Saath Nibhana Saathiya 3rd September 2015 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 3rd September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gaura tells Gopi that without rings, gold dhara/engagement ritual is incomplete. Meera thinks of stealing ring. Kokila says family that they all should get ready for engagement and whole family disperses keeping rings in front of god’s idol.

Meera tries to steal ring when Dharam comes searching his mobile. She stops seeing him and starts reading religioesus scripture. Dharam gets impressed. She runs from there. Kokila asks Gopi to bring rings from temple. Meera comes back and picksring when she sees Gopi and keeps it back. Gopi asks what is she doing in temple. Meera says she is praying god to save her sister. Gopi asks her not to worry much and picks ring tray. Meera purposefully clashes with Gopi and drops tray and then apologizes.

Gopi gets Vidya ready

for engagement. She sees vidya’s hands trembling and asks what happened. Vidya says she is nervous. Gopi says emotionally she is going to a new house, but should never think that her parents will forget her. Kokila says she made her also emotional. Meera enters getting ready. Gopi asks her to bring Vidya down for engagement and leaves. Meera hugs Vidya and says she will not let her forget her and will call her daily. She takes Vidya out of room, says she forgot to wear new sandals and goes back. Kokila stops her and says she knows she does not like Vidya’s marriage with Shravan and will try to stop engagement, so she wants her not to do anything in front of guests that will tarnish her and her family’s image. Meera fumes, but nods yes.

Guests start coming to attend Vidya’s engagement. Dharam introduces himself to guest as Ahem’s samdhi and starts joking. Guest says Ahem that he is very silent, but his samdhi is very jovial. Gopi feels something bad will happen.

Tolu/molu greet Vidya in a royal style. Vidya enters. Kokila asks Gopi to take Vidya to home temple. She takes her and whole family follows. Pandit asks bride and groom’s parents to start rituals. Gaura thinks her plan is executing well. She asks pandit if he does not mind, bride and groom’s daadi’s will perform rituals as their age old misunderstandings will clear. Pandit agrees. Ahem gives gift to Shravan and Dharam gives gift to Vidya. Meera walks hiding her face from Dharam. Dharam thinks why is this girl so weird. Meera hopes this man does not identify her.

Kokila asks Gopi to bring engagement rings. Gopi goes to bring rings and does not find them in boxes. She calls Ahem and Kokila and informs that rings are missing.

Dharam looks at Meera carefully and thinks he saw her somewhere. He realizes that she is the one who broke rakhi and even responsible for his accident. He asks gaura if this girl is Ahem’s elder daughter. She says she is gondal theeki mirchi. He says because of her he met with an accident.

Precap: Gaura insulting Meera for stealing rings and says she shows 20 lakhs uncut diamond ring for Vidya. Meera snatches ring and swallows it.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. amazing acting by gaura and meera

  2. wahi ghisi piti kahaani.

  3. Stupid people I hate cokila ,gopi,meera and all over acting karte hain aur plzz koi sharvan se kahe k apni lip stick kam kare

  4. Way to go meera I hope u do everything to stop this wedding from ugly vamp gaura n her stupid sons I think vidya will stop her own wedding

  5. get shocked after learing that dharam will marry merra what a odd and illiterate writter making elder sister younger sister’s sas and a making a daughter her own mom’s samndhi yuk thu hate this

  6. Wait, what????

    Where did u read that?????
    Plz tell me.;!!!!

  7. in spoiler


    maaji ahemji aap kaha h?

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