Saath Nibhana Saathiya 3rd May 2016 summary


The episode starts with Koki telling to Gaura that you lost ur family, now ur servants will be ur family. She further says that truth always triumphs. Ahem says let’s go mom. Modi family is about to leave when Gaura takes knife and points at Koki but Ahem stops Gaura. Koki says to Gaura that u r alone n I have my whole family because u used ur family members for doing wrong things. She continues her moral gyaan. Modi family leaves.

Outside Durga asks Meera to forgive her. Meera says don’t say like this, it’s ok. Dharam asks Meera if she is coming with them?Meera says answer my one question and then only I will decide. Meera says Gaura shouldn’t be given such a small mistake. Meera says I want to file a case against Gaura. Dharam says that I have given her the biggest punishment. Meera says what if I died? Meera continues her emotional dialogues. Dharam says Meera u r speaking about my mom. Meera says it’s good that we are already divorced, it’s better that we live separately. Koki explains Dharam to understand meera condition.She continues explaining Dharam. Dharam says Gaura doesn’t think from heart.He asks for forgiveness. But Modi family says that no need of saying sorry.

Dharam rejects Modi family offer to stay with them. Urmi says they can live in my chowl. She continues telling about her chowl. Koki says that she agrees with Urmi Ben. Dharam says ok then,but Shravan has to go somewhere else. Shravan says ok papa I underood.

Gaura cries remembering Dharam ‘s bitter words. She breaks the things,goes to god ‘s idol and says that I can’t tolerate this.

Vidya opens door of Modi house and hugs Meera. Baa and Meera hug each other. Meera says I haven’t come alone. Shravan enters. Vidya is boggled.

PRECAP:Shravan asks Vidya to get him one chance but Vidya shouts at him and says get out.

Credit to: Tanvi

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  1. I don’t know what’s going on if gaura done mistake filing a wrong case against meera of killing dharam then even kokilla did a mistake years ago taking away karunesh’s self respect by filing molestation thing on him which he didn’t do. One point is kokilla did unknowingly but gaura did intentionally. Why shouldn’t she do wen she lost her brother and family’s respect bcoz of kokilla. If this is done to gopi or kokilla they must not have left the culprit. Crazy serials…..

  2. Good vidya shravan never stood by u so he also deserves a punishment and I hope naiya makes a quick exit cause she’s so annoying

  3. Vidya is rite n modi family i don’t think gaura will let them live in peace until she get kokila

  4. I am back. This serial has improved so much. Although it was nice before, it is double nice now. Just wow.

  5. People.. since I am not a regular author plz excuse me for the mistakes

    1. Dont worry Tanvi, it’s perfect

  6. yes I am satisfied with aruna that’s why I hate this serial

  7. satisfied with aruna.hate the show very much. disgusting show please end it

  8. disgusting show please end the show

  9. disgusting episode just time wasting and money too

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