Saath Nibhana Saathiya 3rd July 2016 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 3rd July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pari enjoying juice with Monica says if Gopi loses her business, she will be not have anything to do than doing household chores. Businessman comes and Gopi apologizes him that samples which she wanted to show are not yet ready. He angrily asks why did she call him then. Kokila brings saris with craftswoman. Businessman likes sari designs and gives 25 lakhs rs advance cheque. Pari and Monica get jealous.

Once businessman leaves, Gopi warns Pari to stop her dirty tricks, else she will not be spared. Pari starts crocodile tears. Jigar warns Gopi to stop alleging Gopi baselessly without proof. Pari says she tried to help Gopi and Mona got stuck in cooler while trying to help Gopi. Jigar says it is waste talking to Gopi and leaves. Craftwoman angrily says if Jigar was his

nephew or brother, she would have slapped him. Kokila says she will not do that and wants her family to reunite. Gopi says we all with our hardwork will make our business successful.

Priyal runs into Meera. Vidya apologizes Meera. Meera says it is okay. Priyal gives hand made thank you maa card to Meera. Meera gets emotional and asks if she prepared it. Vidya yes, Priyal got up early and made it. Meera shows it to Naiya. Naiya brainwashes her that she is so innocent, just by calling maa she will not become, Priyal’s maa. Priyal is doing just what Vidya teaches, it is Vidya’s plan. Meera angrily says she will become Priyal’s mother, Vidya snatched her child and now she will snatch Priyal from Vidya.

Mona and Pari fume in jealousy seeing Gopi and her craftswomen’s coordination and speedy work. Ladies ask wages from Gopi. Gopi says once her cheque clears in 2 days, she will pay them. Ladies get angry. Pari watches this and says know she knows what to do, she will make craftswomen greedy and they will leave Gopi. She calls someone and explains her plan. Mona praises her that she is genius.

Dr. Krishna gives medicine to Kokila. She says she will not have bitter pill. Dr. Krishna shows her gajar halwa and says it is her reward. Gopi comes and comments. Dr. Krishna says Kokila that her daughter also know how to tackle people, she has well trained her. He reminds Kokila of gajar halwa and leaves. Kokila says Gopi Dr. Krishna prepared halwa for her. Gopi tastes it. Dr. Krishna smiles standing near door.

Precap: Craftwomen tell Gopi that they will not work for her. Earlier dirt in cooler and then sleeping pills in juice, what if someone poison them to take revenge from her, she should fix her family issues and then think of business.

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  1. Dr. Krishna always in kitchen and he is more interested in preparing different types of food . his name want to be renamed as chef .krishna

  2. Precap is good

  3. please end this serial,ALL RUBBISH

  4. Monica is not an ideal bahu. Gopi will kik her out from modi ” GAR”

  5. Haiiiiiiiiiiiiii…….

  6. This will become like Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki and KSKBT because they got dragged on so much it got boring.
    What happens when this track is over of Mansi revenge, will they bring in a new villain? I love SNS but I want it to end on a happy note- they keep dragging it on.

    I’m happy with the new Gopi after this leap- she is becoming a business woman but once this track ends, they will bring the same old tracks again. For me, the best vamp was Radha and they shouldn’t of killed her off. They should of left her till he end of the show- she is the opposite of Gopi and this show is about Gopi.

  7. kya chu*** track hai ek taraf igar or pari kehte ki bsns doob jayega hum paisa nih lagayenge, or jub gopi ne shuru kia to keh rhe hai ki bsns lakho kamayega :/ kya bak**** hai ye jub pta hia lakho ka profit kmayega to to gopi k offer ko thukra ku dia :/

  8. gopi hamesha roti:’ (

  9. Without a story this serial is running 7years,and serials with a nice story are going off air y can’t they end sns

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