Saath Nibhana Saathiya 3rd June 2015 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 3rd June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mansi tells Ahem that she tried hard to get him, but she could not. She realized that in this life, he is only Gopi’s, but she will get him in next life. She hugs him and cries vigorously and says she will apologize everyone. Meera shockingly hears their conversation. Mansi then apologizes everyone, especially Kokila and tells her son is so good that anybody would want him. She will be her bahu in next life. Vidya starts crying and thanks her for the 10 years of care she gave her. Meera hugs her and shouts that she will not let her go. Mansi says she has to go and walks out of hospital.

Mansi clashes with Kinjal while walking out of hospital door. Kinjal at first yells but stops seeing her. Mansi says she is going as whole family loves only Gopsi and even she did same

when Gopi fell from building. She hugs her and hopes to meet her soon.

Doc informs Modi family that he has shifted Gopi to normal ward and they can meet her. Meera also tries to walk with them, but Ahem stops her and says she cannot see Gopi. Kokila says she will not let her trouble Gopi again as they all worked really hard to get back Gopi to life and asks her to stay away from her Gopi bahu. She walks with everyone. Jigar asks Ahem to forgive meera. Ahem says nobody will take Meera’s side this time and gets into Gopi’s room.

Gopi looks at all family members and asks where is Meera. Ahem asks her to rest. Gopi insists to meet Meera. Kokila looks at windows from which Meera is peeping in. Ahem says he will not let Meera near her after what she did. Gopi asks what did she do and reminisces Meera pushing her from building. She says Meera is not responsible for the mishap as she cannot even think of doing it. She says she slipped and fell accidentally due to wet floor. She sees Meera outside room and asks her to come in. Ahem says he will not let Meera come in. Kokila says even he should go out of room as he troubled gopi always and did not care about her for 10 years Meer. It is his bad upbringing that Meera is like this. Gopi asks her to let it go. Kokila says she forgives wrong people and even protects them, but she is not like her. Gopi says she agrees that Meera does not have right on her, but she has right on her Meera, so she should let her in as she wants to meet her.

Precap: Gopi asks Kokila to forgive Ahem. Kokila says she will not as Ahem is still wrong.

Update Credit to: MA

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