahaha

      4. Is it?

  31. Riana

    Ahem,Dharam,tolu and dr. Krishna(former when he was good before the vamp drama)

  32. Meera tolu sona

  33. did anyone notice that when mansi was first shown she was Mansi Rangwal and she was single but now she is Mansi RAHEJA as she was single so no cause of divorce and surname change so how her surname changed

  34. great observation krits. does any one know whats the upcoming twist in sns

    1. Pratyusha here it is
      Media and Modi trust people come to talk to Modi family. Media praises Kokila. Mansi comes there and tells media that this is Ahem’s lookalike, not Ahem Modi. She tells Ahem died 5 years ago and challenges Jaggi to tell them who started their family trust. She gets the elder’s pics and asks Jaggi to put garlands on the person’s pic who inaugurated the trust. Jaggi puts garlands on Baa’s pic. The lady says he has put garland on wrong pic. Jaggi is clueless and fails. Mansi says he has answered wrong.Jaggi talks sweetly and manages the situation saying Baa has given him inspiration to open the trust. He proves he is Ahem and impresses the women. Mansi shouts that everyone is involved in this game with Jaggi. Jigar has planned this to expose Jaggi. Mansi gets the lawyer with Ahem’s fingerprints, to prove Jaggi and Ahem’s fingerprints are different. Jaggi swaps the fingerprints and lawyer declares Jaggi is Ahem. Mansi fails to prove Jaggi’s truth. Kokila gets glad and confident that Jaggi will save Gopi.

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