Saath Nibhana Saathiya 3rd June 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 3rd June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pari sleeps with Gopi yelling. Dr. Krishna calls nurse and asks if she gave injection to Gopi. She says yes and Gopi is fine. She even gave cough medicine to Kokila and she will rest well tonight. Dr. Krishna feels he did mistake by expressing his feeling and should have continued for some time.

Dharam confronts Meera and she misbehaves. He says why did she marry him. She says it is big mistake of her life. He sleeps on bed and tears roll down his cheeks.

Pari feels hot without AC and walks out of Gopi’s room. Jigar sees her in corridor and asks to bring water. She gets him coffee and water to his room and says since he works late night, she brought coffee for him.

AC malfunctions and leaks. Water drops fall on Gopi. She reminisces romancing in rain with Ahem and their happier days, but does not wake up.

In the morning, Vidya serves breakfast to Dharam and says she wants to ask something. Dharam says he knows she wants to talk about Gopi. They have to evaluate if Dr. Krishna really loves Gopi. Looking at Gopi’s condition, either he loves Gopi a lot or he wants to use her. Meera comes and throws food thali from Vidya’s hand and shouts she is trying to create differences between Dharam and her. Vidya says no. Meera continues yelling at Vidya and Vidya cries. She says she will not let her get mom married to Dr. Krishna.

Kokila comes to Gopi’s room and sees her shivering due to AC water falling on her face. She takes her to bathroom and changes her clothes.

Precap: Kokila tells Gopi that she got fever with AC water, so Jigar called another doc. She is shocked to see Dr. Krishna standing.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. prathyusha prabhala

    the serial is being dragged. please make gopi to wake up. pl reunite the family. cant see gopi and kokila like this. where are otger family members

  2. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    where is little rashi .gia manek is suitable for little rashi right guys?

    1. I wish that happens.

  3. Hey I’m soofia I really Krishna Hopi to get married now Coz it’s only Krishna that can bring Hopi out of shock fill gopi life with loads of happiness so please Jiger stop hitting Krishna all the time Coz Jiger u won’t like if Krishna would turn around start to hit u punch u all the time


  5. True Saathiya Fan

    Dr krishna can’t replace ahem so he can just be gopis friend. Meera and vidya should visit their mom. Where is everyone and gopi wake up

  6. Yes i agree only dr krishna can bring gopi back n meera need help

  7. Krishna is so sweet and when they will unite they will be Gopi Krishna, that what Director wants and why Jigar shouts poor guy doesn’t have voice also, he would need some kind of amplifier. They are just dragging the show, but to really drag they they will take 25 year leap and we will see Gopi is now like Kokila and Kokila will be too old like ba in wheel chair or ghost coming and helping her Gopi Bahu. And Tolu Molu kid will grown and they will be having their kids, Sona will be replace her bahu and calling Urmila shah double Nani sasuma and show will continue.

  8. bharti patel

    what has happened to the other family members/

  9. padmalatha Addanki

    Y no one is talking about the relationship between meera n dharam as her sister becomes DIL

  10. prathyusha prabhala

    please speed up the story

  11. Omgg.. kokila accepted for gopi’s marriage.. after watchng her condition due to pari’s ignorance she decided to marry gopi… dats really nice.. gooi will b safe wid dr.krishna

  12. While announcing gopi’s marg old kokila will b back wid her loud voice and she warns jigar not to stop dat marg other wise she will gibe a tighy slap nd mein wahi kokila modi hu.. its really nice to watch kokila wid her usual voice..

  13. Upcoming on sns….Fire will catch gopi’s room…kokila will get worried…everyone will stand dumbstuck…Dr. krishna will save gopi….kokila will announce gopi’s wedding with doc krishna…jigar will protest gopi’s marriage but kokila will raise hand on jigar….and will shout on whole family(like old days)…she will not spare anyone..

  14. rakesh dhillon

    Where is baa hetal and other family members

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