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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 3rd November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

During Jaggi’s engagmenet , Urmila and Kokila don’t see Gopi around, so they go to Gopi’s room and see her packing he clothes. They ask why she is packing her clothes. Gopi says Jaggi agreed for marriage on her insistence, and if she stays here, he will not marry, so it is better for her go from the er silently. Pari enters and says engagement is about to finish, what are they doing here. She sees Gopi clothes in suitcase and Ahem’s pic. Kokila says Gopi that she will not go anywhere and it is her order. Pari says let us attend engagement first and takes them out. Urvashi hears their conversation and thinks if Gopi goes, Jaggi will not marry, so she has to stop her until Jaggi’s marriage.

Meera takes out her extra saris thinking of giving

it someone. Chanda enters. Meera asks if she finished milk. Chanda says 2 glasses and sits next to Meera. Meera sees her dupatta torn. Chanda says not only her dupatta, all her clothes are torn and she wears them helplessly and looks at Meera’s saris. Meera says she can keep her saris. Chanda’s eyes widen in greed. Vidya watches it standing near door.

Jaggi and Radhika’s engagement continues. Urvashi asks DJ to place music and let children dance. DJ plays Jag Ghoomeya, thare jaisa na koi…song.. Tolu dances with Sona.. Urvashi asks Jaggi to dance next with Radhika. Jaggi asks Gopi to watch how he dances with his fiance. Gopi stands silently. He dances with Radhika on Naino me sapna, sapno me sajni….song…very well looking repeatedly at Gopi to make her jealous. Gopi walks from there.

Jaggi asks Urvashi where is Gopi. She says she must be somewhere around. He says he agreed for marriage becaue of Gopi and if there is no Gopi, then no marriage. Urvashi gets tensed.

Meera comes back from shopping holding lots of shopping bags. Vidya asks if her diwali shopping is not yet finished. Chanda excitedly with greedy expression asks if these clothes are for her. Meera says yes, Chanda’s clothes were torn, so she shopped for her. Vidya sees 2 lakhs bill and stands in a surprise.

Urvashi goes to Gopi and requests her to stay back until Jaggi’s marriage, else Jaggi wil not marry Radhika. Gopi agrees.

After Jaggi and Radhika’s enagement, Radhika’s parents thank Urvaahi and Kokila for making engagement arrangements so well even after being from bride’s side. Kokila says it was their duty. They say they have to go back on some important work. Urvashi says let Radhika stay with us so that she can know if Radhika will serve or she has to serve Radhika. Gopi says it is a good idea, anyways this house wil be also Radhika’s soon. Jaggi and Urmila look angrily.

Precap: Urmila tells Jaggi that Gopi thinks Radhika is best match for him, so they have to do smethig that should change Gopi’s opinion regarding Radhika. Jaggi says they should do something by which Gopi should herself reject Radhika.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. meera spent 2 lakhs omg i can travel whole my state with that money
    chanda is too smart

  2. thank u sid bhai for ur spoilers on sns

    mahi we din’t forget u and u are already a member of sunshine group

  3. adhitya u want us to forgive u to increase comments but understand one thing ur comments does not matter to us unless and until all the sunshiners forgive u
    who the hell in the world kill oneself for fun

    sorry if i hurt u adhitya or any one else

  4. urmila is very clever i am sure she will definitely have some masterplan to stop this wedding
    we all know about her tactics right ??

  5. here is the reply to u shakaib even i got some views like u but i am lazy to comment so big

    well done shakaib u are a good reviewer
    yes saathiya rocks forever

  6. now a days update is fast compared to earlier this is the only time when i get to comment so thank u telly updates for updating fast

  7. Helo guys.. episode was gud..jaggi is very nce today..n dis meera yaar shez doing ovractng..she can gve old sarees to dat Gul chanda wts d need of buying clths dat to 2laks..waiting fr tomorrow episode..urmila is supr..jaggi n Urmila is on mission nw? hope Dey can prove gopi wrng by choosing radhika as jaggi parntr..
    Aditya to increase cmnts v can discuss abt episodes n also othr things bt v shld nt play pranks..wt evr I may b ur wrng..d way u msgd by d nme of ur mthr Is totally wrng yaar sry to hurt u..

