Saath Nibhana Saathiya 3rd November 2014 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 3rd November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Radha says Gopi and Kokila that she already told them that her video with Jigar is real one and asks if they need any other proof. Gopi says any woman cannot stoop to this level. Urmila says she is shameless. Gopi says she does not have self-respect at all that she slept with Jigar whom she used to call brother. Radha asks her to stop her lecture and says still she has not take out her cards yet, she will announce next month that she is pregnant with Jigar’s child. She laughs at them and walks out from there.

Radha forces Tolu/Molu to mob floor. Kids request to give her water as they are thristy. The break pot by mistake and Radha beats them with stick. Urmila worriedly wakes up from her sleep and it is just her dream. She informs about it to her husband and says her

morning dreams usually come true, she had dreamt about getting slapped by Kokila and it came true. She insists to call Jigar. He says it is 5 a.m. She takes phone and calls him. Jigar is engrasped in looking at his and Rashi’s pic and does not listen to phone call. Gopi walks around his room, hears phone ring and picks it. Urmila says she got a very bad dream and asks if Tolu/Molu are fine. Gopi asks her not to worry, until she is there, nothing will happen to kids. She asks mama to take care of mami and cuts call. She then awakens Jigar from his thoughts. He asks when did she come. She says just now and asks him to rest now. He says he is unable to sleep at all.

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Modi family wakes up to loud bhajan and goes near mandir to check. Radha sees them and starts acting as making pooja and aarti. Kokila shouts at her. Gopi says she is doing to provoke us, so we should be cool. She goes and opens door hearing door bell and sees Savita and other neighbor women angrily entering and shouting at Kokila for playing such loud music. Kokila apologizes them and sends them from there. She ten asks Radha to stop her drama. Radha asks her not to bother about Savita and says it is her duty as a bahu to perform pooja in the morning and asks her to bless her. Kokila says she will not bless her. Radha threatens to add her and jigar’s intimate pics in facebook. Pari tries to intervene. Radha stops her and says even my sautan knows about facebook and asks Kokila to bless her soon now. Jigar says he is not afraid of her and she can upload their pics wherever she wants. Kokila says they are not afraid of her and says she will bless that she get a good knowledge which Gopi has, which she cannot in this life. She says her family not to bother about this mad woman. Radha gets irked hearing this and says she came her to ruin Gopi.

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Pari eats chocolate in stress. Dad asks her to stop it. She says because of her Radha came to this house as a maid and she even helped her get her ID card. Dad says Radha is very clever. Pari asks him to give some idea to get Radha out. Kids come there playing football and she scolds and shoos them out. Dad says he as a plan using kids.

Gopi gives Jigar tablets and asks him to calm down. Radha comes there and asks what are they talking. Jigar gets irked and asks her to get out from there. Radha says she has mixed medicine in their water and it is poisonous. Gopi gets worried about Jigar and asks him to vomit. She calls all family members and tells that Radha mixed poison in Jigar’s water. Hetal gets worried about Jigar and asks Ahem to call doctor. Pari says if something happens to Jigar, she will kill her. Radha laughs and says she was joking. Hetal says Jigar is my only son and she cannot see him in trouble. She asks Radha what does she need. Radha says she wanted to show them what all she can do with them. She laughs and walks out. Kokila says she will have to kick out Radha soon.

Precap: Pari tells Tolu/Molu that they all 3 have to plan and kick Radha out of their house.

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