Saath Nibhana Saathiya 3rd March 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 3rd March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gopi prays god to protect her family from evils and cries. Kokila consoles her. Sona walks on street angrily yelling at Modis and shouts let them go to hell, let Sahir go to hell. A speeding truck crushes her and leaves. She falls down injured and unconscious on road.

Madhuben comes home from back door. Kokila sees her and asks why she is coming from back door. Madhuben shouts it is none of her business. Kokila says she forgot that this is her house and she should inform where she goes. Madhuben calls Gopi loudly. Whole family gathers and Gopi asks what happened. Madhuben shouts Kokila wants to control when she should sleep, when she should wake up, where she should go, etc. Gopi asks how can she misbehave with maaji. Madhuben shouts until Kokila is in this house, she will not live in peace. She gets always into trouble as Kokila always gets into one or other trouble. She saves Kokila whenever she is in trouble, but when she was in trouble, Kokila never came to rescue her. Kokila starts crying. Gopi asks Madhuben to stop badmouthing maaji and takes Kokila in. Urmila scolds her that she has gone mad and follows Modis. Madhuben yells that she will make Modi’s realize that they did wrong with Radha on her 11th death anniversary.

Dharam asks Gaura if she threw rats in Meera’s room. Gaura denies. Vidya applies ointment on Meera’s wounds and asks her to be calm and forgive Gaura as she goes uncontrollablewhen she gets anger. Shravan enters and says Baa did wrong and apologizes Meera on Gaura’s behalf. Dharam asks Gaura to take his oath and tell she did not do anything. Gaura starts crying and doing emotional atyachar. Dharam asks her to forget enemity and leave peacefully.

Gopi enters crying Kokila’s room and with the recent events Madhuben is mentally unstable and she should not feel bad. Kokila says it is her mistake that she did not get her children’s love and suffered whole life. Gopi starts consoling her and continues her emotional dialogues.

Precap: Ahem tells Jigar that inspector informed that he caught Premlatha. Madhuben hears that and gets tensed.

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  1. Anisha

    Now let premlata take Madhu’s name and let the ppl get to tk now the truth and them let them get to know that Sona had an accident!!!

  2. nisha

    Sona ko kon gadi se accident kiya ? It was a natural one?
    sona ki bath kisee ko tho sunne chahiye tha. Har ek ko apni baath bathanne ko ek mauka dhenewali gopiji ab kyoon eise kar rahi h? Maana h ki gopiji maduben apni maa hone ke nathe maa ki gilaaph ek baath nahi sunna chaah the h .lekin urmila ben aur kokila ji ko tho sona ki baath ko leke ek nazar maduben pe ragne chaahiye .

  3. lara

    When this serial going off air. Before Radha and then Madhu, after her may be her hubby comes up and after him, Gopi will start taking revenge as whole family is gone insane, is this serial teaching us how to take revenge.

  4. Bhuvi

    Lara, I agree with you… Even the little Rashi was trying to take revenge some time back.. Instead of Saath Nibhana Saathiya, the title of the serial should be Badhla lele Saathiya !!!

    • Akshay

      hey bhuvi yeah bestum best title “”badla lele sathiya”” really when i read your comment this name made smile on my face 🙂

  5. ahana

    dimag khrab krke rkha hai is serial ne…..adds .mei aa rha hai madhuben will kill gopi ..haye ……one more drama to tolerate……juss disgusting

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