Saath Nibhana Saathiya 3rd July 2014 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 3rd July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Radha gets inside the building. She gets scared as it was all dark. She climbs the stairs and thinks Tripti called her to strange place. She gets shocked to see Tripti and tells her that she wants to talk to her. She says, Modis came to know about their planning, so she wanted to tell her everything. Tripti slaps her hard. Radha gets shocked. Kokila, Gopi, Rashi and Urmila come to Tripti’s house. They see the house locked. Urmila says, the house have a window behind and we can enter through it. Kokila break the window and they get inside the house.

Radha says, this is your punishment. You are betraying me. Radha says, I can’t betray you. I am always with you. Tripti slaps her again and asks why did you went to the Police station with them. Radha tells her that it was Modi’s

trick. Kokila got her memory back and she wants to get us punished. Tripti says, you are supporting them. Radha says no. I am with you. Tripti says, you can’t fool me anymore. Radha says, you are thinking me wrong. Tripti says, you have only one way, your death. She smirks while Radha gets shocked.

Rashi, Urmila, Gopi and Kokila start searching for clue. Urmila finds money and keeps it in her purse. Kokila tells that they failed to get them. Rashi says, they are still together. Hetal calls Kokila. Kokila informs her that Tripti took Radha somewhere. She decides to inform the police. Urmila sees a box and takes it off. She slips from the table and screams. Kokila, Rashi and Gopi rush to her. Urmila tells them about the box. Gopi sees letters in the box. Rashi reads it and says it is suicide note. They get shocked. Kokila reads it and is shocked to know that Radha blamed them for her death.

Urmila says, it means Tripti is committing suicide. Rashi takes the letter and says Tripti copied Radha’s hand writing and wrote the letter in Radha’s handwriting. Kokila says, it proves that we have broken Tripti and Radha’s jodi. Unfortunately it is bad for Radha. She says, Tripti will kill Radha. Everyone get shocked. Urmila says, it is good. She troubled us a lot. Gopi says, Law is there to punish the guilty. She says, we have to stop Tripti. Rashi says, we didn’t know where are they? Gopi calls Ahem and tells him that Tripti wants to kill Radha. Ahem gets shocked.

Radha tries to make her understand that she didn’t betray her. She says, you are the only one for me. Tripti says, I don’t know you. You are a stranger for me. Radha begs her and falls on her feet. Tripti says, you have to be killed. Radha pushes her and tries to go. Tripti catches her and slaps her hard again. Auto driver, who dropped Radha to that building comes to Modi house and asks for money. Hetal gives the money. Hetal says, Radha went to chuna bazaar and wonders why she went there. Baa says, something is wrong and says we shall inform Kokila and Gopi. Hetal says, you are right.

Kokila says, we have to search Radha fast. Gopi prays to Kanha ji for showing them a way. Hetal calls Gopi and tells her that Radha went to the chuna bazaar. She informs them that auto driver told them that he dropped Radha to the chuna bazaar. Kokila says, Tripti must have decided to kill Radha there.

Kokila says, we have to reach there soon. Ahem and Jigar are in the car. Police too is reaching there. Tripti beats Radha and tells her that she will show her the result of betrayal. She ties Radha on to the chair. Radha asks her to leave her. She cries. Tripti asks her to bear the punishment. She tells her that you have to be killed as you snatched my Umang. Radha is shocked. Tripti tells her that Umang was her husband and she became her sautan. She asks, do you have any last wish and gives her last 5 mins. Radha gets shocked and cries.

Tripti tells Radha that your time has come to go and asks her to open her mouth. She makes her drink poison forcibly and laughs. Radha gets drowsy.

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  1. tit for tat.jaisi karni vaisi bharni.

  2. Nice episode Radha got nice slaps……….loved it very much…….super…super……superrrrr………..waiting eagerly to watch the upcoming episodes…………

    1. Weren’t u the one who was writing long comments talking about ending the show

  3. Yes Radha is dead thank goodness

  4. dumbo radha learnt the truth. she was umangs second wife. radha tortured her sister for a crime gopi did not commit. now no use of crying radha. it is your fate, jaise karni waise barni. When will urmila shah get punished for troubling everyone.

    1. Hey urmila is a good character it is in her nature to be like that I find her hilarious…. She’s not EVIL she’s just a greedy woman lol

  5. Pls update frst todays epi..i cant wait to see wht hpnd with the witch radha at last.!!

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