  8. after many days sona and tolu scene their dance was really a visual treat

  9. i loved the scene where jag ghoomeya song plays and tolu says to veeru to go inside because he should not see his dance and that too he says this by hand actions

  10. yes sp ji urmila and jaggi are on mission

    mission radhika shuruuuu

    good night all sunshiners sid nandi akshay mahi sp shakaib saba chanu raven isaaq sheeba nisha aisha geetu prathyusha rianaa shreestee

    where are u other sunshiners ragini zain rithik amna no comments at all from u

    LOL !!! we are missing ur treats shakaib

  11. Hi fzz episode was good .am i right akkaaaaaaaaaaaàa ,aisha sowmya sp chanu raven didi shakaib akshu bhai sidd etc?what about adithyaHP ?he is a member of our group now? Oh i dont think radhika is a -ve character.
    At the beginning of the serial gopi was totally afraid of even standing infront of kokila but now she is totally changed.
    What will be the age of radhika ? Is she yonger than meera gopi vidya parisona mona etc
    Do you have any idea guys ?
    Bahuvoo se bhara huaa MODI GHAR
    chandas character began to change interesting lol…..

  12. I am not a good guy. I am not a bad guy. I am the guy who comes here praise Tolu’s acting and leave.

  13. Boss(Siddarth)

    Hi Sunshiners Nisha even I think same Radhika’s age might be 25to30years why Urvashi wants her 50 year old son to marry a 20-25years younger girl strange . Actually for Jaggi gopi is best as they are of similar age and Jaggi loves gopi . I think this Radhika also hav some evil intensions against Modi family.

  14. Boss(Siddarth)

    Good morning Sunshine friends
    Mahi,Raina,Chanu,Priyanka SP hv a nic day friends.
    Atleast today or tommorow’s episode gaura shud cme back wt say friends.

  15. Only 14 cmmts it is really poor.b d wy sidd i dont think so she will comeback in any of hindu festival day episode and that time we can hear the play back that JAYAJAYA HEMAHISHASURAMARDHINI ………… ………….
    Where are you akshau when i am here you ate completely absent why???????????????
    Where you akka i miss you in fact we miss you akka.
    Shakaib where are you and recently you didn’t mention about me in cmmts

    1. Shakaib

      I’m heartily Sorry nisha. Please forgive me.

  16. Hi sunshines, this episode is nice but I want Jaggi be Ahem now.Meera need be nice with people’s because she positive person.

  17. Hi SNS family,Nisha,Boss,Raven,Mahi,Raina,Chanu,Priyanka,Prathyusha,Isaaq and allSunshines.i hop u all in good health .come more comments please.Sowmya were are you?

    1. Okayyyyyyyy saba,” my dear”

  18. Aisha long time I don’t see you comments.wen some one don’t comment I miss a lot because I love all sunshines friends.

  19. I hop today episode be more exited and Jaggi real id come true,what do u tink sunshines?

  20. Shakaib

    Hi Akshay,Aisha,Nisha,Raven,Nandini,
    Mahi,Raina,Chanu,Priyanka SP. Yesterday’s episode was really good. Sorry for late comment guys My exams are to starting and I’m preparing them too. I just watch episode.
    My views;
    * How can MODIS keep a girl who has just come yesterday.
    * According to serial, papers are now with MODIS and all know that jigar go america due to papers that baa change her will and till he not come back. This one is confusing me.
    * How can go pi do this,he is taking just some cloths and ahem pic to leave. Maybe she go to urmila’s chall but money is too important to survive na. OK koki will give her money but she always show that she isthe one who always care about her family but how will family survive without her????
    * Why vidya is surprised seeing 2 lakhs bill even they are rich na then why she is surprised????
    Sorry if I hurt someone. And yes guys not to forgave adi HP. Hope you’ll not. take care.

  21. Boss(Siddarth)

    Good evening Sunshine friends by the way Saba r u studying or doing Job . Friends I think Ahem might have facing Jaggi’s murder charges and gaura might having a proof against ahem and so she told him that he shud stay away from his family and gaura want to take revenge against kokila bcoz she made dharam and Shravan against her so gaura also made ahem away from kokila .

  22. What course are you doing shakaib ?
    Commt daily okay?
    Radhika is too pretty henaa? Your doubts are too correct shakaib .bye

  23. Hi boss,iam primary school teacher,in Brazil I finish my mum also teacher and my mum tell me u are my best daughter and u be teacher like sister live in Brazil and she sicology .we are 2 sisters small family.i come to London to improve my English .i no all of u is students .i love all of u and u all in my heart .iam oldest in this beautiful family.

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