Saath Nibhana Saathiya 3rd October 2013 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 3rd October 2013 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 3rd October 2013 Written Update

-Jigar comes to room and smiles seeing Radha take care of the kids. He sees the room in messy and goes to clean. Radha remembers what Gopi said and instantly moves from there. Jigar is confused as if why she did it. In dining table Madhu tells Urmila to serve and she serves curry on Gopi’s father’s hand. Madhu scolds her. In kitchen Ahem asks what Gopi is doing and she says making watermelon juice for Meera . He is about to hold Gopi’s face when Kokila sees and thinks if he’s to slap her. Kokila shouts at him for his behavior.

-Rashi switches on AC and Jigar switches it off. Rashi says she can’t sleep without AC. Jigar mocks saying if she forgot she came from a place where AC was not there. Rashi gets really hurt and calls him heartless. Later the night she calls Urmila and tells about it . Rashi says she really want to leave him now. Urmila says she will help her.

-Madhu is searching for Urmila. Kinjal tells she has no idea where she went. Urmila comes to Gohem’s room and tells she came to help them. She suggests to let them seperate. And Ahem agrees.

-Rashi comes and stands near Radha in pooja and she instanly moves back. Both rashi -jigar wonders whats wrong with her. All couples does aarti , baa tells rashi jigar to do. Jigar is about to hold the other side of thaali when raashi moves her hand angrily . Even jigar stubbornly leaves. After pooja ahem tells as its first day of navratri they should get seperated. Both of them agree and jigar says kids will stay with him. The couple fight over kids custody when Radha comes and tells both to have one so its equal . Both rashi-jigar agree and go. Ahem shouts and radha for interfering . Ahem and gopi is worried.

-Ahem tells Gopi to go and talk bad about jigar to rashi and she agrees. Gopi keeps on saying bad about jigar and rashi agrees.

Precap- Jigar shouts at rashi for leaving Molu in sofa and being careless. Rashi shouts back at him for leaving Tolu alone at room.

Update Credit to: Muskii

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