Saath Nibhana Saathiya 3rd January 2013 Written Episode Update


Rashi screams meera’s name and picks her from the cradle and then cradle crashes there . Gopi gets shocked and sits on the bed . Rashi too shocked . Hetal , Kokila and all other members come there asking what happened? Kokila asks what is the dogs doing here . Rashi still shocked and unable to say anything . Ahem and Jigar comes there and ahem too asks what the dogs are doing there and kokila shows the craddle crashed.Ahem comes and gives a side hug to gopi and asks if meera is ok and gopi slighlt nods .Kokila thanks god and hetal leave a sigh of relief.Kokila shouts at rashi telling that ahem did told that dogs should not come near baby and how careless she is .Ahem says thank god that nothing happened to meera . Gopi says that the correct thing is that kanaji has sent both the dogs on correct time on made rashi realize it and on the right time rashi took meera. Gopi tells how the screw loosened in the craddle and rashi comes out of shock and says before something happens to meera she took her. Rashi asks if meera is fine and still is shocked .Kokila asks that means champu and sona saved my grandchild ? she cares the back of two doggies and then picks both . Raji and hetal glad to see it . Koki thanks god and tells she now knows why god sent the two fogs to MM .Kokila apologises from the dogs and ahem aplogises rashi too . Kokila hugs rashi. Jigar and hetal shocked to see that . Kokila declares that now she proved that she is perfect to become pregnant now and she can be a responsible mother.

Kokila calls nani and says that they are sending the two dogs and do take care of both . Rashi too tells the fogs not to disturb nani and take care of nani .Baa says is it necessary to send the fogs / rashi will be sad after they leave and hetal says what ever kokila doing is good .Gohem too comes there . Ahem comes and cares the puppy . One servant comes and takes both the puppies.Rashi is really sad and tries to go when jigar keeps a caring hand on rashi shoulder and says isnt it weird that they spent a very few time with them but , jigar stops her and asks what and she says she felt the same as what a mother does . Rashi hugs Jigar .

Rashi calls Urmi and says she is really sad and urmi says that she should be happy that her work is less now . Rashi gets angry and cuts the call

Ahem asks if it can be done later and makes excuse saying he is busy and kokila tells she can go then and ahem says he didn’t say he cant go . kokila tells ahem that vaccination is given for the good of the child and there is no harm in that and its very common given to every child . Ahem then accepsts and both Gohem go to hospital.Kokila is pleased. At hospital doctor is giving vaccination to meera and ahem is unable to see it . Vaccination is given . Nurse tells he will take care of meera , she can go and handle her hubby.Gopi first hestitates but then late goes . Gopi tries to calm ahem and tells it happens with every child but ahem says how dare the doctor make his baby cry . Nurse come out and says she need to do some tests to see if baby is laright so they are taking her for 30 mins and they can pick up her after 30 minutes

Kinjal and Urmila goes to falguni’s house with keys . Kinjal asks how she got the key and urmi says she got it by the owner . Kinjal says she could have though about this earlier . Urmila says what ever happens now they should go in and find whatever against falguni . kinjal and urmi search whole house. Kinjal comes out and sees falguni coming . urmi comes out with key and kinjal comes out with lock . they about come out and lock falguni’s house . Falguni comes and greets them and asks what happened . Kinjal and urmi replies no. Falguni enters her house and both kinjal and urmi high 5′s afterseeing that she didnt notice anything wrong

Ahem is pissed off why nurse is taking so much time and gopi tries to calm her down by saying that its for the better of meera and everything will be ok . gopi goes to bring water for ahem. Ahem hears the sound of meera crying .He instantly goes inside the room were all babies were kept and picks some baby up he thinks its meera . Nurse says to meet doctor before going . Ahem comes out and sees gopi coming with water . Gopi tells to go to doctor before leaving and ahem says he is the father of the baby and he will know whats good for his baby and he goes off. Gopi follows him. Gopi says to give meera to her and ahem doesnt give . Gopi touches the feet of the baby and feels something different . Ahem tells lets go and gopi goes with him

Precap : Gopi is crying and ahem is worried , they are checking the footage of the hospital camera. It shows one woman taking meera off with her . And ahem asks did she go and nurse replies yes . Ahem shouts at him how can they let her go.

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