Saath Nibhana Saathiya 3rd July 2015 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 3rd July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Meera says she will not work as she is educated and illiterate people should do household chores, pointing at Gopi. Kokila says in our house, Hetal is MA in gujrati, Pari in physics and she is also holding a degree. Baa says in her times, girls were educated till 4th std, but her dad let her study till matric and she even knows all 4 vedas byheart even now. Kokila continues that Gopi could not educate before marriage, but she is so capable now that she can teach in any school. Meera says you people are all fools to do household chores even after being educated and letting men enjoy their slavery. Jigar says it is not like that. Kokila says she has taught her children how to cook and Pari says even tolu/molu know how to cook dal chawal and tea. Kokila says we are so competent that we can

work even at home and take care of business, but Meera is college dropout as principle kicked her out after her misbheavior. Meera says she will do only her chores and not all family members. Kokila smiles.

Kokila says she cannot decide herself and when she stays at this house, she should not shy working for her family members until she is in her house and reminds her of the promise she made to her before entering house, asks yes or no. She says yes. Kokila says she and Vidya will start work with cleaning house and asks Meethi to bring broom and other cleaning items. She warns Meethi not to help them. She tells Ahem that they should let them work and not disturb. Everyone move towards their rooms.

Meera fumes and thinks she is not in a position to reject Kokila’s order, but she will not work for a long. She yells that it is all because of Gopi and she will punish her.

Dhaval sees Kinjal crying for jewelry and calls Kokila. She asks why did he call at this time. He says Kinjal alleged Urmila for stealing her jewelry and even called police. Kokila says kinjal is still arrogant. He says it is good police did not find jewelry at home and even he scolded her. She says he did right. He says he had not stolen even a pencil in life, but she made him steal jewerly and says he will keep them from where he picked. She says he did as she told and he should keep them with him and not tell anyone to Kinjal, she will speak to Urmila and console. She thins she will mend Kinjal at any cost.

Gopi with Ahem comes to Kokila’s room and asks if she does not think she is being to tough on Meera. Kokila says she knows they did not even let Meera drench in rain once in life and gave her what she needed before she could ask, but if she do this now, Meera will not understandd what is right and what is wrong, else people will try to use her. she gives even an example.

Gopi wakes up in the morning, looks at Ahem sleeping and tries to free her dupatta from him. He wakes up and asks her to smile as she does not look good sad. She smiles and says the way to correct Meera is wrong and it is her responsibility to mend her and not Kokila’s. Ahem says mom is doing right and even he will do whatever he can to correct the mistakes he did. He hugs her and she smiles.

Precap: Gopi scolds Pari for not taking care of Rashi and Pari says she does not want to talk about Rashi and leaves crying. Meera sees that and thinks of plan.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. plz end this serial… boringggggggg

  2. Just got boring

  3. Bad precap.i think gopi should change her way of teaching.i mean she should becum somemore serious towards meera.i want pari 2 accept raashi.thnx MA.

  4. Gopi is too soft on meera she needs to be a bit more harsh good written update WELL DONE

  5. Meera is a idol daughter

  6. Meera is the next Radha. The only difference is Radha was a little better than Meera.

  7. I saw that pari is going to met with an accident and leaving show…

    And also that tripti devil re entry in the show… Now she is sanskaars step mother…

    What crap it is….

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